May 18, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4737

Urdu Daily On April Fool's Day: 'This Is A Matter of Concern As To How Christians Could Accept The Custom Which The Jews Started In The Memory Of Making A Mockery Of Jesus Christ'

May 18, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4737

The Urdu-language Pakistani daily Roznama Islam published an article on April Fool's Day by Abdul Wadood Rabbani, and titled "April Fool – Joke with Humanity." The following are excerpts:[1]

"Be These Customs In The Form Of April Fool, Valentine's Day, Or Marathon Race [Of Men and Women] Or Be It … The Nonsense Of New Year's Eve, All These Unethical And Un-Islamic Customs Have Been Spread By The Hindus, Jews, And Christians"

"Let us know the meaning of the word 'fool' before dealing with the beginning of April Fool and its historical status. Fool is the word of English lexicon and its meaning as noun is dunce, silly, stupid, idiot, and its meaning as a verb is to dupe, fool, cheat. The custom celebrated on April 1, and which is called April fool, is celebrated to dupe people on a large scale by lying or spreading false rumors… Those people are considered wiser and cleverer who are more successful in cheating and spreading rumors.

"God knows how many people have become the victim of this custom and how many innocent people have borne a loss of life and property… This ugly practice based on lies, treachery, cheating, and fooling one without any rhyme and reason is absolutely illegal and extremely humiliating on moral and religious grounds. Historically its link also goes to superstitions, idol worship, polytheist beliefs, blasphemy against prophets, and mocking of nature, which is taking root in the Muslim community.

"Be these customs in the form of April Fool, Valentine's Day or marathon race [of men and women together] or be it … the nonsense of New Year's Eve, all these unethical and un-Islamic customs have been spread by the Hindus, Jews, and Christians; it is the call of the time to do away with these so that the new generation could be safeguarded from these.

"When did April Fool begin? There are many views and sayings in this regard. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, since climate change [sic] takes place from March 21 that is why some people took it as if nature is playing with them and trying to fool them; that is why the people of earlier times started following this totally illogical and baseless view and began to fool one another."

"Since This Shameful Act [Of Making A Mockery Of Jesus Christ] Occurred On April 1, Jews Celebrate First April Every Year Remembering That Shameful Day"

"It is written in the encyclopedia about this in these words: In fact, April 1st, according to the Jewish and Christian traditions, is the date on which Jesus Christ was mocked by Romans and Jews. The details of which is there in the Bible in these words: he and the other person who had arrested him (Christ) mocked at him and slapped on his face with his eyes tied and asked him, 'tell by your intuition as who hit you.'

"Since this shameful act occurred on April 1, Jews celebrate April first every year remembering that shameful day. If it is true and encyclopedia 'Mello-Roos' [unclear] has termed it right with much conviction and has given argument on it, then it is clear that since this tradition is observed in memory of the blasphemy against Jesus Christ, therefore it is most probable that Jews must have started this tradition.

"This is a matter of concern as how Christians could accept the custom which the Jews started in the memory of making a mockery of Jesus Christ. It is not only that they accepted it but they became a part in celebrating that. It is possible that Christians might not be aware of the fact behind it and must have started following it without giving any thought like Muslims.

"It is their concern and why should we interfere in their affairs; but we have to make those Muslims aware about the reality of this practice who make it an obligation on them to follow every customs of others like Namaz and Roza [prayer and fasting]…"

"The Irony Is That Some Of The Festivals Of Our Eternal Enemy Are Celebrated At Government Level; Who Do We Want To Please By Celebrating The Non-Islamic And Unethical Customs …?"

"It is a matter of great sorrow and regret that we celebrate the customs and festivals of others with such a great care it seems as if these are our religious and national festivals. The irony is that some of the festivals of our eternal enemy are celebrated at government level. Who do we want to please by celebrating the non-Islamic and unethical customs and whose character we want to become a part of?

"The nations that give a chance to the customs and creeds, culture, and tradition of others to grow in their land, lose their identity. History never forgives them and they are omitted from the face of the earth, and we are moving towards this threat.

"We have to stop for a moment and think whether we are going away from our glorious past, golden values, religious and national festivals and splendid tradition by adopting this unbridled free culture, naked civilization and culture, shameless festivals and immoral customs and traditions; and who we are.

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