April 20, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4667

UN Vehicles Participate in Iran's Army Day Parade

April 20, 2012
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 4667

Following is an excerpt from an IRINN TV report on Iran's Army Day Parade, which aired on April 17, 2012.

Reporter: "We can see the parade of the army's vehicles and equipment.

"An anti-tank missile is now passing by."

Announcer: "These are Mercedes-Benz cars... These are UN Toyotas. These Toyotas belong to the 16th UN armored battalion. They are involved in peacekeeping throughout the region..."

Reporter: "These vehicles are used for peacekeeping. They belong to the UN. They are passing by on the Army Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Announcer: "... They have great mobility in the battlefield, and great maneuvering capabilities.

"We are now seeing UN Benz 2631 trucks passing by."


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