January 28, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8527

Turkish Woman Promotes Fundraising Effort For Widows Of 'Martyrs,' Children, Prisoners In Turkey And In Al-Hol Camp In Syria

January 28, 2020
Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 8527

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A Turkish woman with accounts on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram is calling, exclusively in Turkish, for donations for the families of prisoners and for widows and orphans of fallen mujahideen, and posting about funds that have been sent. It is unclear where she is located, but several of her recent posts include the hashtag "Al-Hol," and "Al-Hol Camp," and feature detainees in the camp in northeast Syria that houses approximately 70,000 women and children.

Unlike others who have raised funds in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for those affected by the Syrian civil war, she appears to use only cash and bank transfers. She has posted receipts showing money sent using a Turkish bank and a Turkish postal service, as well as a Turkish government document indicating money had been sent to someone in a Turkish prison.

Twitter Activity

On April 24, 2019, she tweeted: "My brothers and sisters, maybe Allah did not today give us the opportunity to make jihad, maybe our invitation is not that active, but Allah gave us the opportunity to take charge of those who were left behind... Let's take charge of the wives of the martyrs for Allah. Let's help the muhajireen."

On December 11, she shared a video taken by a detainee from inside a tent in Al-Hol. She added: "Do not forget, help the prisoners, the wives of martyrs, the muhajireen, pray for them."

She tweeted four photos of a home's furnished interior on December 30, and wrote: "With Allah's permission and your means we got a house and furniture for a martyr family of three orphans whose father was a martyr."

She tweeted on January 8, 2020: "My dear brothers and sisters, do you realize that we continually share and bemoan the sisters in Al-Hol Camp, but we are not doing anything?... "

Instagram Activity

On January 11, 2020, she posted a photo of a woman with children in a tent and wrote: "We gave cash to our sister who is imprisoned in the Al-Hol Camp and for whom we had made a call for aid before and to whom we provided the means for her children to get surgery." The hashtags "Al-Hol," "Al-Hol Camp," "muhajir," and "jihad" were used in the post.

She posted an image of a government document from 2019 stating that 400 lira, or about $68, had been sent to someone imprisoned in Turkey.

An image of a money transfer that she posted showed that on December 20, 2019, 650 lira, or about $110, had been sent. She wrote that it was for a "martyr family's rent."

On March 27, she posted a photo and identified the "sisters" in it as an Uzbek, an Indian, and a Serbian, all of whom are "the wives of martyrs" and who "are having a problem with rent." She added: "If we cannot help them, let's spread the word."

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