June 26, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8820

TV Host Hala Samir On Turkey's Muslim Brotherhood TV: Homosexuals Should Be Killed – Burned Alive, Thrown Off A High Place, Or Stoned

June 26, 2020
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 8820

Egyptian TV host Hala Samir said in a June 16, 2020 monologue on her show on Watan TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) that the Prophet Muhammad had said that if two men are found carrying out a homosexual act, both the "active" partner and the "passive" partner should be killed. She explained that Muhammad's companions had disagreed only with regard to the method of killing the homosexuals and she elaborated that some of these methods include burning them alive, throwing them off a high place, and stoning them. In addition, Samir said that lesbianism is also prohibited by Islamic law. She added: "Some of them say: 'I am not homosexual, I'm gay' [because] they want it to sound nice. No! You are a homosexual, a sodomite, and a lesbian." See also MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5993 ISIS Campaign Of Executing Homosexuals - By Stoning, Shooting, Throwing Off Roofs, Public Torture: In Accordance With Shari'a Law As Explained By Influential Mainstream Islamic Preachers, Scholars On Leading Arab Media Outlets, Including Al-Jazeera, Hamas's Al-Aqsa TV - Warning - Graphic Images.

To view the clip of TV host Hala Samir on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"[The] Prophet Muhammad [Was Quoted] As Saying: 'If You Find Men Engaged In A Homosexual Act - Kill The Active One As Well As The Passive One'"

Hala Samir: "Ibn Abbas quoted the Prophet Muhammad as saying: 'If you find men engaged in a homosexual act - kill the active one as well as the passive one.' Don't start asking: 'Are you active or passive?' Just kill both.


"The Companions Of The Prophet Muhammad Unanimously Agreed That Homosexuals Should Be Killed, But They Had Disagreements About The Method Of Killing"

"The companions of the Prophet Muhammad unanimously agreed that homosexuals should be killed, but they had disagreements about the method of killing.

"Some said that they should be burned alive. That was [the Caliph] Ali. Abu Bakr supported this ruling. Others said that they should be thrown off a high place and this should be followed by stoning. Yet others said that they should be stoned to death. Both Ali and Ibn Abbas agreed on this.


"With regard to girls - people ask if the same ruling applies to lesbianism. The Islamic scholars have said, unanimously, that lesbianism is prohibited.


"Some Of Them Say: 'I Am Not Homosexual, I'm Gay.' They Want It To Sound Nice"

"Some of them say: 'I am not homosexual, I'm gay.' They want it to sound nice. No! You are a homosexual, a sodomite, and a lesbian."

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