April 11, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7423

Writer In Hamas Mouthpiece: The Holocaust Exists Only In Israeli Tales – And In The Minds Of Supporters Of Normalization With Israel

April 11, 2018
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7423

On January 22, 2018, a few days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dr. Mohammad Al-'Issa, secretary-general of the Saudi-based Muslim World League (MWL), sent a letter to Sara Bloomfield, director of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., in which he condemned the Holocaust, called it "an incident that shook humanity to the core," added that "this Human tragedy perpetrated by evil Nazism won't be forgotten by history," and stressed that the true Islam opposes this crime.[1]

In response, 'Isam Shawar, in his January 28 column in the Hamas mouthpiece Filastin, attacked Al-'Issa and called his statements on the Holocaust politically motivated and part of Saudi Arabia's attempts to advance normalization with Israel. He added that the Holocaust had not happed as the Jews claim, and called on the Arabs to support the Palestinians against Israel and the U.S. before they express solidarity with the Holocaust fairy tale.

The following are translated excerpts from Shawar's column:[2] 

'Isam Shawar (

"On the occasion of the commemoration of the tale of the 'Holocaust,' MWL secretary-general Dr. Muhammad Al-'Issa called it a Nazi crime that deeply shocked humanity and exposed the horrors that no decent, justice-seeking man can ignore or take lightly. Al-'Issa stressed that the MWL's views were based solely on the purely humanitarian aspect [of the Holocaust], connected to the lives of innocent people.

"Before I respond to this news item [about Al-'Issa's letter], which astonished [me], I would like to remind readers that Dr. Muhammad Al-'Issa is leading an unprecedented campaign for normalization with the Israeli occupier, and is holding many meetings in Europe with Zionist extremists. Likewise, he holds puzzling positions that contradict the laws of Islam, such as calling on Muslim women in Europe not to cover their hair if requested [not] to do so, or leave the European countries. But, fortunately, Europe respects its citizens and it has democracy that respects the rights of minorities – more so than those claiming to represent Islam or the Muslims do.

"All the scientific university studies have proven resolutely that the Holocaust in the dimensions that the Jews claim did not take place, and could not have taken place. That is, it cannot be accepted as the truth. Even if tens of thousands of Jews were murdered or burned, it is nothing out of the ordinary, in an era during which tens of millions of people, most of them Muslims, have died as a result of wars, disease, famine, and other causes.

"Therefore, do not let the condemnation of the Holocaust by an institution presenting itself as Islamic  mislead you, and do not believe one bit of it. They are condemning, and shedding tears over, a tale that belongs only in museums, books, and Israeli stories, and also in the minds of the Arab normalization-seekers.

"Dr. Muhammad Al-'Issa says that the MWL's motive in defining the Holocaust as a crime is purely humanitarian. But we say [that it is] clearly political, and that it was coordinated with the 'Slap of the Century' plot[3] against Jerusalem, Palestine, and the Palestinian people... This is the first time in the history of the MWL that it mentions  and condemns the Holocaust, even though it was founded over 50 years ago.

"Before sympathizing with the Jews and their lies, the Arabs must [act to] remove the Arab-Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip, and must stand up to the American president Donald Trump, who claims that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and who has taken it [off the negotiating table] in preparation for peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs. [The Arabs must] stop digging into tales and fairy stories, and give us advice about the crimes being carried out by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, and against their holy places and land.

"A last word that must be said: Trump sees you as nothing but suckers, by Allah. [Even] if the Arabs and the foreigners join forces against our [Palestinian] people, we will never relinquish our land, our principles, or our steadfastness against the occupation. You [the Arabs supporting Israel] will stop existing, and Palestine will be liberated, from the sea to the river, and its capital will be Jerusalem the transcendent."


[2] Filastin (Gaza), January 28, 2018.

[3] A frequently used play on words in Arabic, referring to President Trump's "Deal of the Century."

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