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Jun 07, 2005
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13 Year-Old Palestinian "Sheik" Wins Hearts and Minds in Gaza

#720 | 02:40
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a a report about a 13-year-old "sheik" Amjad Abu Sidu, who gives lectures in Gaza. Al-Arabiya TV aired this report on June 7, 2005,

Reporter:With confident steps, the 13-year-old went up to the mosque's podium to deliver the Friday sermon, in a rare spectacle.

Those present seemed to be in a distant world of faith because of the powerful words of the boy-sheik Amjad Abu Sidu and because of his coherent sentences and his profound, logical ideas, which are conveyed in an interesting and impressive manner. He gesticulates with his hands in a manner displaying the depth of his insight into the sermon's topic.

Abu Sidu: I must study the content of a Hadith, who delivered it, and the meaning of the words I will use in the sermon. I must raise the question in the sermon, and answer it. I must prepare the message of the sermon and its structure, step by step.

Reporter: Amjad, the boy who pursues the path of the great religious scholars, comes from a small and humble family in a Gaza neighborhood. His life was not easy before people came to know him and sing his praises.

At first he was not allowed to lecture at one of the mosques, but he persevered in his short journey, and now he lectures at forty religious centers and mosques, including the religious school where he studies.

Abu Sidu: I grew up in a family that cared about religion and education. I grew up in a family that raised its sons to love Allah and His messenger. Allah be praised, I delivered my first and second lessons in the mosque, and I have continued in this mission for over four months, without help from anybody.

Reporter: The admiration of those who love the little sheik does not prevent him from getting on with his life as a child, who plays and uses modern means to communicate with the world. He receives hundreds of petitions, and he responds to each and every one.

Woman: I have attended his lessons more than once. Each of his lectures is devoted to a specific subject. When he lectures to women, he deals with women's issues. He was very impressive. Some of the women even burst into tears.

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