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Special Announcements No. 920 - The MEMRI Weekly: May 22-29, 2020 - 05/29/20

... In Letter Sent Prior To His Death To Hamas Military Wing Commander Muhammad Deif: Despite The Pressures And Siege, Iran Will Never Abandon Palestine ... Was Targeted Because It Is The Center Of The Opposition to America , The Internet MEMRI TV Clip No. 8028 – Iraqi TV Discussion ... Al-Haidari On Iranian TV: Many Iraqis Want To Carry Out Martyrdom Operations In Order To Drive America Out Of Iraq , IRIB Ofogh TV (Iran)

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1514 - Iranian Regime Marks Qods Day 2020 With Antisemitism, Blood Libels, And Calls For Destruction Of Israel - 05/21/20

... February 26, 2019 Inquiry & Analysis No. 1499, Antisemitism In Iran – Part II: Supreme Leader Associate Mehdi Taeb In Lecture ... him from praying and Bani Akrame son of Jahl into an anti-Iran coalition. "But that is only one side ... Qods Day, and the Israeli octopus sees the nightmare of death. "If at one time America led the world , and ... ,, May 20, 2020. *A. Savyon is director of the MEMRI Iran Studies Project; M. Manzour Is a Research Fellow at MEMRI ...

A. Savyon

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1512 - Visions Of The Post-Coronavirus World – Official Russia Sides With China Against US On Coronavirus Coverup Charges, Other Russians Voices Urge Neutrality Or Even Express Hostility Towards Chinese Government - 05/19/20

... failure of the country's illiberal system to deal with the epidemiological crisis. Today Iran, just like China, compares favorably ... both the number of infected and the number of deaths. ... "None of this necessarily means that authoritarianism ... sending 300-400 thousand students, graduate students and researchers to American universities. Russia in these aspects is not competitive ... Chinese themselves need. But this was not going to America! But To Russia! Brothers forever! "Arguments in response are ...

Amiel Ungar

Special Announcements No. 913 - The MEMRI Weekly: May 8-15, 2020 - 05/15/20

... Persian Gulf Is Our Sea – 'Mare Nostrum' – And Has Belonged To Iran For Centuries; U.S. Forces Must Leave It , May 14, 2020 ... Turki Al-Hamad For Tweeting 'All Religions Lead To Allah,' Calls It 'Act Of Unbelief,' Cites Death Fatwa On Him , May 13, ... Michael Pompeo , The Internet MEMRI TV Clip No. 7996 – American Islamic Preacher Fadel Soliman: Islamophobia Served Islam By Making It ... World As Well As In The Afterlife; Fires In Israel, America, Australia Are Divine Punishment , The Internet MEMRI TV Clip ...

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 216 - What Jihadists Are Saying About The Coronavirus - 05/06/20

... , "and it has hit all 50 states" in America, driven Israel into lockdown, but left Palestinians mostly unaffected. One of the ... "There is nothing wrong with a Muslim praying for the deaths of infidels and wishing that they contract coronavirus." Syrian jihadist ... Asif Abdul Rahman pointed out on his Telegram channel that Iran could use "alive or dead" coronavirus patients as a ... the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It seems America isn't all bad. Many of the groups and people mentioned ...

Steven Stalinsky

Special Announcements No. 903 - Follow The MEMRI Series On Reactions To Coronavirus Crisis – Update No. 4 - 04/24/20

... Israel The Coronavirus In Iran – Part II: In Tweets, Iranian Journalist Says Death Toll Is 2,000 – ... Sadeq Al-Hashemi: Coronavirus Is an American, Jewish Plot to Reduce World Population; Rothschilds Paid ... Of The Post-Coronavirus World: Senior Russian Legislator Pushkov: American Helplessness And Selfishness During Pandemic Put ... Death D.C.-Based Egyptian Journalist Atef Abdel Gawad on Iranian TV: Claiming U.S. Spread Coronavirus Is Illogical; Americans Work on Vaccine While Russia, China, Iran ...

Special Dispatch No. 8710 - Anti-Liberal Russian Philosopher Dugin: The New Multi-Polar World Order Is Upon Us, Where Russia, China And Even The United States, Can Survive By Suspending Democracy - 04/22/20

... ones, the most liberal, most globalist: European and American alike - were eventually forced to just close their borders, implement government control, declare ... , the entire leadership of all countries: Russia, and China, even Iran, to a large extent, aside from Western countries, recognized by default that ... . And in the beginning those who still tried to say: ‘Better open society and death’, have lost all support because everything, absolutely ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1508 - Is Iran Accepting Its Defeat In Iraq? - 04/20/20

... its proxies in Iraq have been pointing to repeatedly and loudly since the death of Soleimani. An Iraqi government headed ... and the rest of the region. What Prompted Iran To Accept Al-Kadhimi? To answer this question, one must look back at ... obligated all capable Iraqi men to take arms against ISIS. Iran took advantage of that fatwa to help establish the PMU as ... Iraqi Government Fails to Expel Foreign Forces from Iraq, the Iraqi Resistance Front Would Not Hesitate to Target American Soldiers, Diplomats, ...

S. Ali

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 214 - Pasdaran Preppers: While Iran Faces A Pandemic, IRGC Girds Itself For War - 04/17/20

... Hizbullah. This has led to a burst of propaganda media production featuring these death squads performing health-related activities. Iran has also created and aggressively ... terror masters Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis by an American drone strike initially sparked competition between rival pro-Iranian militias over ... who would be more anti-American and could do more to force U.S. forces out of the country. Several rocket ...

Alberto M. Fernandez

Special Dispatch No. 8703 - Visions Of The Post-Coronavirus World – Part V: Iranian Regime Mouthpiece 'Kayhan': God Sent The Coronavirus To Expose The Hollow, Atrophied Nature Of Western Civilization Versus The Human And Life-Affirming Civilization Of Islam; America, Israel Manufactured, Spread The Coronavirus In The World - 04/17/20

... which covers up ignorance without aiming to improve the quality of life is a merchant of death and serves Satan. The West-struck ones ... Macron announced that France is in a state of war. According to American linguist Noam Chomsky, it is strange for this civilization that ... a thief. They the Americans even stole a plane carrying masks. Yet, unfortunately, Iran is full of wounds caused by traitors and infiltrators, stubborn and ignorant, who ...