November 4, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5039

TV Report On Manufacture Of Explosives For Free Syrian Army

November 4, 2012
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 5039

Following are excerpts from a TV report on the manufacture of explosives for the Free Syrian Army, which aired on Al-Jadid/New TV on September 22, 2012.

Click here to view this clip on MEMRI TV.

Guy: "Don't forget the crate."

Basel: "Here is the dynamite and everything you need for an explosion."

Guy: "Allah Akbar."

Title: "'Basel – second year student, Institute for Manufacture of Chemical Explosive Devices'

"'Basel, a.k.a. "Abu Ahmad," produces explosive devices and bombs for distribution to Free Syrian Army battalions'

Basel: "We start by preparing the fertilizer by grinding it. This is just a small sample. This is potassium permanganate."

TV Reporter: "Where do you get it from?"

Basel: "From our sources."

TV Reporter: "But this is not raw material. Someone must bring it to you."

Basel: "It's better to bring in even the raw materials."

TV Reporter: "You're making a large quantity. Is this the quantity you usually make?"

Basel: "I'm making half a ton. This is the amount I usually make. It's enough for 30-40 explosive devices."

TV Reporter: "You've mixed the ingredients, and now you're mixing everything. These materials are all legal and available."

Basel: "Yes, they are for peaceful purposes, but because of the war, we are forced to use them to protect the civilians. We place them on the road and detonate them."

TV Reporter: "How many bombs have you produced, and what types?"

Basel: "I produce bombs against armoured vehicles – BMPs, armored personnel carriers, and ZIL trucks."

TV Reporter: "Who do you distribute them to?

Basel: We supply devices to some 100 groups, between the rural areas of Aleppo and Hama – in the city of Aleppo and the rural area around it, in Idlib, Jabal al-Zawiya, Ariha, and the Aleppo-Latakiya highway, and the Aleppo-Damascus highway."

TV Reporter: "In how many operations have your bombs been used?"

Basel: "In over 500-600"

TV Reporter: "Are you wanted by the regime?"

Basel: "I don't know."

TV Reporter: "You don't care..."

Basel: "It doesn't matter if I am wanted or not. We are doing this for the sake of Allah and to topple this corrupt regime.

"When I witnessed the killing, the destruction, and so on...If there is nothing to fend off an armored column, it will destroy the village... So it's our duty to fend them off."

TV Reporter: "Let's see how they..."

Basel: "... blow up."

Man in camouflage: "Let's blow up a bomb."

TV Reporter: "We have seen how they manufacture these home-made bombs, and now we will see how they detonate them. Where is it?"

Man in camouflage: "Look closely at the window over there. Point the camera at it."

Bomb detonator: "Allah Akbar!"

TV Reporter: "We have just seen Abu Ahmad complete his mission. He has shown us one of his home-made bombs. This is just one of several types of explosive devices."

Basel: "These are the fuses."

TV Reporter: "Where do you get them from?"

Basel: "I buy them from the army.

"It's ready for explosion."

TV Reporter: "We have seen the entire process undertaken by Abu Ahmad, in order to obtain explosive devices, which he then delivers to over 100 groups in the area."


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