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Special Dispatch No. 150 - Leading Egyptian Newspaper Raises Blood Libel - 11/06/00

... took Father Toma because he fell into their hands accidentally." Talmud Permits Crimes Against non-Jews "After Rabbi Moshe Abu Al-Afia ... . The explanation for this is found in the Talmud... According to the Talmud, Jewish souls are more precious to God than ... in accordance with the religious law set forth in the Talmud..." Israelis Using the Blood of Palestinian Children "The bestial ... be devoured during Passover." "If what is written in the Talmud is implemented then every devout Jew who keeps the ...

Special Dispatch No. 66 - Anti-Semitism in the Syrian Media. - 12/22/99

... The Literary Magazine , The Arab Writers Association's Damascus weekly. "The Talmud's instructions, soaked in hatred and hostility towards humanity, are ... also known more than one Toma as a victim of these Talmudic instructions and this hatred. In the Damascus Blood-libel of ... of hatred pointed at both Muslim and Christian Arabs. The Talmud incites the Jews on Earth to allow Shylock to ... in blood, the spilling of which is permitted in the Talmud, in order to glorify the Jewish military. This happens ...

Special Reports No. 3 - The Meeting between the Sheik of Al-Azhar and the Chief Rabbi of Israel - 02/08/98

... don’t know its meaning. I did not endorse his Rabbi Lau’s Talmud. He is just a person who came to meet with me ...