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No. 9930 - Nation Of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan On Kyrie Irving, Kanye West Antisemitism Scandals: The Jews Have Never Apologized For The Slave Trade Or For Raping, Killing, And Castrating Blacks; They Believe 1,000 Blacks Are Worth Less Than One Jew's Fingernail - 11/10/22

... Farrakhan spoke about the accusations of antisemitism that NBA star Kyrie Irving and rapper Kanye West have been facing recently. ... raping, castration, and enslavement of blacks. For more about the Kyrie Irving controversy, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9921. Louis ... Farrakhan: "Kyrie found something. 'I want you to say that you're sorry ... and harder, because the God of Justice has claimed us, Kyrie, and Ye, and [Kevin] Durant, and [Charles] Barkley, and ...

No. 9921 - Miami Imam Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi On Kyrie Irving Antisemitism Scandal: American Jewish Children Are Devastated They Cannot Wear Kyrie Nike Shoes, Yet No One Cares About The Poor Children Who Made The Shoes; There Is No Room In Islam For Feminism - 11/04/22

... Yousef Kablawi expressed criticism of the backlash that NBA player Kyrie Irving has been facing after tweeting a link to a documentary containing ... . Dr. Kablawi said that American Jewish children are "devastated" about Kyrie Irving Nike shoes, but that nobody cares about the poor ... that their children have to put on the shoes of Kyrie Irving, because he talked bad about them. So devastated. While ...

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