June 13, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11394

University Of Illinois Chicago Students At Friday Sermon: America, Democracy, Secularism Are A Cancer; Muslims Have A New, Just Way Of Life That Will Bring Tranquility To Muslims And Non-Muslims; The People Capable Of Freeing Al-Aqsa Are In This Room; May Allah Make Us Among The Liberators Of The Al-Aqsa Mosque

June 13, 2024
United States | Special Dispatch No. 11394

Mohammad Nusairat, who is a student at University of Chicago Illinois said in his May 3, 2024 Friday sermon at the university’s MSA – Muslim Students Association that America, the American government, and democracy are cancers. He said that they have spread their illness all over the world. Nussairat continued to say that non-Muslim are tired of this cancer of the American government and democracy and that they want to see a new way of life. He stressed that Muslims have this way of life and that Islam is a religion that has come to be implemented on society.

In an April 26, 2024 Friday sermon at the UIC MSA, Musab Kazi said that the liberation of Palestine will not be at the hands of America, congressmen, or senators but at the hands of the Muslim nation. He said that "Muslims of strength," who are capable of saving Masjid Al-Aqsa "from the hands of the "oppressors" are "sitting in front of me right now in this room."

According to their Linkedin account, Mohammad Nusairat is a member of UIC class of 2025 and Musab Kazi a member of UIC class of 2024. The sermons were posted on MSA at UIC on YouTube. It is worth noting that in October, 2023, Sadik Froukh, who was a UIC student at the time, delivered a Friday sermon at the MSA in which he celebrated the October 7 attacks.

To view the clip of the University Of Illinois Chicago students, click here or below:

Mohammad Nusairat: "America, The American Government, Secularism, Democracy, Capitalism – These Are Cancers That Have Spread Their Illness All Over The World"; Under Just Islamic Rule, "Non-Muslims Won't Have To Worry About The Issues They Worry About Now"

Mohammad Nusairat: "America is the cancer. America, the American government, secularism, democracy, capitalism, these are cancers that have spread their illness all over the world – in America and in the Middle East. In America, over here, people have the freedom to – again, as I've said before – commit zina [fornication] but when you speak up, it's a problem.


"Now Muslims are tired of this cancer. They're tired of the American government. They're tired of democracy. They want to see a new way of life. And as Muslims, we have to understand, that we have that new way of life.

"[The Messenger] was sent as a mercy for all of mankind. He was sent as a mercy. Why? Because the way of life he brought, will bring that mercy. The way of life he brought, will bring that tranquility, to Muslims and non-Muslims. Non-Muslims won't have to worry about the issues they worry about now. You won't have to. Because Islam is a just religion that has come to be implemented upon society."


Musab Kazi: "The Muslims Who Are Capable Of Saving Al-Aqsa Mosque From The Hands Of The Oppressors Are Sitting In Front Of Me Right Now... We Ask Allah To Make Us Among Those Through Whose Hands Al-Aqsa Witnesses Its Liberation"

Musab Kazi: "Today in Gaza the enemies, the enemies of Islam, are clear. Those who are combatants against Allah, his Messenger, the believers, it's very, very clear. It's the illegal Zionist entity. It's America that provides them the backbone to their oppressive operations. And they have made it clear through several means that they hate when the Muslims remember Islam. And they hate when the people, Muslims or non-Muslims, speak up against the injustices in Gaza.


"So these are not the people that we, as Muslims, are allowed to seek support from. Our support cannot be from those whose hands are filthy with the blood of the young sons and daughters of the ummah of Muhammad in Gaza. Change and achieving the end goal that we seek, the removal of occupation of Palestine, and the liberation of Palestine, will not be at the hands of America. It will not be at the hands of the congressmen and senators and the representatives. Change will come at the hands of the ummah, by Allah.


"The Muslims of strength and the people of conviction are sitting in front of me right now in this room. The Muslims who are capable of saving Al-Aqsa Mosque from the hands of the oppressors are sitting in front of me right now. And throughout today they are sitting in mosques and in universities, listening to the khutba across the world, today.


"We ask Allah to make us among those through whose hands Al-Aqsa witnesses its liberation."

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