July 17, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2450

Uighur Jihadist Group Threatens China over Xinjiang Clashes: "Allah's Cavalry Will Soon Fall Upon You"; "Oh Brave Mujahideen… Kill the Communist Chinese Wherever You Find Them"

July 17, 2009
, Pakistan, China | Special Dispatch No. 2450

The Islamic Party of Turkestan (IPT) has released a four-minute audio statement in the Uighur language in response to the recent deadly clashes in Xinjiang province in Western China. The voice is that of Sayf Allah, a military commander in the group who was last seen in a video released earlier this year titled "Steadfastness and Preparation for Jihad for the Sake of Allah"; the recording is played over a still photo. The statement was posted on jihadist forums on July 16, 2009; the communiqué itself is dated July 7. The Islamic Party of Turkestan, formerly known as the Islamic Party of East Turkestan, is a small Uighur jihadist group believed currently to be based in the tribal regions of western Pakistan. Following is a translation of the Arabic transcript that was provided by the IPT together with the audio recording; the document indicates that the text was adapted to Arabic, and may not be a word-for-word translation of the Uighur: ...

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