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May 26, 2021
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Bahrain-Based Researcher Amjad Taha: Iran Is Using Palestine As A Bargaining Chip In Vienna Negotiations; Hamas 'Militias' Peddle The Blood Of Innocent Women And Children Of Gaza – Is Using Women And Children As Human Shields Considered A Victory?

#8889 | 03:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show (Kuwait)"

Bahrain-based researcher Amjad Taha, Regional Director of the British Middle East Centre for Studies and Research said that Hamas's "militias" in Gaza are serving the IRGC. He made these remarks in an interview that aired on Diwan Al-Mulla Online (Kuwait) on May 26, 2021. Taha explained that Tehran is using the Palestinian cause as a bargaining chip in the Vienna negotiations, in order to lift the sanctions placed on it. He went on to say that the money and weapons that Hamas receives from Iran go towards destruction and not construction. Taha said that Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood's military wing and that "peddling the Palestinian cause" has become its only hope to save its political presence. He added that Hamas wants funds in order to expand its tunnels and drug trafficking activities. He questioned claims that Hamas has been victorious, saying it used women and children as human shields, and that thousands of Palestinians were wounded and hundreds killed. He added that some of these casualties were a result of Hamas rockets. Taha sarcastically congratulated Hamas leader Haniyeh for his "Mercedes, his Rolex watch, his 300 million dollars, and his Armani suit." He said: "Congratulations to Hamas for all its rewards for peddling in the blood of innocents." For more about Amjad Taha, see MEMRI TV Clips No. 8284, 8248, 7358, and 6843.

Amjad Taha: "Hamas' militias today constitute Iran's hand in Gaza. What these militias have been doing lately is meant to serve the Iranian IRGC, by using Palestine as a bargaining chip in the negotiations in Vienna. Tehran is using it to lift the sanctions in exchange for stopping the security tensions, threatening Israel, the biggest ally of the United States.

"The terrorist Ismail Haniyeh, who is in Qatar now, thanked Iran for providing Hamas with money and weapons. Money from Iran enables the mercenaries to continue peddling the Palestinian cause while the weapons are for bringing more destruction upon the Palestinians. The money and weapons from Iran are for destruction and not for construction, as is evident in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.


"The militias of Hamas are terrorist militias. Hamas is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, and peddling the Palestinian cause is the Muslim Brotherhood's only hope for saving its political presence everywhere. Gaza is occupied today by the terrorist entity of Hamas.


"Millions and billions [of dollars] have been transferred to Gaza for the past 13 years, but nothing has been built in Gaza. We have seen many testimonies from the people of Gaza. We all remember the woman from Gaza, who said that Hamas members were building houses and villas for themselves. We have seen Hamas members travel everywhere, while the people of Gaza are suffering. Hamas wants funds in order to expand the tunnels and drug trafficking. We have seen what happens when the money is entrusted to Hamas, and enables it to increase its control over Gaza. The best example is when in 2012 and 2014 Hamas even targeted Egypt, and helped militias in Sinai in targeting Egyptian soldiers.


"In the war between the Hamas militias in Gaza and Israel, no one won, but children and women from both sides lost. Is it considered a victory when you use children and women as human shields? Is it considered a victory when you have 8,900 wounded and over 296 killed? Especially when some of the casualties are a result of Hamas' rockets. 400 out of 3,700 of these rockets fell inside the Gaza Strip, killing women and children. Is this considered a victory, when 184 towers in Gaza are destroyed, compared with the death of one Israeli? In the 1967 defeat, 983 Israeli soldiers were killed, and the Arabs destroyed more than 400 tanks, and shot down more than 45 fighter aircrafts. Yet, it was called 'defeat,' because of the achievements of the other side. Now Hamas, with all this destruction, declares victory? Honestly, this is weird and yet not surprising.

"Nowadays, [Iran's] 'contractors' became 'resistance fighters,' 'defeat' became 'victory,' and Qasem Soleimani is 'the martyr of Jerusalem.' Congratulations to Haniyeh for his Mercedes, his Rolex watch, his 300 million dollars, and his Armani suit. Congratulations to Hamas for all its rewards from peddling the blood of innocents."


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