January 9, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8479

On VK, Top National KKK Leader And His Skinhead Fiancée Document Their Family Life In U.S., Promote Nazi Ideology, Recruit For Klan Activity

January 9, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8479

An engaged couple share photos of their family life with their three daughters as they also promote Klan activity and recruitment on Vkontakte, the Russia-based social media platform. The family of five resides in the U.S. The woman, who has described herself as a skinhead, has a day job in a factory and assists her fiance, a top national KKK leader, with maintenance of the website of one of the nation's largest KKK goups.

The man is a longstanding figure in white supremacist circles. He headed a local KKK unit, in a section of the organization founded by David Duke. From there he went on to create the current large KKK goup, in 1996. He has had multiple run-ins with the law; federal agents raided his home as part of an investigation into an alleged bomb plot to destroy a federal building, but the charges against him were eventually dropped.

The fiancee has shared that her partner had been in prison for four years and, following that, on probation for another four years. His prison sentence was for drug and weapons charges. He appears to divides his time between raising the couple's three daughters and promoting his KKK group's activity and ideology.


The couple

The following report will focus on the couple's activity on VK.

Klan and Nazi Ideology Spread on VK

On her VK profile,  the woman lists her interests as, inter alia, "fighting for my race to secure in the future for all our WHITE children."

A quote by Adolf Hitler is one of her favorites: "Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one's fellow man's sake, and above all the principle: Common good before own good, a struggle against all parasitism and especially against easy and unearned income. And we were aware that in this fight we can rely on no one but our own people. We are convinced that socialism in the right sense will only be possible in nations and races that are Aryan, and there in the first place we hope for your own people and are convinced that socialism is inseparatable from nationalism."

The couple's profile both list the same mobile number. The  area code is linked to North Carolina, however, a search for the number yields no results; it is possible that it is a VoIP number.

His VK profile

Her VK profile

On December 26, 2019, the woman posted a few photos of different interfaces on her Galaxy Active 2 watch. Several photos feature different variations of the crest of her fiance's KKK group. Users can customize watch interfaces by selecting a photo from their mobile device.

She uploaded additional photos of her smartwatch interface featuring a swastika.

She also posted screenshots on December 18 showing that her fiancé had copyrighted a specific emblem for the KKK group that he leads. Her partner commented, "Its good that we looked it up. I forgot the year that we copyrighted this. This shows that the [redacted] and our Crest is owned by [redacted] that is only one group no other groups can use our name or crest without a penalty."

The woman posted about National Socialist ideology on October 27, writing: "Embracing the struggle-ethic to the fullest has two corollaries. The first of these is that the National Socialist enthusiastically leads an active life. Idle complaint is not National Socialist, nor is sitting around and watching television or fiddling with electronic gadgets hour after hour, day after day. Rather, a National Socialist gets our and engages in the real world. This may take the form of participating in a public activity to build the Movement, or it may simply be going for a hike in the forest. Citing an old Aryan adage, the Fuhrer noted that, 'he who rests – rusts.'"

On October 12, she posted a recruiting message for her fiance's group: "Join the [redacted]. We have been around for over 20 years and fought splc (Southern Poverty Law Center) and ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government. We have never backed down from a fight to defend our race. We held Nordic fest for years that many groups attended without fighting, also did in concerts in other states. We were the first klan to except [sic] non-Christian members to help bring unity to our people. We are planning in a year or two to bring back Nordic fest also. We have many chapters in may states. We are a klan not afraid to fight for your or our people's white rights. We also have on our website the White Store where [redacted] of SS Action Group and [redacted]  selling many items. There is also Klan history and other educational pages on it. Our [leader her fiance] has been in the movement for over 30 years and has had the honor to meet many other legends of the movement that still supports him and the [redacted]... YOUR [sic] FOR WHITE VICTORY...," The post also lists a phone number and a ProtonMail email address for further inquiries.

The woman appears to also moderate a private chat on VK called "Join the [redacted]: For Members and supporters." Her fiance and 161 others are in the chat.

Romantic And Family Life

The couple: "ACAB [All Cops are Bastards] Every Single One"

One of the couple's many virtual displays of affection

The couple often publicly display their affection for one another on VK. On May 6, the woman posted a graphic featuring a drawing of a couple kissing with a swastika on top. It reads, "You had me at 'I hate Jews too.'" She added, " I completely thought of you when I saw this. You're different than anyone I know. I love you."

On May 16 the woman posted two descriptions of potential wedding rings. One is a WWII SS police ring in 14kt gold and the other is a custom-made SS Runes Ring. She wrote, "When he was looking for wedding rings, we seen these at these prices lol."

On June 14 the woman wrote "The things you find cleaning out the closet..." Included in the post is a photo of a white KKK hood.

On occasion, the woman shares photos of the couple's three children. In one photo, she is clutching her toddler; the swastika tattoo on her forearm is clearly visible.

On October 9 she posted an image of one of her kids hiding behind a Klan flag. She said, "If she can't see us then we can't see her lol."

The woman stated that she intends to homeschool her children to ensure that they won't be fed a bunch of "Jewish lies." She re-posted a statement by Joao Branco about the purported suffering of Nazis during WWII.

A likeminded VK friend who shares her ideology commented: "Yep, I started homeschooling mine this year. I had to use K12 because in AR [Arkansas] at least, doing it on my own was way out of my price range. I use the K12 curriculum, but I bs the history/social studies and some of the science. Check it out once the time comes, my boys are 13 and 14 and they have their work done in about 4-5 hours. My daughter is in 3rd grade, and we are done within 5 hours, easy. Take care 88 [code for "Heil Hitler"]."

The woman baked and decorated cookies for Christmas with her children. On December 19, she published multiple photos of them; one was in the shape of a swastika, and others spelled out the initials of the group.


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