February 14, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4496

Urdu-Language Magazine of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) Defends Jihad and Taliban, Promotes Antisemitism: Pakistan 'Is a Prostitute of America, Jews, and Christians'

February 14, 2012
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 4496

Ghazwa-e-Hind ("The Battle of India") is the Urdu-language magazine of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), a terrorist organization aligned with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and based in the Pakistani tribal region. Six issues of the magazines have been published, but only the fifth and sixth issues have emerged on the Internet recently.

In two articles, excerpts from which are given below, the IMU defends jihad and the Taliban and promotes antisemitism, stating also that the creation of Pakistan was an attempt to divide the Muslims of India and that infidels were thrust upon the Muslims as their leaders. It cites the example of M. A. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, calling him as the "Great Infidel," rather than the "Great Leader" as he is known to the Pakistani people.

Also in the articles, the IMU cites the writings of the Islamist national poet of Pakistan, Muhammad Iqbal, to justify a call to jihad, and denounces Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the foremost South Asian Islamic reformer who established Aligarh Muslim University, near Delhi.

Both the articles cited below are from the magazine's sixth issue.[1]

"Muharram is the First Month of the Year of Muslims; January is the First Month of the Year of Animals [i.e. Non-Muslims]"

In the first article – titled "Muharram is the First Month of the Year of Muslims; January is the First Month of the Year of Animals [i.e. Non-Muslims]" and authored by one Mufti Abuzar Azzam – the magazine observed:

"The last sun of 1432 Hijri set and 1433 Hijri [the Islamic calendar year] began. May Allah Almighty forgive our past failings and protect us in the future too. Amen!

"Perhaps a majority of present-day youth don't know that the Islamic Year has begun. They are unaware that the Islamic day begins with the sundown, not past the midnight. And that the New Year of Muslims begins from Muharram – the first month of the Islamic Year. January is the first month of the calendar year of animals [non-believers]; what relationship Muslims have with the Christian year?

"But what to do; Muslims have lost everything and are still not bothered. When feelings and conscience die, then there remain no significance of benefits and losses, savings and expenses. Sorry to say that today, our youth don't understand that the Christian year has no basis. On the basis of arguments through which these Kuffar [infidels] are trying to influence and misguide our Muslim youth have actually no ground.

"However, our Hijri calendar has a grand history and strong foundation – called Hijrat [migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina]. Who will dissuade our girls and boys about the fact regarding Hijrat – that our Prophet (peace be upon him) chose to sacrifice his residence, family members, relatives, tribe, business and everything and opted to migrate from a sacred place like Mecca to Medina instead of engaging in politics of hypocrisy, give and take and bargaining with infidels.

"Yes, our Hijri calendar is a testimony to that 'great sacrifice' which our holy Prophet rendered for his Ummah [community of followers]. How much regretful it is that today those who call themselves as believers are unaware of the utility of Islamic calendar. They do their business, etc., in accordance with the 'calendar of infidels.' The date of Islamic calendar must be printed on top and English date below it. Don't try at all to put on top that which Allah wished to remain below. Somebody, who cares, writes as 26th November in accordance with 1st Muharram. Instead it should be written as 1st Muharram in accordance with 26th November. Kuffar [infidels] should follow us and not we [the Muslims] will follow them….

"According to an Urdu couplet:

'Ah failure! The caravan of stocks of effects was passing on;
'But we have no guilt feelings in our hearts for losing that caravan'"

"May Allah Fill the Grave of [19th Century Indian Islamic Reformer] Sir Syed Ahmed Khan With Snakes and Scorpions! He Laid Down the Foundation Stone of English Maktabs [Schools]"

"May Allah fill the grave of [19th century Indian Islamic reformer] Sir Syed Ahmed Khan with snakes and scorpions! He laid down the foundation stone of English maktabs [schools] and schools to snatch from Muslim youth their own history. The present Muslims even don't know of what act they must feel proud of and what is shameful and hateful for them.

"Today it is because of this type of education that our youth don't mind uttering Rahmatullah Alaihe [Arabic honorific] with the name of Quaid-e-Azam [Great Leader M. A. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, who is] like Kafir-e-Azam [Greatest Infidel]. If anybody speaks against Quaid-e-Azam [M. A. Jinnah] in the presence of these youth, they can mind [it] and become annoyed. But [unfortunately] they don't bother to resist if a blasphemer openly speaks against our holy Prophet Muhammad (SWA). Jinnah was an Ismaili Shia.

"Sir Syed [Ahmed Khan] was a zindeeq [pig or great infidel] who didn't believe in the existence of paradise and hell and mocked this concept (see Sir Syed Ki Tafseer or Interpretation of Sir Syed). The greatest of Kuffar [infidels] have been presented as leaders of Muslims; Muslims were misled; Muslims [of India] were divided in the name of Pakistan. And since the existence of Pakistan, efforts were made to fully infuse the passion of patriotism among the Muslim youth [regarding the geographical nation state of Pakistan] while our own history [of Islamic rule worldwide] has been discarded."

"'Pakistan Sharif' [the Pious Pakistan] is a Rakhail [Concubine]; It Means that 'Pakistan Sharif' is a Prostitute of America, Jews, and Christians"

"Oh, our history! It was once a sign of our recognition and glory. We used to be the rulers of India. But today our new generation is far from [remembering these things]. A lollipop was handed over to us in the name of Pakistan. We have been deceived. It is said that Pakistan has become an atomic power and the sole Islamic atomic power in the world. We doubt whether Pakistan indeed has atomic bomb because we are aware of the status and domination of the nuclear states.

"However, 'Pakistan Sharif' [the Pious Pakistan] is a rakhail [concubine]. You will ask, what is the rakhail? Hope you understand dashta [prostitute] and if you still don't understand dashta, then I am forced to utter randi [the most pejorative term for prostitute] because this word is more comprehensible for most people. It means that 'Pakistan Sharif' is a prostitute of America, Jews, and Christians.

"Some people have objection [to the idea] that the Taliban are enemies of Pakistan. So they must try to understand that who are their enemies and who are their friends. Are those who deviated from the foundation, aims and objectives [of Pakistan] the traitors, or are we [militants]? If the formation of Pakistan was aimed at establishing democratic rule, then what was the need of separation from Hindustan [India] and what was the need for wreaking havoc with the lives and honor of six lac [600,000] Muslim women, children and men [during the 1947 Partition of India]?

"Muslim history, which is full of such events of vigor, bravery and glory, was put on the back burner, and for what purpose? We separated from Hindustan on the basis of the 'Two-Nation Theory' [i.e. that Hindus and Muslims cannot live together]. Have we succeeded in achieving our goals? Who will make our youth understand what actually the Two-Nation Theory stands for?

"Now the pseudo-intellectuals and experts on various TV channels are bent upon telling us that the Quaid-e-Azam [M. A. Jinnah] had been working for a secular Pakistan state... What can be a worse sinful example than this? If he wanted to make it [Pakistan] a secular state – meaning non-religious state and society – then all right, [call him] Kafir-e-Azam…."

"If Jinnah Had Aimed at Creating a Secular Pakistan…, We Must Accept Our Mistake and Seek Forgiveness from Allah Almighty; Our Holy Koran Rejects Democratic Politics; Our Leader… [Prophet Muhammad] Denounced Democracy"

"The freedom movement [against the British] launched prior to 1947 raised before the Muslims of that time the slogan of 'Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya…. La Illaha Illallah' ['what is the meaning of Pakistan – i.e. there is no deity but Allah']. This was the slogan of Muslims at that time, while on the other hand, Kafir-e-Azam remained active for the establishment of a non-religious secular entity [i.e. a democratic secular Pakistan]. So this act of his may be termed a fraud and breach of trust ….

"Another Urdu couplet says:

'The small stars [innocent faces] are something but appear as something else;
'And these acrobats deceive openly and cleverly [by taking U-turn]'

"If Jinnah had aimed to create a secular Pakistan, then definitely it may be so. But we must accept our mistake and seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. And take up arms for the enforcement of Islamic Sharia system in Pakistan. We can never bow our heads before democracy or democratic politics. Our Holy Koran rejects democratic politics.

"Our leader and guide [Prophet] Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmed Mujtaba (swa) has denounced democracy. We are aware of false perception about voting and elections. With the blessing of Allah we can judge the true Muslim leaders and scholars with the scale of their righteousness and not judge the righteousness on the scale of leaders or scholars. It means righteousness should be the standard to choose leaders and not personalities.

"Our friends must note this point that our ulema [Islamic scholars] who participated in the parliamentary politics in the past was due to some compulsions… It means when a man is near to death due to hunger and nothing is available except the meat of a pig, he can eat it to remain alive – but the Islamic Sharia does not allow us to eat it on full stomach. However, a democratic system may allow all such practices and formalities!

"But praise be to Allah! We consider the democratic system not only as sinful but outright consider it as Kufr [system of infidels]. We know that three conditions are a must for an Islamic system: firstly, supremacy [of Allah] – it means your arguments should be cited from the Koran, the Hadith [sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad], Ijma [consensus of Ulema], Qias [reasoning of Islamic jurists] and Ulema. Secondly, the path – the path chosen for an Islamic system must be totally Shari'i [i.e. based on Sharia], and there is no room for democracy. The third and final condition is hadaf [objective] – it means that your objective must be to establish an Islamic Sharia system…."

Islam's Fourth Caliph Ali Said: "Waging Jihad for the Sake of Allah is Akin To One Of the Eight Entrances to Heaven; One Who Abandons Jihad Will Be Humiliated By Allah [Before the Infidels]"

In the second article, titled "Glitter the Soil of the East…!!" and written by one Abdul Barr, the IMU observes:

"The prophetic light of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) continued to guide for 23 years human beings, who went astray in obscurity after becoming bereft of the righteousness… But the same human being, who once surpassed the angels [in the race for piety], is again wandering in obscurity, and instead of following the righteous path shown by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), is treading on a path which… is leading him to the slavery of the infidels and pushing him towards the abyss of humiliation.

"The human being – made out of mud – is unable to comprehend that travel to the West in an airplane moves him to the darkness of night… Likewise, if the Muslims continue adopting the civilization of the West, if they continue adopting Western norms and values as the objective of their lives, if they continue seeking [mundane] exaltation by following the Western way of life and keep considering the Westerners to be the civilized ones, the Muslims may reach the end of their lives without being able to have a look at their destination even from far and wide.

"And how is it possible that a foe will guide his rival nation to the way of exaltation? The perpetual exaltation of Muslims lies in following the injunctions of Islam in the letter and spirit; it lies in adopting the teaching of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him); and it lies in holding the strings [commandments] of Allah firmly.

"The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) says: 'When you [Muslims] indulge in trade, hold the tail of the cow, engage in agriculture, and leave jihad, so Allah will impose disgrace on you and not remove it from you until you come back to your religion [Jihad].' (Abu Daud)

"It is narrated from Hazrat Ali [the fourth caliph of Islam]: 'Waging jihad for the sake of Allah is akin to one of the eight entrances to the Heaven; and one who leaves jihad will be humiliated by Allah [before the infidels]; miseries will besiege him; [he] will be put in hardship and will be deprived of his due right [justice].'

"History is evidence to the fact that whenever Muslims ignored the importance of the holy injunction [on jihad], they moved towards the path from exaltation to descend so rapidly like they had never seen this exaltation. And when they gave due regard to this holy injunction [on jihad] and adhered to it, they regained the lost exaltation and taught the world how to live."

The Prophet Muhammad Said: "If a Muslim Dies in a Condition In Which He Neither Went To Jihad Nor Had Any Desire to Be Martyred, He Died the Death of a Hypocrite"

"The life of the torch of the Righteousness – the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) –is an excellent example for Muslims. He spent [a major portion of his life] preaching Islam, but the portion of his life which he spent while braving the hardships of jihad fi Sabeel Allah [Jihad in the Path of Allah] is far greater than the former one.

"He remained engaged in jihad after the Ayahs [verses] regarding jihad descended on him [from Allah], and often showed his eagerness to become a martyr. He even said: 'My desire is to be martyred in the way of Allah and then be given a [new] life; then again get martyred and be given a [new] life and then again get martyred.'

"The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) time and again warned those who would be hesitant to join their jihadi fellows, as Hazrat Abu Huraira narrates a hadith from the Holy Prophet (peace be upon time): 'If a Muslim dies in a condition in which he neither went to jihad nor had any desire to be martyred, he died the death of a hypocrite.'

"The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) despite facing economic constraints kept on making preparations for jihad and followed the commandments of Allah: 'So up to the maximum possible extent, do make preparations for Jihad against infidels.'

"And today the main reason behind Muslims' downfall is their ignorance about the war training and war weapons, which is in line with the accomplishment of desires of the infidels. And those who argue that the present age is not the age of jihad and keep a distance from jihad, must bear in mind the hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) – which is narrated by Hazrat Aslam: 'The jihad will remain fresh until the drops of rain continue falling [from the sky].' And a time will come when their Ulema would say that it is not the time for jihad. However, anybody who finds that time [get himself ready for Jihad]… what a [good] time it would be for jihad.

"People asked the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), will there be some people who say that it is not the time for Jihad, and he replied: 'Yes! Curse be of Allah, angels and all the humanity on those [who would say this against Jihad].'

"The narration of the Kanzul Am'aal [book 'Doers of Good Deeds'] adds this Hadith: 'And these are the people who would become the firewood for the hell.'"

"Come Let Us Follow the Holy Path of Jihad and Fill the Gap of Those Who Are Against Jihad to Save the Sinking Ship of the Muslims; Join the Ranks of the Mujahideen"

"Come let us follow the holy path of jihad and fill the gap of those who are against jihad to save the sinking ship of the Muslims. Join the ranks of the Mujahideen and increase the number of the small but holy group of the slaves of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Sacrifice mundane luxuries for the eternal life because one of the main reasons behind the Muslims' downfall is love for worldly things and hatred for death.

"Join the way of the sagacious people, about whom a poet says:

'No doubt the wise slaves of Allah do persist – those who have divorced the luxuries of this world and they hate upheaval [causing problems between people];
'They looked at this world and when realized that it is not an eternal abode for any human being, they took it as an ocean and made their Am'aal [good deeds] their ships [to cross it safely]'

"When it comes to bravery and gallantry, do remember the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions who made a history by their brave actions and [strictly] followed Islam and fulfilled all the Hujjats [reasoning]; and above all don't forget the jihadi life of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his legacy [of jihadi warfare] because only this legacy can push us out from the abyss of humiliation. Do remember the life of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in general and his jihadi life in particular and follow it because it is the only way out [for Muslims].

"The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions shone as a dawn in the society of infidels and obscurity, and made a new world [social system] which had its own values of life, and its own way of life. This was the same social system which in terms of peace and tranquility is still a source of pride and a bright chapter in the book of history. Nay, history itself is adorned by it.

"The non-believers, despite being unreceptive to the teachings of Islam, are compelled to adopt — either partially or totally — the justice system which prevailed in that society. It will be pertinent to quote some verses of [Islamist national poet of Pakistan Muhammad] Iqbal who instigated the Muslim youth to awake from their slumber and urged them to make a new world for themselves where the rule of Allah prevails, where Muslims are free of others' [non-believers] laws, their [social] system, and their dominance. And in that scenario, what line of action, justice and social system other than Islam would be better for them? [He wrote]:

"'If somebody has the urge to die for truth;
'First he needs to create spirit in his inner-self;
'Blow away this mundane earth and sky;
'And create a new world for himself out of the ashes;
'Expose the hidden powers of the life;
'Until a spark creates an eternal light;
'Glitter on the soil of East like a Sun;
'Until Badakhshan again starts producing the precious gems [people]'"


[1] Ghazwa-e-Hind (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan), Issue No. 6, December 2011.

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