December 1, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10352

On Twitter, Muslim Council Of Hong Kong (MCHK) Lauds Qatar's Proselytization Of Islam At FIFA World Cup, Conversion Of Non-Muslim Soccer Fans

December 1, 2022
Qatar | Special Dispatch No. 10352

In a series of tweets and retweets, the Muslim Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) – a major Islamic organization based in Hong Kong – has praised the conversion to Islam of non-Muslim soccer fans arriving in Qatar to watch the FIFA World Cup tournament.[1] A review of its tweets and retweets shows that this Islamic organization is engaged in da'wa ("preaching, invitation to Islam") activities in Hong Kong as well as in many other countries.

A picture showing conversion of a Brazilian family at FIFA World Cup

On its website, the MCHK says it was set up "as an umbrella organization in an effort to coordinate with the numerous local Muslim representative organizations in Hong Kong on common causes and goals. These organizations demographically represent the different Muslim communities from Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, and the African subcontinent..."[2] The organization engages, according to its website, in "global fund-raising activities, or calling people to, and sharing, the beautiful message of Islam."[3]

In a November 25 tweet, the organization celebrated Qatar's promotion of da'wa at the FIFA World Cup. The tweet reads: "Subhan'allah [Glory be to Allah]! It just keeps get[ting] better & better for #dawah at the #WorldCup as here you can see some of the electronic billboards which have been put up around #Qatar to teach visitors about the values of #Islam. No wonder people are accepting embracing the religion, Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah]."

On November 23, the MCHK retweeted a post which contained a TikTok video showing the conversion of a Brazilian family to Islam following a visit to a mosque in Qatar. In the video, an Islamic cleric administers Kalimah (proclaiming one's belief in Islam), both in Arabic and English, to convert the Brazilian family to Islam. In English, he says: "Allah is one; Allah has no son; Allah is the creator of whole universe. Abraham is the Messenger; Jesus is the Messenger; Muhammad is the last Messenger of God..."

The organization posted a short video on November 23, showing conversion to Islam of a Mexican soccer fan visiting Qatar for the World Cup. The tweet reads: "Takbeer!!! Allahu Akbar!!! This supporter from #Mexico is in #Qatar for the #WorldCup, got some dawah and here he is declaring the Shahada, believing #Islam is the truth! Oh Allah keep him and all of us firm upon the straight path and make us champions in Jannah [Paradise]."

An Islamic cleric converts a Mexican soccer fan to Islam in Qatar.

In a November 19 tweet, the group celebrated Qatar's invitation of Indian Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik to the world cup. The tweet reads: "Takbeer! [Allah is the greatest] Allahu Akbar! The champion of dawah, Dr Zakir Naik was invited by Qatar to be the #WorldCup event to give lectures about Islam! What an amazing move by the organisers and in sha Allah  [Allah willing] many are guided to Islam during this tournament!"

Internationally known for conversion-related activities, Zakir Naik is a radical Islamist preacher wanted by the Indian government who has been living in self-exile in Malaysia.[4]

In this tweet, the Muslim Council of Hong Kong praised Zakir Naik's presence at FIFA.

On its website, the MCHK published a report celebrating the conversion of two British women to Islam inspired by the Egyptian soccer player Mohamed Salah, the captain of Egypt's national soccer team who also plays for the Premier League club Liverpool.[5]

According to a tweet dated November 20, the group organized da'wa stands at three locations in Hong Kong, distributing English and Chinese translations of Koran. In a tweet dated November 13, the group posted pictures of its team members visiting different areas of Hong Kong and distributing dawah-related Islamic literature.

In a tweet, the Muslim Council of Hong Kong announced that six people had embraced Islam as result of its da'wa work in the streets of Hong Kong.

In this tweet, the MCHK announced conversion of six people to Islam.

The organization also organizes hijama and on November 10, it posted information inviting men to join private a hijama session. According to the group, hijama is the traditional practice of "cupping." Its poster quotes Muhammad, founder of Islam, as saying: "The best treatment you can use is cupping." In a tweet dated October 26, it also tweeted a similar pamphlet with an invitation for women to join private hijama sessions.

On November 16, the MCHK retweeted a post celebrating a fundraiser to purchase a solar panel system for a madrassa in India, saying: "#India madrassa solar panel system report. Alhamdulillah, the solar panel system we fundraised for earlier this year is fully functional and helping a madrassa in Bangalore, India with electricity. It is benefiting more than 110 students. May Allah reward everyone."

The Muslim Council of Hong Kong is engaged in providing aid and distributing Islamic literature in different parts of the world. The group seems to be connected with the Seeking Reward Foundation (SRF), a charitable organization based in the UK. Through its tweets and retweets, the Council has promoted many dawah-related activities.

For example, 1,075 copies of the Koran were distributed to 12 mosques and madrassas in Gambia – according to a retweet from November 8. It also showed madrassas in Uganda receiving copies of the Koran. A tweet dated November 4 mentioned that The Muslim Council of Hong Kong had raised HK$40,900 to send copies of the Koran to Gambia (the original fundraising target was HK$38,000). The organization seems to be active in Nigeria, Indonesia, India, and other countries.

Following are screenshots from the organization's Twitter feed:

The MCHK tweeted posters from FIFA World Cup in Qatar promoting Islam.

Islamic literature being distributed by MCHK campaigners in Hong Kong

Images of MCHK volunteers campaigning for dawah in Hong Kong

A poster tweeted by MCHK inviting men to hijama sessions

A poster tweeted by MCHK inviting women to hijama sessions


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