June 20, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4798

Website Of Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood: The Days Of The Zionist Entity Are Numbered

June 20, 2012
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 4798

In an article posted on the website of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Jordanian cleric Dr. Salah Al-Khalidi called Israel a "boil" on the body of humanity, and said that its days are numbered.

The following are excerpts:[1]

"The Jewish State On The Soil Of Palestine Is [Like A Rash] Of Contaminated, Reeking Boils On The Body Of Humanity"

"On May 15, 1948, the Jews declared their state on the soil of Palestine. This year, their state (whose borders have changed since then) turned 64 – a short period of time in the history of countries and nations and [even] in the lives of men. The existence of the Jewish state on Palestinian soil is an anomaly and a deviation, [for] there is no basis for its presence or its continued existence. It has no historical, cultural, human or natural foundation – it is like an alien, stinking and festering boil that appears on one's body, a repository of the body's festering fluids, which one hurries to lance and to remove.

"The Jewish state on the soil of Palestine is [like a rash] of contaminated, reeking boils on the body of humanity, and today there is no justification for its continued existence. Years have passed [since its establishment], and it will continue to exist for some years more – but not too many. With God's help, future mujahideen will rid humanity of it.

"The lifespan of a nation is different from the lifespan of an individual. The latter can last only decades, while the former can last centuries. A man might live 70 years, but the Roman [civilization] lasted 1,500 years. History teaches us that the former Israelite nation, of the pre-Islamic era, lasted less than a century on the soil of Palestine, i.e., less than the lifespan of a single man, though it contained some honest people. Its end came after the death of Allah's prophet Suleiman [i.e., the Biblical Solomon], and the Jews then scattered all over the world, [and remained scattered] until the present era. Now they have flocked to Palestine, these infuriating and accursed infidels, and established their state on its soil. May God's curses pursue the Jews...

"History teaches us that occupation by an invading nation never lasts long. The Tartars swept like a destructive storm through the Muslim lands, but they only passed through, and did not remain. Before the Tartars, the Crusaders came to the Holy Land with the intention of remaining there permanently, but they stayed for only two centuries before being driven off by the Islamic nation, in whom the spirit of jihad for the sake of Allah had awakened. Two centuries in the life of the nations is like 20 years in the life of a man."

"There Are Indications That The Jewish Presence In Palestine Will Not Last Long"

"Facing the Jewish challenge today, we must turn to history, which is a reliable witness. We must [also] look to the future, and not remain trapped in the wretched Arab reality or the hyped up, empty and arrogant Jewish reality. There are indications that the Jewish presence in Palestine will not last long, and these indications are increasing, but it takes a sharp-eyed Muslim to see them and draw the nation's attention to them.

"History will show that the Jewish state on Palestinian soil died in its childhood. Allah willing, it will fade away before it [manages] to stand on its feet. One of the cheering reports we received this Nakba Day was that the imprisoned [Palestinian] commanders, though unarmed, had triumphed over the Jews. The Jews were forced to reach an agreement with them in order to end their open-ended [hunger] strike, and most of the demands they presented in their campaign against the Jews were met. This is a tremendous lesson, which indicates the importance of determination and steadfastness in the confrontation with the enemy, and a sign for the future.

"The brave mujahideen are striding towards victory, with Allah's help, whereas the Jews are experiencing a defeat that will lead them to the abyss, Allah willing. Dear [readers], we are on the ascent, despite the [dire] reality that surrounds us, while the Jews are going down, Allah willing, despite their empty boasts, and this will hasten the end of their entity, with Allah's help."


[1], May 17, 2012.

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