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Nov 03, 2004
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'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Head of the Lebanese Media Council: "Kerry Is Better for our Region than President Bush"

#320 | 01:00
Source: LBC (Lebanon)
The following is an excerpt from an interview with the head of the Lebanese National Media Council 'Abd Al-Hadi Mahfouz:

'Abd Al-Hadi Mahfouz: The most important thing [in a Democrat victory] is that the so-called Neocons would disappear from the US administration, and in my opinion, the Neocons are those who established, one way or another, a Middle Eastern policy based on Huntington's concept of the war of civilizations and specifically, the clash of the Western civilization with what they call the Islamic or Arab civilization. Therefore, this concept will decline, especially because this concept is fueled by another book by Huntington, published recently, called Who are we? which highlights the Americans need to create enmity to the other. Huntington defines this enmity as directed at the Arab and Islamic world. Personally, I believe that under any circumstances Kerry is better for our region than President George Bush.

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