September 15, 2008 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 463

Will Al-Qaeda Succeed in Establishing Its Presence in Palestine?

September 15, 2008 | By Eli Alshech*
Palestinians | Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 463

Al-Qaeda's interest in reviving jihad in Palestine and making it part of its global enterprise is evident in numerous video and audio messages it has produced, especially since 2007.

So far, however, Al-Qaeda has not claimed to have established any presence in Palestine, nor has it acknowledged having direct ties to any of the self-proclaimed Salafi-jihadi groups that are currently active in this region, especially in Gaza.

Moreover, despite its considerable efforts, Al-Qaeda has apparently failed to convince Hamas – the ruling force in Gaza – to abandon its political agenda, to resume jihad against Israel, and to declare its loyalty to Al-Qaeda and its support for Al-Qaeda's efforts to revive the Islamic Caliphate.

This paper examines the possibility that Al-Qaeda will take root in Gaza in the future, exerting a strong influence over its inhabitants and becoming an important military and political player in the region.


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