July 20, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4014

Urdu-Language Pakistani Government-Funded Magazine Looks At Islamist National Poet Iqbal's Ideas On Jews, Afghan Jihad: 'Be It Dick Cheney... or Miliband of Britain - Everyone Is a Jew'; The Jihad in Afghanistan Guarantees the Security of Pakistan's Ideological and Geographical Frontiers'

July 20, 2011
Pakistan, Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 4014

An article in a leading Pakistani magazine recently examined the ideas of Pakistan's Islamist national poet Muhammad Iqbal regarding Jews and their alleged conspiracies in Europe and the U.S., and currently in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region. It also looked at his prediction about an impending victory in the current Afghan jihad.

The article was published in "Nazaria-e-Pakistan," a monthly magazine published by the Nazaria-e-Pakistan Trust, a research institute established under legislation passed by the government of Pakistan's Punjab province to propagate the ideology of Pakistan. The Trust is headed by Majeed Nizami, a veteran Pakistani journalist and editor-in-chief of the Urdu-language daily Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt, its English-language sister publication The Nation, and the Waqt television channel.

In the article, titled "Iqbal, Jihad and Judaism," Pakistani academic Professor Mohammad Yousuf Irfan traces Iqbal's thoughts on the Jews and the relevance of these thoughts to the current Afghan jihad being waged by the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. The writer notes that Iqbal foresaw the current Afghan jihad when the poet noted that he could see the scenes of Badr and Hunain (wars of early Islam) being fought in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, and impending victory.

Throughout the article, Professor Irfan accuses the Jews of conspiracies in Europe and the U.S. in earlier times, and now in Pakistan-Afghanistan region. He goes on to allege that the 18th Amendment of the Pakistani Constitution, which was enacted by the current Pakistani government, is part of a Jewish conspiracy to strengthen anti-federation forces such as Pashtun nationalists against the central idea of Pakistan. In this perspective, he cites how this Jewish conspiracy led to the renaming of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP) as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to appease the Pashtun nationalists.

Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"The Jewish Spirit is Islam's Enemy and a Jihad Killer"

"The Jews are rulers of the world who control international institutions and allied countries. Though the Jewish population is few in number, their achievements are great. The Jewish spirit is Islam's enemy and a jihad killer. To rule the world, Jews first captured Europe and afterwards established their control over the United States.

"In his 'To the Palestinian Arabs,' on page 171 of his book Zarb-e-Kaleem, the Poet of Islam, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, said:

'Your cure is neither in Geneva nor in London;

'The life cord of the Englishman is in the claws of Jews.'

"Iqbal explained the thoughts of famous German thinker Nietzsche regarding the Jewish capture of Europe in the following couplets:

'Jewish usurers have been laying ambush for long;

'Before them even the cunningness of leopard cannot stand;

'It [the British] is about to fall like the ripe fruits,

'Let's see in whose bag the British falls.'

"This is not only about the European economy passing into the hands of Jews. Allama Iqbal also discussed the Jewish control of the Christian religion and their churches. In one of his couplets in the poem titled 'Europe and Jews,' on page 151 of his book Baal-e-Jibreel, he said thus:

'This young culture is in its last gasp,

'Jews might become the caretaker of the Church;

'The abundance of luxury, the government and business

'Are like the dark hearts and can't be consoled

'Britain is dark with smoke rising from the machines

'This is not the valley of Sinai that could be illuminated by God's light.'"

"The Jews First Occupied the European and American Economy – And Then Tamed the Political and Military Leaders of the West... With Their Money Power... Be It Dick Cheney... or Miliband of Britain – Everyone Is a Jew"

"The story of European occupation by the Jews is mentioned in Jewish books such as 'World Conquerors,' 'Real Rulers,' 'Protocol or Jewish Strategy', etc. The details of the establishment of Israel in the European perspective are found in the memoirs of Golda Meir.

"In short, the Jews first took over the European and American economies, and then tamed the political and military leaders of the West, including European and American, with their money power.

"They drafted constitutions against the spirit of Christian teachings for the sake of democratic and parliamentary supremacy. And now, the European and American administrations are running as per the Jewish wishes. Be it Dick Cheney of the U.S. or [former secretary of state David] Miliband of Britain, everyone is a Jew. In fact, none could become the leader in Europe or the U.S. until they subscribe to the ideals of the Jewish Protocol and the Crusading spirit."

"The Creation of the State of Israel is the First Step of Aggression [Against Muslims by Jews after Their Expulsion by Islam's Second Caliph Umar]"

"Jews have been the harbinger of all conspiracies against Muslims and against Islam's founder [the Prophet Muhammad] since the advent of Islam. For that reason, the right-path [Islam's second] caliph Hazrat Umar Farooq expelled them from the Arab lands.

"The creation of the State of Israel is the first step of aggression after the above-mentioned expulsion. And the very expulsion led them to occupy Europe and the U.S., and they used Christians and Crusaders against Muslims.

"In other words, Jews were behind the Crusading spirit also. The foundation of the creation of Israel was laid with the purchase of land from Arab sheikhs, and this is continuing in Pakistan today, in the form of foreign investment.”

"Jews Are On the Attack in the Pak-Afghan Region, in the Garb of the Allied Countries; Judaism and Brahmanism Are Names for Racism"

"The Afghan jihad created new jihadist zeal among the oppressed Palestinian and Lebanese Muslims, and the so-called international coalition members are trying to destroy the Islamic, ideological, jihadi and nuclear power of Pakistan and Afghanistan by hatching the drama of 9/11. The Afghan jihad is not only a guarantee for the security of Pakistan, but also for [the security of] the oppressed Muslims in India, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon. Allama [Iqbal], with foresight, was watching this clash between the truth and untruth very early on, and that is why he called Kabul the 'Key to Asian Glory.' For him, these very Pak-Afghan areas are the center for the revival of Islam.

"For example, [he says in Persian verse:]

'The time has come for the Khidr of this age to come out from his recluse;

'For, caravan of the far-off lands is coming out from the vales.'

"The leader of the era will appear in a settlement far from the lands of Mecca and Medina. The Khidr of this time [i.e. the Messiah] will appear from the very area of Pak-Afghanistan, according to Muhammad Munawar, an expert in Iqbal studies. Explicitly describing the policies of the anti-Islam peoples – Hindus, Jews and Christians – Allama Iqbal, in a poem titled 'Satan's Commandment for His Political Children,' on page 158 of his book Zarb-e-Kaleem, wrote:

'To deal with the Afghan honor for religion;

'It is necessary to drive out the Mullahs from their hills and dales.

'Those hunger-stricken people don't fear death;

It is necessary to extract the spirit of Muhammad from their body.'

"Jews are on the attack in Pak-Afghan region, in the garb of the allied countries. This attack is not simple because the Jews have also found their lost ethnic brother the Indian Brahman [pure, upper-caste ruling Hindu]. Judaism and Brahmanism are names for racism. Jews are the race chosen by God, and Brahmans are themselves God, and the rest of humanity is discarded.

"It is also a fact that the Jew did not face resistance in Europe and America like he is facing from the mujahideen and the sympathizers of the Islamic resistance movements.

"By inciting anti-Islamic sentiment in the Crusaders, the Jews set them to finish off the Muslim Ummah, while the resistance of the natives in the U.S. was dismissed as 'Red Indians,' and thus the local resistors were called terrorists, barbarians and inhuman, animals and tyrants."

"Jews Are the White Elephant That Has Taken Over the Western World's Resources; Jews Want to Occupy the Pak-Afghan Land"

"The Jewish policymakers are perturbed by two problems in the [Pakistan-Afghanistan] region: jihad and the concept of Ummah whose very conception is based on Muslim brotherhood.

"For example, if an Afghan is in trouble, the Pakistani, Arab, Turk, and others all feel that pain. Similarly, if Bosnian or Iraqi Muslims are in trouble, then Palestinian, Indian, Asian, Uzbek, Tajik, Russian and Chechens of Imam Shamil areas feel that pain. In fact, American and European Muslims also mourn the genocide of Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian and Bosnian Muslims.

"Jews are the white elephant that has taken over the Western world's resources, and now their aim is to take over the Asian land and its resources. And this takeover is wide-ranging in nature. Jews want to take over the Pak-Afghan land in the same way as they did with the U.S. and European social, economic and religious affairs."

"Jews Will Also Attack the Indian and Chinese Resources; Their First Aim is to Do Away With the Ideology of the Muslim Ummah and Islamic Brotherhood"

"Jews will also attack the Indian and Chinese resources after gaining Jewish stability in this [Pakistan-Afghanistan] region. At present, Jews are India's ally over the Pak-Afghan issues, and are active in China in the name of economic cooperation, that is, foreign investment.

"In the Pak-Afghan region, Jews have two objectives, and to achieve these objectives they have different methodologies. Their first target is to do away with the ideology of the Muslim Ummah and Islamic brotherhood; in other words, they want to shatter the national and religious unity. This may be seen in the Pakistani and, later, other Muslim countries' support for the coalition forces against the Afghan mujahideen.

"The second objective of the Jews is to do away with the jihadi resistance, against which the allied countries are using all sorts of their resources continuously. Jews are not only killing the out-of-breath, hapless Muslim people of the region, but are also accusing them of being terrorists, barbarians, beasts, inhuman and tyrants.

"The Afghan people have painted the resistance movement into Islamic revivalism and jihadi color, that helped in bringing the tribal resistance under the banner of Islamic revivalism; thereby the resistance is bringing unity among Muslims by aiding them to rise above their racial, linguistic and regional bias."

"If One Looks at the Jewish Success in the Region, There Seems To Be No Obstacle [For Them]; Despite All These Conditions, the Future of Revolutionary Jihadi Islam in the Region is Bright; Pakistan is a Nuclear Military Power"

"For the first time in the region's history, the Afghan mujahideen have emerged as a strong power in the region, instead of Afghan tribes. Jews have consolidated the policy of dividing the region along racial, linguistic, local, tribal and cultural lines, in order to do away with the above-mentioned Islamic revivalism.

"Under this scheme, they got a constitutional status to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa [of Pakistan] by renaming North Western Frontier Province under the 18th Amendment of the [Pakistan] Constitution, thus finding a constitutional excuse to the anti-religion so-called movement of Pakhtunistan. It has been a move towards tarnishing the judicial freedom, supremacy and unity.

"The overall direction of the 18th Amendment is to strengthen the anti-center [opposed to the idea of Pakistan] forces. The target of Jews is to divide the Pak-Afghan region into independent ethnic states; for that, the ideal of 'nation state” is being brought into action, and to achieve this goal Jihad and Islamic system are being damaged.

"If one looks at the Jewish success in the region, there seems to be no obstacle [for them]. Pakistan's central system is being dissolved; but despite all these conditions, the future of revolutionary Jihadi Islam in the region is bright. Pakistan is a nuclear military power. Although Hindus, Jews and Christian countries are on the attack in the Pak-Afghan region, with all their resources together, and they have gained apparent success in the region, this success is due to the [Pakistani] government agents, who are easily identified."

"The Jews Have Destroyed the Governing System in the Pak-Afghan Region... The Present War is About Ideology; The Jews are Active in the Region Via the Allied Countries"

"The Jews have destroyed the governing system in the Pak-Afghan region, but there still remains the process of rebuilding the new system because the powerful military and ISI [the Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan Army] are there with their nuclear power, while the ideology of Pakistan is still playing its role and has sustained the jihadi resistance in Afghanistan based on national and communal grounds.

"Today, Pakistan's military and administrative departments are at war with these mujahideen, under pressure from the allied countries and due to the Jewish conspiracies – but what will happen tomorrow, only Allah knows. The situation does not remain the same.

"In fact, the present war is about ideology. Jews are active in the region, via the allied countries, for their ambitious materialistic system which is free from all kinds of restrictions and is based on anti-nation, anti-religion ideals – while the resisting mujahideen are striving for the [establishment of] a just Islamic system.

"The ideological president of ideological Pakistan, General Mohammad Ziaul Haq, found it practically congenial to establish an Islamic system in the Pak-Afghan region, especially in Afghanistan, which had been irrigated by the Afghan mujahideen's resistance [during the 1980s] and Pakistan's principled stand against the Communist Russia. The government of the Mujahid Taliban established the Islamic system in its true spirit and full form – about which the European and American journalists wrote before 9/11, stating that 'theft, robbery, rape and injustice are impossible in the Islamic system of Afghanistan.'

"A reporter for Time magazine wrote that he 'had lost [his] purse full of dollars and documents in a market in Kabul, picked that purse after 24 hours. It was filled with dollars and documents and no one had even touched it.' This quality could not be found in any region, including the West.

"The region is filled with the zealous mujahideen ready to sacrifice their life for the Islamic system – while Hindus, Jews and Christians are active in the region against local leaders, the Islamic system, and the jihad of resistance, on the basis of their money power and patronage."

"The Allied Countries Are Begging for Negotiation with Mullah Omar; The Islamic System is the Region's Destiny"

"The [indirect] dialogue between the mujahid Taliban commander and Emir-ul-Momineen, Mullah Muhammad Omar, and U.S. President [George] Bush was interesting. Bush had said that 'Omar will not find an inch on earth to hide' and that 'he cannot escape us.' Omar had replied, 'according to the Koran, Allah expands earth for his obedient people and never in 1,400 years has a Koran saying proved wrong. Hence, the false will face defeat.'

"The allied countries are begging for negotiation with Mullah Omar, after becoming fed up with their aggressive military campaign for 10 years. Now, after Mullah Omar's rejection [of the peace talks offer], the allied countries are seeking the helping hand of Islamic countries to arrange negotiations with the mujahid Taliban leader, Mullah Omar. Bush is now out of power after his eight-year rule of oppression and aggression against the Taliban. The Mullah Omar's rule of Islamic system is running sound and safe than earlier.

"The Islamic system is the destiny of the region while it is crystal clear that middlemen don't get anything. The middleman of the coalition government is 'Pervezi Pakistan' [Pakistan of Pervez Musharraf]; and for the Taliban mujahideen, it has lost its national and communal honor along with its loss of lives and properties. The Pakistan military and government are engaged in fruitless military operation against their own people in the name of [fighting against] the Taliban. Allied countries are targeting and killing people in Pakistan instead of Afghanistan. Hazrat Allama [Iqbal] rightly said [in his Persian couplet]:

'This is the world without any beginning or end;

'There is no lord for the treacherous."'

"The International Jewish Drama of 9/11... Made the Allied Countries An Important Stakeholder In The Region; The "The Jihad in Afghanistan Guarantees the Security of Pakistan's Ideological and Geographical Frontiers and of the Survival of the Muslims of Pakistan-India"

"Pakistan's present policy is based on betrayal of the Ummah. The international Jewish drama of 9/11 and surrender of Pervez Musharraf at midnight by a phone call [from the U.S. requiring him to join the War on Terror after 9/11] have made the allied countries an important stakeholder in the region. Pervez Musharraf sent ISI chief General Mehmood to Afghanistan to convince Mullah Omar to surrender before the Hindu, Jewish and Christian power and fury.

"The conversation between Mullah Omar and General Mehmood is good news for the establishment and revival of Islamic system in the region. Mullah Omar told Mehmood, 'The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised me every time in my dreams to continue the resistance. We will sacrifice our lives.' Hazrat Allama [Iqbal] had predicted very earlier the victory of Islam in the region, stating; 'my foresight is watching the rule of Prophet Muhammad clearly in the region, I'm watching the scenes of Badr and Hunain [wars of early Islam] in the region.'

"The jihad in Afghanistan guarantees the security of Pakistan's ideological and geographical frontiers, and the survival of the Muslims of Pakistan-India. It is also good news for the freedom of non-Hindus like Achhoot, Shuddar [untouchables] and backward castes.

"Muhammad Iqbal, the Chemist of the Ummah, Poet of the East, and thinker of Islam, gave the good news of freedom from slavery in one of his poems written in Persian in 1927. Iqbal termed Kabul the 'Key to Asia,' and said explicitly that the nation or country that ruled Kabul would rule Asia.

"The Afghan jihad is the struggle for the restoration of the Islamic system in the region. Calling Afghan jihad the step towards the establishment of Islamic leadership, Professor Muhammad Munawwar, expert in Iqbal studies, has said:

'Let Moscow look into the heart of Samarkand [Islamic city of Uzbekistan],

'Where the spirit of Tamerlane is still restless."'


[1] Nazaria-e-Pakistan (Pakistan), November 2010.

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