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Nov 03, 2004
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'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader on Bush and Kerry

#321 | 51
Source: LBC (Lebanon)
The following is an excerpt from an interview with 'Issam 'Aryan A Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Egypt:

'Issam 'Aryan: "The influence of the US elections, or the winning candidate, whoever he is, on the Arab policy and on the Middle East will be very limited. From bad to worse: From a president who doesn't care about the region and conducts preemptive wars, to a president who hates Arabs and uses the most derogatory terms against them. Therefore, the Arab voter will be confused between bad and worse. He may decide to vote for the lesser evil or, as the Islamic and Arab organizations in the US stated: "Not out of love for Kerry but out of hatred of Bush."

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