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Feb 09, 2021
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Iraqi Militia Leader Nasser Al-Shammari: The Iranian Axis Is On The Rise While The Broken Doomed American Axis Is Declining; Iranian-Backed Groups Responsible For Driving Out American Occupation Forces From Iraq

#8684 | 02:27
Source: Press TV (Iran)

Deputy secretary-general of the Iraqi Hizbullah Al-Nujaba Movement Nasser Al-Shammari said that the "broken doomed" axis led by America is on a decline. He made these remarks in an interview with the English language official Iranian Press TV (Iran) that was aired on February 9, 2021. Al-Shammari said that Israel used the slogan "from the Nile to the Euphrates" to make territorial gains in its conflicts against Arab countries, however, since the Islamic Republic was established, the Iranian establishment and the IRGC supplied the resistance movements with weapons that have forced Israel to be in retreat ever since. Al-Shammari said that the American "fake and forged" democracy is under scrutiny and claimed that half the Americans are accused of terrorism, refused to accept elections results and attempted to orchestrate a coup. He said that this has led to the American axis's decline and to a rise in the Iranian-led axis, proof of which is Iranian-backed factions driving out “American occupation forces” from Iraq. For more about Al-Shammari, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8350, 8148, 8140, and 7681.

Nasser Al-Shammari: "Since the birth of Iran's Islamic Revolution, the enemy has been retreating. Israel's major slogan is: 'From the Nile to the Euphrates.' When the [Israeli] regime used the slogan in every confrontation with Arab countries in the region, it would steal and occupy more territory. Ever since the founding of the Islamic Republic, the [Iranian] establishment and the brothers in the IRGC have been supporting, arming, and training resistance movements. As a result, Israel, since the inception [of the Islamic Republic], has been in retreat.


"The resistance movements are present [in the region] and have achieved great victories. Perhaps the clearest example is the American occupation forces fleeing Iraq.


"The Americans themselves admitted that 80% of their military losses in Iraq came from what they called 'armed groups backed by Iran.'


"The goal [of Iranian-backed movements] at the current stage is to wipe out the entire American military presence in the region, to avenge all the terrorist acts that the U.S. forces have committed, and it will be a base for the arrival of our Hidden Imam.


"The Yemeni [Houthi] resistance is the one that changes the map of political confrontations. Today, the Yemeni resistance targets Saudi Arabia's interests deep inside the kingdom and threatens Israeli interests. Today, all are convinced that for those waging war on Yemen, there is no benefit.


"Today, we see that the democracy that America has always promoted and used as a pretext to invade and intervene in regions across the globe, is fake and forged and under scrutiny even inside the U.S. According to their own official, around half of the American people are accused of terrorism, have rejected their democratic results and were trying to orchestrate a coup. The axis led by the Islamic Republic is on the rise and has constant victories, this is while the American axis, day after day, is a broken doomed one, primarily because the slogans they have been promoting and selling have become unconvincing even in their own country."

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