September 20, 2019 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1474

The 'White Resistance Manual': A White Supremacist Ideological, Strategic, And Tactical Guidebook

September 20, 2019 | By Michael Davis
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1474


In the early 2000s a long and detailed document titled "White Resistance Manual" was published online.[1] Of its 310 pages, 302 deal with tactical matters, and provide in-depth instructions for manufacturing, obtaining and using multiple types of weapons and explosives, to be used against public figures, institutions and private citizens who are considered "enemies of the White race." However, the document's first chapters serve as an ideological and strategic manifesto, exhibiting explicit anti-Jewish and racist ideology.

The manual calls for the establishment of a movement whose ideological and racial goals persist in white supremacist circles to this day. Among these themes: opposition to immigration of non-whites into "White nations"; the alleged Jewish influence on political and financial policies; opposition to the mixing of whites and non-whites; prompting a race war and a socio-politic revolution. To this end, the document includes instructions for supporters of the movement on how to prepare for violent and non-violent action, how to control information within the movement, and how to deal with undercover law enforcement agents who might attempt to infiltrate the movement.

The "White Resistance Manual" names Jews and non-whites as direct targets: "No longer will we allow the Jews to live like parasites upon the body of our race. No longer will we tolerate any Jewish influence in our political system, our legal system or our mass-media. No longer will our children be taught the suicidal and baseless dogma of egalitarianism and racial equality. No longer will we allow dysgenic breeding to damage the health of our race. No longer will we tolerate any non-White colonizers living and breeding among us. In this new era we fight for nothing less than the absolute physical separation of the White race from all Jews and non-Whites. Along with this we will purge from our midst the traitorous and degenerate elements of our race."

On March 27, 2019, and again on August 22, the "White Resistance Manual" began resurfacing on the white supremacist forum Stormfront.[2] Links to the document were shared by multiple accounts on Gab and BitChute, and it has thus far been available for over 3,000 online users[3]. The manual can also be found using search engines like Google and Duck Duck Go.

Image with the name of the document posted by users on Gab and BitChute.

The manual has been linked with multiple white supremacist attacks since its publication. Between December 2009 and July 2010 two men in Hemet, California carried out a series of attacks on local police offers using weapons they constructed based on instructions from the manual.[4]

In the U.K. in June 2019 Michal Szewczuk, 19, and Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, were convicted of promoting terrorism and disseminating neo-Nazi propaganda on Gab. The two men, who were members of British neo-Nazi organization Sonnenkrieg Division, had created and shared racist propaganda online, including a threat made by Sonnenkrieg Division against Prince Harry for being a "race traitor." Szewczuk pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possession of terrorist material, including the "White Resistance Manual" and an al-Qaida training manual.[5] In another case, Tristan Morgan, 52, of Exeter, England, pleaded guilty to charges of arson and terrorism after setting fire to a synagogue in Exeter on July 21, 2018. He also admitted to promoting terrorism by publishing a song titled “White Man” on audio platform Soundcloud, and possessing a copy of the "White Resistance Manual."[6]

The image disseminated by Sonnenkrieg Division, depicting a pistol aimed at Prince Harry's head, with the text: "See Ya Later Race Traitor" (Source:, December 6, 2018.)

The Manual's Content

Since the manual's publication almost 20 years ago, the speed and reach of information online has increased significantly. Instructions and tutorials on the creation and use of many types of weapons are now widely available on the Internet. However, the advice offered in the "White Resistance Manual" relates not only to the legal purchase of firearms best suited to the movement's tactical and strategic goals, but also includes instructions for building and using simple tools that are meant to wound or kill. It also provides ideas and methods for carrying out attacks, with the purpose of creating widespread chaos.

The anonymous writer explains that the "White Resistance Manual" does not aim to answer the "Whys? of armed struggle", but rather to provide the movement – whose members are described as a "nation in exile" – with "information on the Hows? of armed struggle." Thus, the document is a guide to different aspects of creating a violent revolution, one which will ultimately overthrow current "anti-White" governments. According to the manual, members of the White Resistance movement will be "waiting to assume power in the vacuum which will be created by the fall of Western civilization". He writes: "We will cast off our wishful belief in democratic salvation, our votes will now be cast with bullets and bombs."

The table of content of the "White Resistance Manual."

The Ideology Underlying The Manual

In the section titled "The Goals Of Our Struggle," the writer lists four short and long-term goals for the revolution. The writer's calls to action primarily target Jews and non-whites, "anti-White" politicians, the media, law enforcement, and "race traitors." The manual explains why these groups should be targeted, and how to carry out attacks against them.

The first goal is "To exacerbate existing racial tensions to the point where a situation of open conflict exists between Whites and non-Whites." This will prompt a "Race War." The manual continues: "Only the violence and life-or-death imperative of an open racial conflict, a Race War, will rouse the majority of our racial kin from their sleep. Only racial conflict at this level will drive home the fact that the idea of a peaceful and prosperous multi-racial state is lunacy and only with the civil breakdown during a violent racial conflict will we gain the opportunity to proceed with the rest of our program."

Thus defined, the goal addresses the issue of immigration, which has become prevalent in white supremacist circles in recent years. As stated in the manual, "We must immediately begin to make it clear to the world that non-Whites are not welcome in our territory and will eventually face forced deportation or death at the hands of our growing movement. Our lands must no longer be seen as safe havens for the excrement of the world but as places of great danger for non-White colonizers."

The second goal is "To smash Jewish power and influence both in our own respective nations and worldwide." Jews are framed as a primary target: "The Jews are now, always have been and always will be the enemies of the White race and jealous murderers of anything beautiful and healthy in this world. Any individual, organization or movement which fights for the future of the White race will be doomed to failure without a clear understanding of this fact. No movement for social reform has any hope of success unless it is specifically and overtly anti-Jewish. It is essential to understand that all of our goals are anti-Jewish in nature." Thus, according to the manual, Jews must be viewed as targets for attack: "We must attack Jewish power wherever it exists and at all levels. Our focus must be placed upon high-profile Jewish influence in government, big-business, the mass-media and entertainment. Destruction of high-level Jewish targets will have a great propaganda effect and will be a boost to the morale of our fighters… Of secondary importance will be low level Jewish targets such as individuals of only local importance, Synagogues, Jewish owned small business and other symbols of Jewish power. Remember that, because of their power and influence, any attack upon a Jewish target will receive national if not international media attention. This is exactly the propaganda effect we need and we will use the media power of the Jews against them in order to achieve it. There is no undeserving Jewish target!"

The third goal, "To destroy the legitimacy of current government and to offer legitimate government in its place," addresses the wide scale aspirations of the movement – to overthrow current governments, who they deem illegitimate. As the manual states, "We must strike at the heart of the traitorous, Jew-controlled governments which have done their best to murder and pollute our race. The apparatus, infrastructure and property of government must be placed high on our target list… Individuals in decision making positions in government should be targeted for selective assassination. Those most outspoken in the campaign to rob our children of a future should be placed at the top of the list, however, just about any high ranking official in government will make a deserving target. Only those tiny fraction of government officials who have fought against our destruction should be exempted. Any successes in this campaign will have a positive propaganda effect in favor of our movement."

The fourth goal, "To punish those Whites who have committed treasonous acts against their own people", addresses the manual's views on 'whites' who they blame for betraying the white race. As they say, "A heavy emphasis must be placed upon those, high profile, individuals in government, the media, entertainment, clergy and academia who have presented lies as truth, promoted race-mixing, drug abuse and degeneracy, encouraged non-White immigration or have schemed to profit from policies which damage the health of our race and rob White children of a future." The author of the manual thus envisions the movement as a "nation" leading fighting for its survival against "race traitors": "We can never really hope to [be] taken seriously as a Nation if we are unwilling to punish traitors in the way any healthy Nation would, by death. A campaign of attacks targeting these individuals and their property will have a significant propaganda effect, both discouraging traitorous behavior and, with high profile targets being struck, boosting the morale of our movement."

Strategic and Tactical Operations Guide

The manual describes two levels of operation in the effort to instigate a race war: lawful activity and covert, violent attacks. The first type of operations is to be lead by "out of the closet" activists, who will act strictly through non-violent means to spread the "message of White survival" (i.e. spreading propaganda via the Internet, printed material, newspapers, radio and television.) These non-violent activists will also be in charge of raising white birthrates. Activists who use violent non-lawful methods will operate in small cells (no more than 4-5 members), or as lone wolves. This strategy will supposedly make them "impenetrable to law enforcement."  

Weapons, Explosives, And Strategic Attacks

The manual provides instructions and guidelines for manufacturing and procuring various types of weaponry, including shotguns, assault and sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, personal sidearms, crossbows, knives, and other close combat weapons. It also offers similar information and recipes for creating explosives, booby traps, mines, and poisons. The manual provides explicit instructions for lethal attack, including arson, sabotage, and assassination, as well as non-lethal attack, including threats, vandalism, and harassment of Jews and non-whites.

The following are images from the "White Resistance Manual":

Image of a Winchester 1300 Defender with pistol grip and 8rnd tube magazine

Illustration of a technique for a close-combat attack using a knife, with the instructions: "Nose Pinch, Mouth Grab, Throat Cut"

Instructions for building and installing an improvised silencer.

Illustration for a "Classic Pipe Bomb.".

The manual also provides strategy ideas and methods for attack. For example, in order to carry out an assassination (surveillance of the target is compared to "stalking wild game") the manual details a number strategies, including the use of a silenced pistol, a knife, committing arson, or using bombs or poison. Advice is also offered on whom to target: "High profile targets, such as non-White entertainers, sports figures, religious and political leaders must be targeted for selective assassination".

Another suggested strategy  is to carry out attacks in public or symbolic places: "Non-Whites must also be attacked anywhere they can be stuck in large numbers, such as in high-rise apartments, subways, shopping malls or packed nightclubs in order to produce maximum causalities. The symbols of the non-White presence on our land; churches, temples, Mosques, businesses and political institutions must be considered valuable targets as well".

Echoes of the Methodology in Recent Attacks

It is noteworthy that some recent white supremacist attacks appear to follow the manual's suggested methodology, whether intentionally or not. For example, the idea of using violence to provoke civil war in the U.S. also appears as a primary goal in the manifesto written by Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch, New Zealand shooter.[7] Tarrant said that a civil war "should be a major aim in overthrowing the global power structure and the Wests’ egalitarian, individualist, globalist dominant culture". San Diego synagogue shooter John Earnest claimed that a civil war has already begun.[8] The issue of immigration, expressed in "The Goals Of Our Struggle" in the manual, has become a prevalent theme in contemporary white supremacist circles. It has also been a major focus of the manifestos written by Tarrant and (probably) by El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius.[9]

Moreover, the method of carrying out well-planned attacks against groups in symbolic locations was adopted by a number of recent white supremacist terrorists: Charleston shooter Dylann Roof targeted a black church,[10] Tarrant targeted mosques, and Earnest targeted a synagogue.

* Michael Davis is Head of the White Supremacist Online Incitement project at MEMRI


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