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Nov 06, 2017
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Syria-Based Egyptian Jihadist Ahmad Muhammad Al-Qa'qa' Advises Fathers Not to Prevent Sons from Waging Jihad: We Will All Die at Some Point

#6288 | 01:57
Source: The Internet - "Al-Qa'qa' on Facebook"

Syria-based Egyptian Jihadist Ahmad Muhammad Al-Qa'qa' posted a video on his Facebook account on November 6, in which he advised fathers not to prevent their sons from waging Jihad. "It is not Jihad that kills people," said Al-Qa'qa, who added: "We are all going to die at some point." Asking how we could let the "Rafidite Shiites" come "with their corrupt faith to kill our people, while we stand idly by," Al-Qa'qa, a member of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), said that one had an individual duty to wage Jihad.

Ahmad Muhammad Al-Qa'qa': "This is a message to fathers who prevent their sons from waging Jihad for the sake of Allah.


"It is not Jihad that kills people. We have brothers who have been [fighting] in the land of Jihad for dozens of years. By Allah, in the land of Jihad – and my brothers can attest to this – most of those who die are not from among the mujahideen. By Allah, most of the people who die in the land of Jihad are civilians and people who do not wage Jihad. I don’t deny that some muhajideen also die, but that is no reason to prevent your son from waging Jihad. You will die, and I will die. We are all going to die at some point.


"You have no right to prevent this from your son. What gives you the right? You have given us a child with a zeal for Islam and the Muslims. I'm sorry to have to say this, but I hope you can accept this as a piece of advice: You yourself have succumbed to the enemies of Allah's religion, by letting them raise a generation of Muslims who fear them. But if your son does not fear them and wants to defend his people – why do you prevent this from him? What gives you the right?


"How can your son, I myself, or any of our brothers sleep and go to work, when we see our people being massacred and slaughtered. How can we possibly let the Rafidite Shiites, the enemies of the religion of Allah, come from all corners of the world – from Lebanon, Iran, and Afghanistan – with their corrupt faith, to kill our people while we stand idly by?


"Can you possibly know when and how you will die? Over what will you die? If you die now, it will be a death of a person fleeing from battle. Even if you are a Muslim living in another place, you still have the individual duty to wage Jihad."