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Jul 18, 2021
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Lebanese Forces Official Ibrahim El-Sakr: May God Grace My Son And I With Martyrdom On The Altar Of The Lebanese Forces; I Will Not Wait For Things To Come My Way While Hizbullah Turns The Christians In Lebanon Into Dhimmis

#9012 | 02:13
Source: Online Platforms - "Bel Moubasher on YouTube"

Ibrahim El-Sakr, an official in the Lebanese Forces said that he wishes God would grant him and his son martyrdom, "on the altar of the Lebanese Forces." He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Bel Moubashar on YouTube July 18, 2021. El-Sakr explained that if he were to sit and wait for things to come his way, Hizbullah will turn all the Christians in Lebanon into dhimmis, i.e. Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule, and paying the Jizya poll tax in exchange for the ruler's protection. He said that it is not Michel Aoun who rules Lebanon, but Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. El-Sakr continued to say that the Americans and Europeans were late to impose sanctions on Lebanese leaders, because Lebanon needs "to get rid of this corrupt system." He further said that if the international community decides to carry out a military attack against Hizbullah, it should do so and "get it over with." For more information about Ibrahim El-Sakr, see MEMRI TV clip no 8495.

Ibrahim El-Sakr: "President Aoun has no authority. Lebanon is ruled by a man called Hassan Nasrallah.


"It is Nasrallah who is calling the shots in matters of government, state, and whether to stop smuggling or not. Why is there smuggling in the Northern Beqaa Valley? Is anyone brave enough to stop it? If Hassan Nasrallah and Hizbullah step aside, and within 24 hours, if a single sheep crosses from Lebanon to Syria, or the other way, the Lebanese army will be able to [stop it]. Take it from me. We know the [smugglers’] ways. We live with them.


"The Americans, the West, and the Gulf countries were late in imposing sanctions [on Lebanese politicians]. They should have done this sooner."

Interviewer: "So you are encouraging them? "

El-Sakr: "They should have done this sooner, because we need to get rid of this corrupt system of Hizbullah and its allies.


"Morally, I am willing to die for the Lebanese Forces. May God grace me with martyrdom on the altar of the Lebanese Forces – either me or my son. Absolutely. Maybe some people would curse me right now, because he is my only child, but I wish that my son will also be martyred on the altar of the Lebanese Forces."

Interviewer: "For what cause?"

El-Sakr: "The cause of Christian existence [in Lebanon]. If we in the Lebanese Forces continue to keep our gloves on, sit in velvet salons, and wait for things to come our way, we will become dhimmis here in Lebanon. I will stay in the Lebanese Forces until the day I become a martyr. I will say it again – no one can threaten me with anything. The most beautiful day of my life would be the day I become a martyr.


"Hizbullah will not go away unless it is targeted. I hope things will not get to that, but Hizbullah must go."

Interviewer: "So, you want a [military] attack [against Hizbullah]?"

El-Sakr: "If the international community must carry out an attack, let it attack and get it over with."

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