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Feb 19, 2016
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15-Year-Old Syrian ISIS Member Talks about His Decision to Become a Suicide Bomber: My Father Encouraged Me

#5341 | 04:51
Source: The Internet

15-year-old Abu Ammarah Al-Omari, a Syrian ISIS member awaiting his suicide mission, talked about his decision shortly before carrying out the operation. "It was my father who encouraged me and gave me a weapon," he said, adding that signing up for the "martyrdom operation" was "the best feeling ever." The father expressed pride in Abu Ammarah and helped him mount his "steed" - the car in which he would blow himself up.

Following are excerpts from the video, which was posted on the Internet on February 19, 2016.

"In the land of the Caliphate a new generation is forming – a generation that lives between the flames of the bomber aircrafts, and the sound of cannons and airplanes. This generation has grown to love the roar of explosive devices, and the flames of car bombs. It lives on the notion of glory and it raised on self-sacrifice. In the land of the Caliphate, a father encourages his son, saying to him: "Go on, son. Get [to Paradise] before me. I love you, my son, but my love for the religion of Allah is even greater. Go ahead, son, and we shall meet there, where true life begins. My son, I bid you farewell here, so that we shall meet there."

Reporter: We have heard of a youth from Aleppo, who was raised with belief in his heart, and whose pure soul has been longing to see the face of his Lord. So he signed up for a martyrdom operation. He is now awaiting his turn among the martyrdom-seekers.


When we got to the guesthouse, we encountered several martyrdom-seekers. We asked for Abu Ammarah. It turned out he was a 15-year-old boy.


We sat on a hilltop and began to ask Abu Ammarah questions.

Abu Ammarah: I joined the Islamic State when I was 14 years old.


After a while, I signed up for a martyrdom operation. It was by father who encouraged me and gave me a weapon.


Interviewer: How did you feel when you signed up for a martyrdom operation?

Abu Ammarah: It was the best feeling ever, but I hope that the martyrdom operation itself will top that.


Interviewer: Your father knows about it, right?

Abu Ammarah: Yes. He is the one who encouraged me to do it.


Interviewer: What do you want to say to the Crusaders?

Abu Ammarah: I say to them: Repent, because if you don't, we shall send you men who love death as much as you love life, oh enemies of Allah.


My wish is to be in Paradise with the Prophet Muhammad, and for Allah, to accept me as a martyr.


Abu Ammarah is seen petting a white rabbit and singing an Islamic song

Reporter: After the interview, we asked Abu Ammarah to meet his father, who had taught him the meaning of courage and sacrifice.


Father of Abu Ammarah: True, it is a difficult thing to do. But if we weigh that up against [helping] religion or the opportunity to meet Allah, it becomes easy. Every parent who cares for his child should save him from the Hellfire. Allah willing, this operation is the key to Paradise. I advised all this brothers to take this path, Allah willing.


Reporter: The hours of Abu Ammarah in this world are numbered. He dedicated them to teaching his brothers the Quran. His brothers are following in his path, having joined the "cubs" academy, from which they will graduate as strong mujahideen, Allah willing.

Finally, Abu Ammarah has reached his "steed." His father checks out the car to see that all is well. He wants to make sure that his son will reach Paradise safely. He helps his son mount his "steed," in a scene that words cannot describe. He teaches him how to steer his "steed" and shows him the path to Paradise, reminding him that the religion of Allah is in need of the sacrifice of heroes.

The knight moves his target, going to meet his Lord.

An explosion is seen in the horizon