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Special Announcements No. 1391 - Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekly: September 23-30, 2023 - 09/29/23

... To Foreign Countries' In a Pashtu-language article, a pro-Afghan Taliban website promotes conspiracy theories, namely, that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job ...

Special Dispatch No. 10813 - Shi'ite Bahraini Intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawi: Islamic Texts Need To Be Reexamined; We Need A Culture Of Life, Not Death - 09/29/23

... Opposed To A Culture Of Death... The Entire World Is Not A Conspiracy Against Islam Or Religious People" "Just like there is Islamophobia ... conspiracies, but it is not that the entire world is a conspiracy against Islam or religious people."

Special Dispatch No. 10810 - Palestinian Authority, PLO, And Fatah In Blistering Attack On Palestinian Intellectuals Who Condemned President Abbas's Antisemitic Statements - 09/27/23

... And Its Signatories: It Is "A Shameful Announcement" And A Conspiracy That Does Not Represent The Palestinians And Serves ... Palestinian elite, and that the whole thing is a conspiracy and an act of treason. For example, the ... Palestinian government... These people became part of the conspiracy against the Palestinian cause, while exploiting quotes mentioned ... against the academics' letter, and its denigration as a disgrace, a conspiracy, ignorance, and service to hostile agendas, makes us ...

Special Announcements No. 1392 - The MEMRI Weekly: September 15-22, 2023 - 09/22/23

The following are links to reports from MEMRI's Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and Analysis Series , as well as to transcripts from the MEMRI TV Project , released during the past week. MEMRI REPORTS MEMRI Daily Brief No. 524 – Nagorno-Karabakh – Kremlin Has Lost Its Monopoly On Managing The Affairs Of Post-Soviet States , September 22, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10806 - Palestinian Officials Defend Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Remarks On Holocaust And Jews: These Are Documented Historical Facts; The West's Condemnations Just Prove Its 'Hypocrisy' And 'Allegiance To World Jewry' - 09/21/23

... criticism directed at Abbas, calling it an "insane campaign" and a "conspiracy" aimed at "diverting attention away from the crimes of the ... order to serve the goals of those plans and this conspiracy." The statement expressed puzzlement at "the attempt of some countries ...

No. 10483 - British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan Accuses U.S. Of Trying To Split Syria, Calls On Syrians To March On U.S. Bases: The U.S. Only Understands The Language Of Force - 09/08/23

... Sudan, and it will reach Algeria and Morocco. "This is a conspiracy against the entire region. The Americans are experts in destroying ...

Special Dispatch No. 10798 - Twenty-Two Years Later, Arab Intellectuals, Influencers, And Others On X Continue To Promote Conspiracy Theories About The September 11 Attacks - 09/18/23

... own claims to the contrary. Instead, they promote various conspiracy theories about 9/11. Some argue that the U.S. ... by bombs, not airplanes. This report will highlight the conspiracy theories presented by Arab intellectuals and influencers on ... the various arguments promoted by the advocates of conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attack, prominent Saudi writer ... in a fierce war against Al-Qaeda at that time!" Criticizing conspiracy theorists, Abu Dhabi-based journalist Mohannad Khatib, who has ...