July 15, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8171

White Supremacist Online Incitement – Account Review: Neo-Nazi Graphic Designer Incites Against Blacks, Jews, Law Enforcement; Praises Mosque, Church, Synagogue Mass Murderers

July 15, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8171

The following report, published as part of the MEMRI White Supremacist Monitoring Project, presents information about multiple social media accounts that post and discuss racist, antisemitic, violent, and inciting content, including praise for recent white-supremacist mass murderers, and threats, indicating that the account owner is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Identifying information has been redacted.

Threat/Risk Assessment:

B. posts calls for violence against Jews, blacks, and law enforcement. In most cases, his calls and propaganda are in the form of graphics, some distinctly paramilitary in style, showing individuals in uniform and carrying weapons. The imagery and style used are similar to those used by the global neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division,[1] and are also typical of those used by another organization, Feuerkrieg Division,[2] for whom B. apparently creates graphics. B.'s posts often promote the book Siege,[3] as well as images glorifying prominent Nazis and white-supremacist terrorists such as the New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, Poway, California synagogue shooter John Earnest, and Dylann Roof who carried out the shooting attack at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. His images are usually accompanied by texts of violent encouragement, such as "For every problem there is a final solution" and "Always end the school year with a bang." For example, on July 6, 2019, B. posted an image of a policeman being shot in the head along with the text "Take Pigs to the Slaughterhouse." The image featured the emblem of B's "Sternenkrone Division" (see explanation below).

"Take Pigs to the Slaughterhouse"

Platforms: Gab, Minds, BitChute, DeviantArt, 8chan

Account Statistics: Gab – 348 followers, active since November 2018, with 199 posts; Minds – 46 subscribers, 28,133 views, active since May 29, 2019; DeviantArt – 74 posts , 83 views, active since March 2019. BitChute – 4 subscribers, no posts.

Affiliations, Ideological Content, And Context:

B.'s posts on Gab include links to accounts of Feuerkrieg Division. A now-defunct Feuerkrieg Division Gab account credited B. with the creation of their images.[4]

Ideologically, B. encourages his audience to read James Mason's Seige while his profile contains the acronym "ATWA" – "Air, Trees, Water, Animals and All The Way Alive," a set of principles created by mass murderer Charles Manson. B. has also posted about his Sternenkrone Division, which he explained, on Gab, as a new organization "focused on spiritual warfare. A battle over the zeitgeist, removing it from the claws of the (((servants))) of the Demiurge [a reference to the Jews]. And returning it to the dominion of the divine."[5]

Account Profile:

B. posts in German and English, and has posted multiple images of his German shepherd dog, including one apparently of himself with the dog. He also regularly posts about using psychedelic drugs, referring to himself as an "alchemist" and sharing journals on his DeviantArt account describing his experiments with combinations of psychedelic mushrooms and other substances.

Main Evidence[6]:

On May 13, 2019, B. posted an image of a family in skull masks with the text "A Family That PREYS Together SLAYS Together"; he wrote: "READ SIEGE with the whole family the Greatest Bedtime Story Ever Told." The skull mask theme is typical of Atomwaffen Division's graphic art. The image might be a reference to Charles Manson and his "family."

On March 19, 2019, B. posted a digitally modified image of Velasquez' "Coronation of the Virgin" showing Hitler and Dylann Roof as God and Jesus respectively crowning Brenton Tarrant with Roof's distinctive bowl haircut; the image was titled "Coronation of the Bowl."

Roof's bowl haircut is commonly used as an online trope.

On February 11, 2019, B. posted another image glorifying Roof's Charleston church mass shooting, featuring a haloed Roof, gun in hand, above protestors outside the church where the shooting took place, with the text "Take em' to church." He wrote: "Chimps lose control when they see the Bowl Patrol" –  the Bowl Patrol being an unofficial community of white supremacists encouraging more attacks like Roof's.

A June 3, 2019 post by Feuerkrieg Division credited B. with creating a recruitment poster for it. The poster showed an armed man in a skull mask against an atomic mushroom cloud and neo-Nazi symbols, with the text "When the world falls into flames, we will rise again" and a ProtonMail address for Feuerkrieg Division. The text accompanying the poster read: "Kill your local Imam, join us! (Email at bottom of the poster) Poster made by B."

On June 12, 2019, B. posted an image of the Sternenkrone Division emblem, which he explained as follows: "The Pentacrown, a unicursal [sic] symbol bestowed upon the Sternenkrone Division by the god Nous, Lord of Aletheia and destoyer [sic] of the Dweomerlak. It's [sid] true meaning is an enigma, and if understood, is ineffable. Howbeit, this symbol is interpreted as representing the astral crown, worn to adorn those engaged in spiritual warfare against the (((minions))) of the Demiurge [a reference to the Jews]. Worn as memento that we, as incarnated beings, are not subject to the boot-licking henchmen of this material realm nor the Archons that reign therein. "


[1] According to the ADL, Atomwaffen Division is preparing for a race war to combat what it sees as the cultural and racial displacement of the white race.

[2] Feuerkreig Division is a newly emerged European neo-Nazi organization inspired by James Mason's Siege and the Atomwaffen Division. It bills itself as an underground paramilitary group and has called for political assassinations. It has issued death threats against Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. It is on the radar of terrorism experts., April 8, 2019;, May 28, 2019;, May 8, 2019; February 11, 2019.

[3] Siege, by Denver-based neo-Nazi James Mason, is a collection of newsletters Mason wrote in the 1980s in collaboration with sect leader and mass murderer Charles Manson. With a focus on Holocaust denial and antisemitic and anti-gay themes, it calls for the establishment of a network of decentralized terror cells and for taking up arms against the "system." The book is one of the main inspirations for Atomwaffen Division, which has promoted it and Mason's ideas as "Siege Culture.", 2018.

[4], April 8, 2019.

[5], June 12, 2019.

[6] All details available upon request at [email protected]

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