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Nov 03, 2004
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'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Former Lebanese Information Minister: Kerry Better for Muslims

#319 | 01:37
Source: Syrian TV
The following is an excerpt from an interview with former Lebanese information minister Michel Samaha:

Michel Samaha: If Kerry wins - regardless of what was said during the election campaign - we may witness a more pragmatic process in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and regarding the Palestinian people's rights, the Lebanese issue, the Syrian issue, and Arab issues. This process will differ from the position of the Bush administration. Nevertheless, [Kerry] is committed to Israel's security on various levels as opposed to Arab and Palestinian rights.

On issues of interest to the Arabs and Muslims, like the war on terrorism, it will be possible to conduct rational and calm negotiations with this new administration which the Neo-Conservatives have left. We could reformulate the notion of terrorism - a notion that would differentiate between terrorism and resistance - hasten the restoration of the Palestinian people's rights, resolve the Palestinian issue, restore the roles of Syria and Lebanon in the war on terrorism, on the one hand, and give them back their plundered lands, on the other hand.

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