September 1, 2005 Special Dispatch No. 976

U.S.-Educated Palestinian-Jordanian Author Ibrahim 'Alloush on Al-Jazeera: The Holocaust is a Lie; Al-Qaeda in Iraq is Legitimate; The U.S. Brought 9/11 Upon Itself

September 1, 2005
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 976

The following are excerpts of an interview with Palestinian-Jordanian author Dr. Ibrahim 'Alloush, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on August 23, 2005. The leading Holocaust denial publication Institute for Historical Review, which interviewed 'Alloush, [1] described him as a columnist for the Jordanian weekly newspaper Assabeel, as an active participant in the Association Against Zionism and Racism (AZAR), and as editor of the online publication Free Arab Voice. [2] 'Alloush studied and lived in the U.S. for 13 years, earning degrees from Ohio University and Oklahoma State University. (To view this clip, visit:

'Alloush: "The Holocaust is exploited to justify the Zionist policies and to justify the enemy state's right to exist. There is evidence, and scientific research, that prove the Holocaust is a lie. I support the legitimate resistance, and primarily martyrdom operations in Iraq, in Palestine, and wherever there is occupation.


"Those who associate themselves with Nazism these days are the American and other Western governments, not us."

Host: "How come? These are serious accusations."

'Alloush: "Nazism crossed [Germany's] borders and invaded the territories of others under various pretexts. Nazism oppressed others and exploited the media. Nazism is what the Zionist movement is doing – the same movement to which Steven Emerson belongs – and what the U.S. government is doing. I am not defending Nazism, but Nazism is a thing of the past. The new Nazism of today wears the robes of new liberalism. The new Nazism is imperialistic and Zionist policy, witnessed on a universal and globalized level today.


"You can only imagine the killings that the Americans carry out daily to ignite ethnic conflicts in Iraq. I do not doubt for a second that Americans and Zionists are stirring up domestic racial and ethnic tensions in Iraq.


"Whoever allows himself to be seduced into collaborating with the occupier, whether he is a Palestinian, an Iraqi, or anything else, is headed for the garbage can of history, and we feel no grief for him.

"Incidentally, I'd like to remind Steve Emerson, or maybe he doesn't know, that in the American revolution against Britain in the War of Independence, any American officer had the authority to try and to execute any suspect within one hour. When nations are in a state of war – and we the Arab nation are in a state of war, and the American bases are deployed from Qatar and Bahrain to North Africa, not only in Palestine and Iraq... The whole nation is in a state of war. When a nation is in a state of war, it has the right to defend itself.

"As for the collaborators, anyone who collaborates with the enemy, and anyone who helps the enemy – we are not responsible for him, since he chose to betray the nation.


"In principle, I support resistance wherever there is occupation. In Palestine, there is occupation, whose nature is colonialist and not just military. Therefore, targets in Palestine are not civilian. Every colonialist is a legitimate target, and the occupation in Iraq has local supporters, whose targeting is legitimate.


"The operations against the occupation forces and all their collaborators, in Iraq, Palestine, or elsewhere, are 100% legitimate, and I think we don't carry out enough of them. We need more such operations."

Host: "What operations?"

'Alloush: "Operations that target the American occupation and all its collaborators are legitimate resistance, according to the UN Charter – Article 51 grants peoples the right to defend themselves when they are subject to foreign occupation. I'm not responsible for the collaborators, because they've betrayed the nation.


"The Al-Qaeda Jihad organization in Iraq is one of the legitimate Iraqi resistance forces, like the Ba'th and the Al-Sadr movement. Anyone bearing arms against the Americans and their supporters is a legitimate force, and if anyone doesn't like it, he can include them in the list of terrorist organization – no problem. But I'd like to address the issue of the 9/11 attacks."

Host: "In brief."

'Alloush: "America brought the 9/11 attacks upon itself. Okay? This is a case of the chicken coming home to roost. In other words, you have brought this problem upon yourselves. As long as America occupies the Arab homeland and the Islamic world militarily, politically, economically, and culturally, and as long as it supports the Zionist entity, it should expect something."

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