November 29, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4322

'Zionism Researcher' Tamer Mustafa: Holocaust Is 'Lies'; The 'Spirit of Racism' Has 'Spread Like a Germ in the Mind of Every Jew' Since Their Exile To Babylon

November 29, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 4322

Following are excerpts from an interview with Tamer Mustafa, a "Zionism researcher." The interview aired on Al-Manar TV on October 12, 2011:

"Racism Is Deeply Rooted In the Souls of the Followers of the Jewish Religion – Especially Since Their Exile To Iraq, Or Babylon, In 586 BCE"

Tamer Mustafa: "Racism is deeply rooted in the souls of the followers of the Jewish religion – especially since their exile to Iraq, or Babylon, in 586 BCE. There they wrote a new Torah, completely different from the Torah received by Moses. Into this Torah they inserted the spirit of racism, which spread like a virus in the mind of every Jew ever since. Let me mention three books as examples. One of them is the Torah that exists today, which is known as the Old Testament, especially by our Christian brothers. After World War II, a British minister said that this Torah was the 'most dangerous book on the face of this planet,' because it contains the loathsome virus of racism, which leads people to war." […]

The Zionist Movement "Perpetrated Many Crimes, Even Helping the Nazis To Kill Groups Of Jews, So That the Others Would Be Forced To Emigrate To Palestine"

"The Zionist movement operated against the Jews living in European countries, in order to force them to emigrate to Palestine. This movement perpetrated many crimes, even helping the Nazis to kill groups of Jews, so that the others would be forced to emigrate to Palestine. That is what happened. Then they established schools, and raised their new generations according to this abhorrent racist notion." […]

"When the Jews Went To Europe, the First Thing They Did Was To Take Over the Media Outlets There... They Demolished Christian Moral Values In the West"

"When the Jews went to Europe, the first thing they did was to take over the media outlets there. They even took control of the curricula in Europe, or in the Christian West. They took control of the media, the curricula, and the capital. What is Man if not knowledge – in other words, schools – media, and money? These are the things that rule people. Whoever possesses these three things has the ability to control the behavior of others.

"Once they had taken over these means, nobody had the courage to oppose them. They began to spread the ideology they wanted, and the first thing that they destroyed in Western man was the morality that he absorbed from the Christian religion. The Christians in the West – and I have the greatest respect for my Christian brothers in the East, who differ from them completely… This is Christianity, and that is an illusion of Christianity.

"They demolished Christian moral values in the West, and the Westerners reached the point where they are interested in nothing but… And I say this with all frankness, because I used to live there… Like beasts, they care only about food, drink, and survival." […]

"A Frenchman Called Jacque Roques... Refuted All Those Lies" About the Holocaust

"A Frenchman called Jacque Roques [sic] wrote a dissertation about the Holocaust…"

Interviewer: "Make it short…"

Tamer Mustafa: "He refuted all those lies, and got his Ph.D. from Sorbonne with distinction. However, the French minister of high education immediately received orders to revoke his Ph.D. Thus, Roques was denied his civil rights in his own country, France." […]

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