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Jun 30, 2020
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Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades Spokesman Jaafar Al-Husseini: This Is The Year We Will Expel The U.S. From Iraq; Iraq Will Not Be Cut Off From The Palestinian Cause

#8124 | 02:04
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Jaafar Al-Husseini, the spokesman of the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades, said in a June 30, 2020 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades view ISIS as one of America’s arms, and that this year will be the year that America will be expelled from Iraq. He said that America will be treated as a country that is on "equal footing" rather than one that controls the politics and decision-making in Iraq, and he elaborated that the Hizbullah Brigades are fighting America in order to prevent it from partitioning Iraq, from using Iraq as a launching pad for attacks against Syria and Iraq, and from cutting Iraq off from the cause of liberating Palestine.

Jafaar Al-Husseini: "From 2003 to 2011, the guns of the resistance were directed at the Americans. It is true that there was a lull between 2011 and 2014 until the rise of ISIS, which we consider to be one of America's arms.


"This year will be the year we will expel the Americans and not just their military and [economic] interests. This year, the Americans will be treated as a country on equal footing, rather than a country that controls the political decision-making in Iraq, and the Iraqi resources.


"The only reason we are fighting the American occupation is to prevent the Americans from partitioning our country, or even to cause disintegration and isolation in the region. We know for certain that Iraq was selected by the Americans because of its geographical significance in the region. In addition, the Americans want to use it to launch attacks against Iraq's neighbors - whether the Iranian neighbor to our east, or to use it for their attacks in Syria, in addition to cutting Iraq off from the main cause, which is the Palestinian cause and the liberation of the Palestinian lands in their entirety. We are fighting the American presence so that the Iraqi soil will not become a launching pad for American attacks or endeavors, which aim to cause disintegration in the region and to put pressure on us. We are fighting the Americans on behalf of many countries and for the sake of Arab unity."

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