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Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 714 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 3: Hamas's Administration of Gaza - 07/22/11

... point of assassinations." 21 II. Corruption and Ostentation in Hamas Hamas's frequent boasting that it is moral, clean, and ... was carried out under orders of the Hamas government. 78 Hamas has not refrained from targeting charities and ... organizations, including international aid organizations. In August 2010, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad issued a decision to ban ... tunnel (source: arabic.rt.com) VI. Hamas's Economic Prosperity Hamas has largely succeeded in circumventing the blockade on ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 719 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 7: Hamas's Relations with Egypt - 07/29/11

... in Egypt, in early 2011, Hamas-Egypt relations improved. Hamas' leaders welcomed the Egyptian revolution and a Hamas delegation even visited Egypt and met ... also played a key role in achieving the recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation. Tensions Following Hamas's Refusal to Sign the Egyptian-Brokered Agreement of Reconciliation with ... Salafi-jihadi groups. Conflicts have also surfaced among various elements within Hamas, becoming especially visible in 2010-2011. In particular, relations between ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 808 - Iran-Hamas Crisis: Iran Accuses Hamas of Relinquishing the Path of Resistance - 03/09/12

... but steadfastness." 3 Iranian Explanations for Hamas's Moves Iranian Diplomat: Hamas's Future Is Uncertain An article posted on ... a Fatah competitor. 4 Prominent Reformist to Regime Circles: Hamas's First Concern Is the Palestinian Interests In a March 3, ... will have a fundamental impact on Iran-Hamas relations." 7 Hossein Sheikh Al-Islam: Hamas' Statement Harms the Resistance Axis Hossein ... and Libya, and attempted to draw close to Hamas. The Hamas leaders thought that the situation in Syria had ...

A. Savyon

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 766 - In Wake of Arab Spring, Deadlock in Peace Process, Jordan Thaws Relations with Hamas - 07/27/12

... indicate Qatar's status as a mediator between Jordan and Hamas. Hamas political bureau head Khaled Mash'al Qatari Crown Price Tamim ... known for his criticism of Iran and Hamas, wrote that Hamas wants to stay in Syria until the ... Al-Khasawneh, who said that the expelling of the Hamas H HamaHamasHamaofficials from Amman in 1999 had been 'a constitutional and ... Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. 32 Jordanian Columnist: Political Activity by Hamas Officials – Only within Jordanian Parties Jihad Al-Momani, a ...

L. Barkan

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1389 - Hamas Supporters Deeply Divided Over Movement's Links With Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) - 04/04/18

... 27, 2017; Facebook.com/AlSHeikhRaedSalah, May 9, 2016) Supporters Of amhAMA Hamas-Iran Relations: We Have Shared Interests; The Arab Countries Have Abandoned ... ." 13 Ibrahim Al-Madhoun's survey question; the majority of respondents support Hamas-Iran relations. (Source: Twitter.com/ibmadhun, December 28, 2017) Similarly, in a ... Dispute In Online Newspapers A similar dispute was underway among Hamas-affiliated and pro-Hamas journalists in online newspapers. Palestinian Writer: The Relationship With ...

S. Schneidmann

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1034 - The Palestinian Tamarrud Protest Movement Aims To Bring Down The Hamas Government In Gaza - 11/08/13

... taking up arms." 3 Tamarrud's Motives For Anti-Hamas Protest Tamarrud's accusations against Hamas, which were the backdrop for its founding ... it aims to "expose the actions of Hamas and of Hamas prime minister in Gaza Isma'il Haniya's government against ... movement activities can expect to be killed . Some Hamas officials have engaged in psychological warfare, including downplaying ... Fatah as part of its political struggle against Hamas. A Hamas spokesman claimed that Fatah sought to divert attention ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1174 - Israel-Hamas Talks: Hudna In Exchange For Lifting Of Blockade - 07/13/15

... borders. Likewise, Egypt's temporary disappearance from the Hamas-Israel agreement arena, and the continuing stalemate in ... Turkey, who have begun mediating between Israel and Hamas. Hamas senior official Khalil Al-Haya wrote: "Efforts are ... fruit, and the understandings between Israel and Hamas - understandings that Hamas representatives insisted on terming "ideas" and " ... 30 Ibrahim Al-Madhoun, who pens a column on Hamas websites, wrote: "Hamas today can play a prominent and important political ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 717 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later Chapter 5: Islamization in Gaza - 07/26/11

... from both Palestinian society and the international community. Therefore, Hamas has introduced Islamization measures gradually, pulling back whenever public reaction ... , he said." 2 Establishment of Islamic Public Prosecution In 2007, Hamas's Executive Force announced the establishment of a shari'a -based prosecution committee ... , a Palestinian researcher at Cambridge University, explained the reasons behind Hamas's Islamization measures: "There are two possible explanations for the Taliban-like ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 712 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 2: Hamas's Military Conduct vis-à-vis Israel - 07/21/11

... is violated." 5 Particularly interesting was a statement by Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, who called the firing of the ... 'Assaf said: "It is a positive development that Hamas now realizes the correctness of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas's ... this. 20 III. Training, Arming and Fortifying Positions Hamas is continuing to prepare for a military confrontation by ... Guards Corps (IRGC) members were killed at a Hamas base near Damascus while training in assembling and disassembling ...

C. Jacob

Special Dispatch - Exclusive: Letter By ISIS Fighter To Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Reveals ISIS-Sinai's Ties To Hamas - 03/02/16

... ties and cooperation between ISIS's Sinai province and Hamas, particularly Hamas's military wing. This letter is the first ... Sinai are smuggling weapons into Gaza for Hamas; Hamas is producing weapons and explosive devices for ISIS ... criticism of ISIS Sinai for its warm relationship with Hamas. Hamas, he says, is persecuting and torturing ISIS loyalists, ... Gaza Strip, and holding cordial meetings with Hamas and Al-Qassam leaders, even Hamas government representatives . Animals are slaughtered for ...