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Special Dispatch No. 10640 - French Minister's Remarks On 'Sunni Islamist Terrorism' Sparks Outcry And Condemnation From Prominent Islamist Figures And Institutions - 05/31/23

... terrorism during the colonial era, indulging in antisemitism, and reiterating conspiracy theories that portray the West as inherently anti-Sunni Islam and ... Arab or non-Arab backgrounds. Kuwaiti writer Nader Al-Wathir delved into conspiracy theories, suggesting that the West intentionally aims to divide nations ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1696 - Debate In Egypt Regarding Possible Rapprochement With Iran - 05/24/23

... Series No. 512 - Egypt: The Hizbullah Cell in Egypt – A Joint Conspiracy by Iran, Syria, Qatar, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood ...

B. Chernitsky

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 482 - Defiance And Death: Dominique Venner Ten Years Later - 05/19/23

... immigrant populations is not, as some have dubbed it, a "racist conspiracy theory." The composition of populations on national or local levels ... in the West are increasingly depressed, medicated, and empty. The conspiracy is not so much about outsiders destroying our identities but ...

Amb. Alberto M. Fernandez

No. 10293 - Egyptian Military Expert Maj.-Gen. Adel Al-Omda: Israel Conquered The Sinai Peninsula In Order To Realize Its Dream Of Establishing 'Greater Israel' In Accordance With The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion - 05/04/23

Major-General Adel Al-Omda, an Egyptian military expert who serves as a consultant at the Nasser Military Academy, said on a May 4, 2023 show on Channel 2 (Egypt) that Israel had conquered the Sinai Peninsula in the Six Day War in order to realize its dream of establishing "Greater Israel" between the Euphrates River and the Nile River, in accordance with the conspiracies described in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Interviewer: "Can you please tell us about Israel and its goals in ...