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Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 714 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 3: Hamas's Administration of Gaza - 07/22/11

... newspapers Al-Hayat Al-Jadida , Al-Ayyam , and Al-Quds into Gaza – namely, that they refrain from sharply criticizing Hamas ... complete control over the Gaza economy." 61 Demolition of Homes in Gaza Gazans' resentment towards Hamas increased ... and moral corruption of the government mechanisms." 104 V. The Egypt-Gaza Tunnels Smuggling Weapons, Goods, and People A 2009 U.N. report ... is a detailed itemization of goods that entered Gaza through the Gaza-Israel land crossings in May 29-June 2, 2011, as ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 717 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later Chapter 5: Islamization in Gaza - 07/26/11

... of a shari'a -based prosecution committee to replace the Gaza Public Prosecution. 3 Former PA minister Hassan Asfour said ... at the Gaza Beach police station." 9 Gaza beach (Source: muslm.net) Citing Gaza residents, Asma related that Gaza has a ... banning women from smoking hookahs in restaurants and hotels. Gaza police spokesman Ayman Al-Butaniji explained: "The decision only ... Al-Hayat Al-Jadida stated that "since the Hamas takeover of Gaza, Christian Gazans – who number 3,000, most of them Greek ...

C. Jacob

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1402 - Campaign In West Bank Against Palestinian Authority's Sanctions On Gaza - 06/21/18

... A Plot To Clear Israel, Hamas Of Responsibility For Gaza Situation Following the June 10 Ramallah protest, 'Abbas's associates ... the sanctions imposed on the patriotic i.e. Fatah-supporting Palestinians in Gaza, for they are a central and important factor in ... to deepen the social disasters and crises afflicting the Gaza Strip residents... "The Fatah movement spokesmen and ... urged West Bank Palestinians to protests against them (bdsmovement.net/ar/Gaza-Punishments, June 10, 2018). 14 Quds.ps June 10 ...

S. Schneidmann

Special Dispatch No. 8254 - Unofficial Hamas Fatwa Forbids Independent Jihad Operations By Individuals, Sparks Debate Among Gazan Social Media Users - 08/30/19

... in the indirect negotiations towards a long-term arrangement in Gaza. The Lebanese Al-Akhbar daily reported that Hamas had ... ruling (fatwa) by the "Shari'a Committee in the Gaza Strip" prohibiting independent "jihad operations" by individuals unless ... coordinated with the Gazan armed factions and/or authorized by their commanders. It ... organization's leaders. The fatwa evoked many responses from Gazan social media users. Its proponents stressed the importance ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 528 - The Predicament of the Salafis in Post-War Gaza - 06/23/09

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Eli Alshech

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 718 - Hamas's Gaza – Four Years Later; Chapter 6: Hamas's Relations with Islamic Jihad and Salafi-Jihadis - 07/28/11

... The group also threatened to harm other Christians in Gaza. Alwiyat Al-Jihad Al-Muqaddas Claimed responsibility for the August 2006 ... a Syrian sabotage and explosives expert who came to Gaza in 2007 to train activists from Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades ... Hamas is repeating the Somali and Afghan experiment in Gaza, enabling mosques to become political centers for spreading propaganda ... in Damascus, demanding that "Salafi-jihadism be uprooted from Gaza, because the activity to contain them via reconciliation ...

C. Jacob

Special Dispatch No. 5067 - Arab Columnists: Assad's Regime Is Much Crueler To Its Citizens Than Israel Is To The Gazans - 11/27/12

... Syrian regime, published several articles comparing Israel's strikes on Gaza to the Syrian regime's reaction to the uprising against it ... Qurbi, an oppositionist Syrian columnist, compared the number of Gazans killed during the first five days of Operation Pillar of ... "The condolences extended by the Syrian regime over the Gazan victims, and its call on the world to pressure ... youths have water flowing in their veins, while only the Gazan youths have blood flowing in theirs...?" 4 Endnotes: 1 In ...

Special Dispatch No. 7502 - Arab Writers: Hamas Is Responsible For Return March Fatalities, Is Trading In Palestinian Blood To Serve Iran's Interests; It Must Relinquish Power In Gaza - 06/04/18

... the conflict with Israel instead of into developing Gaza, harming the Gazans' situation. He also called for replacing the ... May 27, 2018) Saudi Intellectuals On Twitter: Free Gaza's Children From Hamas, Iran Saudi intellectual Abd Al-Hamid Al-Hakim, ... Israel, Hamas has established a Taliban-style Islamic Emirate in Gaza... "If Hamas had one single member with true leadership ... , Lebanon, May 28, 2018) "Israel withdrew completely from Gaza in August 2005. Instead of Hamas helping build Palestinian state ...