January 27, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10443

On Traditional And Social Media Platforms, Holocaust Deniers In Arab, Muslim World Continue To Deny, Question And Justify The Holocaust, Accuse The Jews Of Benefiting Financially From It

January 27, 2023
Special Dispatch No. 10443

As the world commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, 2023, marking the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camps in Poland on the same day in 1945, Holocaust deniers in the Arab and Muslim world, using both traditional and social media platforms continue to deny, question and justify the Holocaust as well as accusing Jews of benefiting financially from it. These deniers ranged from Islamists and jihadis online to public figures appearing on government sponsored media in places like Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestine Authority (PA). In the last few years, MEMRI has published dozens of reports featuring politicians, intellectuals, journalists and religious leaders from around the Arab and Muslim world and beyond who are blatantly adamant in their denial, questioning and justification of the Holocaust. This report will highlight MEMRI's documentation of Holocaust denial reports over the past five years and present recent samples of Arabic-language Holocaust denial contents on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.

(Holocaust denial content which are sponsored or supported by the Iranian government will be reviewed in a separate MEMRI study.)

Holocaust Deniers Use Various Descriptions To Express Their Denial

Some of the descriptions used by Holocaust deniers to describe the Holocaust are expressions such as "lie," "myth," "fake," "scam," and "fabrication." These expressions are used by Holocaust deniers from various backgrounds, nationalities religious and political affiliations including Americans, French, Arabs, Sunnis, Shi'ites, writers, clerics, government officials, journalists, TV hosts and even members of terrorist groups. The followings are MEMRI reports highlighting all too frequent and recent cases of Holocaust denial in Arabic-language media and online outlets.

Iraqi Islamic Scholar Fares Al-Azawi: The Killing Of Six Million Jews In The Holocaust Is A Myth

On October 12, 2022, Iraqi Islamic scholar Fares Al-Azawi claimed on a show on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) that it is a "myth" that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and that the Nuremberg Trials had been a sham and part of a Zionist scheme to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. He also cited French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy and said that former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir had colluded with the Nazis in 1941. According to Al-Azawi, "One of the modern myths is the myth of Zionism being against Nazism and Fascism. [The Jews] pretended that there was enmity between them and Nazism and Fascism and on this basis, they wanted to have a 'national home. The second myth is that the Nuremberg Trials were just. In these trials, no evidence whatsoever was presented. All they wanted was to create a Zionist enterprise based on these trials. The third myth is the myth of the six million. That the Nazis killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. This was proven to be a lie by [Roger] Garaudy."[1]

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To view the clip of Iraqi Islamic Scholar Fares Al-Azawi on Hamas TV click here

Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Danish Imam Mundhir Abdallah Refers To The Holocaust As The "Alleged Holocaust"

In a July 9, 2022 Eid Al-Adha sermon in Copenhagen, Hizb ut-Tahrir-affiliated Danish Imam Mundhir Abdallah referred to the Holocaust as the "alleged Holocaust." He said, "That sinner Muhammed bin Salman [Saudi Crown Prince MBS]... I am saying this for the sake of history... He forced the Muslims yesterday, on the Day of Arafah, to pray behind a man who is a sinner. Some people pronounced that man a heretic. I do not care whether he is or is not, but that man, Muhammad Al-Issa... Those accursed immoral and criminal sinners call themselves 'Muhammad'... 'Muhammad' bin Salman, but he is an immoral enemy of Allah. 'Mohammed' bin Zayed, but he is an immoral enemy of Allah. This 'Muhammad' Al-Issa is also an immoral enemy of Allah. He prayed over [the souls] of the Jews in Auschwitz, in Poland, the [venue] of the alleged Holocaust... He went there and prayed for the [souls] of the Jews.[2]

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Palestinian Political Analyst Ahmad Abd Al-Rahman: The Holocaust Was A Lie Used By The Zionists To Blackmail The World Into Bringing Jews To Palestine

On April 7, 2022, Palestinian political analyst Ahmad Abd Al-Rahman said on a show aired on Al-Quds Al-Youm TV (Gaza – Islamic Jihad) that the Holocaust and the image of Jews as poor and downtrodden were lies used by the Zionists to blackmail the world into bringing the Jews to the "so-called Promised Land."[3]

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Palestinian Islamic scholar Mraweh Nassar Describes The Holocaust As False

Describing the Holocaust as false, Palestinian Islamic scholar Mraweh Nassar, the Secretary-General of the Jerusalem Committee of the Qatari-funded International Union of Muslims Scholars (IUMS), said in a March 22, 2022, interview on the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Arabic-language Channel 9 (Turkey) that there weren't nearly as many Jews killed by the Germans as people claim. He said: "Even in the false Holocaust... There is a book written by a Jew, which asks 'Who killed the Jews?' They were offered to take the Jews for five dollars each. They took one look, saw that most of them were old, and said: 'We don't want them.' A Jew wrote this book and said: 'We killed the Jews' – that is what he means – 'because we refused to accept 100,000 or 200,000 Jews who were in Germany, in exchange for a handful of dollars."[4]

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Jordanian-Palestinian Academic Dr. Ibrahim Alloush: No Jew Or Non-Jew Died In The Gas Chambers, Because There Were No Gas Chambers

Kuwaiti-born Jordanian-Palestinian academic Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, claimed in an interview on Palestine Today TV (Lebanon) on December 27, 2020, that no Jew or non-Jew died in the gas chambers, because there we no gas chambers. He said: "What some people do not understand is that Westerners are fed up with the claims about the historical victimhood of the Jews and about the whole world being antisemitic. The [Jews] have gone through persecution and a series of massacres, for which they hold the entire world responsible. The culmination of this persecution and those massacres is the so-called Holocaust. [...] They claim that they were burned in gas chambers, but not a single person – Jewish or non-Jewish – died in a gas chamber, because there were no gas chambers at all." [5]

Yemeni TV Host Hamid Rizq: The Graves Of Holocaust Victims And Museums Are Lies

On the Houthi affiliated, Beirut-based Al-Masirah TV, TV host Hamid Rizq referred to the Holocaust as "the so-called and described the graves of the Jews and museums as a "lie." In the show that was aired on January 25, 2020, he said: "It is said that millions of them were victims of World War II, and this is not accurate. Many races and peoples were victims of the Nazi Holocaust, not just the Jews. The Jews constituted a small percentage of [the victims]. [...] The Saudi regime has gone beyond its clandestine participation in the schemes against the Arab causes and against Islam and the Muslims. It is now making public moves which constitute harsh provocation of the sentiments of the Arabs and the Muslims all over the world. [...] They went on a visit to a place that Israel considers to be sacred – the graves of the Jews. These graves or museums are a lie. Many historians have proven that this genocide was not true."[6]

Jordanian Political Commentator Sufyan Tal: The Holocaust – the Greatest Lie in Modern History

Speaking on Al-Quds TV (Lebanon) on November 11, 2018, Jordanian political commentator Sufyan Tal described the Holocaust as "the greatest lie in modern history" and claimed that modern research and statistics prove that it is illogical for six million Jews to have been gassed by the Germans because each Jewish woman would have had to have given birth three times per year for that to have been possible. He said "Let's take, for example, two of the most prominent Zionists: [Rupert] Murdoch and [Axel] Springer. They control large parts [of the media industry.] Springer alone owns 40% to 44% of the media in Germany. Murdoch owns even more. These media machines are recruited to turn facts upside down, to lie to the whole world, and to make it believe the Jewish-Zionist myths. Take, for example, the story about the Holocaust. Now that many of the world's scientists have proven that the Holocaust is the greatest lie in modern history... According to this lie, six million Jews were killed in the gas chambers. Researchers have proven that this lie is illogical and absurd, because according to the statistics of the Jews themselves – before, after, and during the Holocaust... If we decided to accept these statistics, each Jewish woman would have had to have given birth three times a year, according to some studies. Nevertheless, the Zionists have managed to gain media hegemony in Europe – Germany, France, England – and they made laws that punish anyone who doubts or denies the Holocaust, even if it were [Arnold] Toynbee or another historian of his stature."[7]

Palestinian Writer Hani Abu Zeid: The Jews Colluded with Hitler in the "False Holocaust"

In an interview which was aired on April 10, 2018, on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Palestinian writer and political analyst Hani Abu Zeid said that "they [the Jews] used to cry about the false Holocaust in the days of Hitler, the scope of which was not that large." The TV host added that it was "a lie that they spread worldwide," and Abu Zeid agreed, saying: "Yes, it was a lie, and many Israelis, or many Jews, colluded with Hitler, so that he would facilitate the bringing of settlers to Palestine."[8]

Holocaust Deniers' Conference: "The Holocaust – the Biggest Lie in Modern History"

Holocaust deniers have even organized conferences in which the Holocaust was described as "the biggest lie in modern history." A conference titled "The Holocaust – the Biggest Lie in Modern History" was held in Jordan and broadcast by Al-Finiq TV (Jordan) on October 14, 2019. At the conference, Jordanian researcher and journalist Muwaffaq Muhadin expressed doubt that Jews were burned in furnaces during WWII, and he claimed that more Roma had been killed by the Nazis than Jews, who he said had been killed just the same as Germans and other non-Jews had been killed. Jordanian researcher Mahmoud Awad said that the Nazis' Final Solution had actually been to drive the Jews out of Germany in order to get rid of the Jewish influence that had ruined German and Western culture. He said that Zyklon B had been used to purify clothes, including the uniforms of prisoners, from insects and diseases and that it was only the bodies of deceased prisoners that had been burned in furnaces. Awad said that no more than 400,000 Jews had been killed by the Nazis and that the absence of ashes, bodies, bones, and other types of evidence demonstrate that it was implausible that the Nazis killed Jews in furnaces. He added: "[Goebbels] used to say: Lie and lie again until the people believe you. The Jews say: Lie and lie again until you believe yourself."[9]

To view the clip of the Holocaust Denial conference in Jordan on MEMRI TV, click here.

Activists At Protest Against Holocaust Exhibition In Tunisia: The Holocaust Is A Lie, Perpetrated By the Zionists

On December 15, 2017, Meem Magazine Online, an Arab Women's Magazine published a report featuring protesters against a Holocaust exhibition in Tunisia in which civil society activist Kawthar Chebbi called the Holocaust a "decades-old myth" and a lie, and political activist Omar Al-Majri said that the Holocaust had been "perpetrated by the Zionist movement in collaboration with the Nazis."[10]

To view Meem Magazine report, click here

Egyptian TV Host Ahmad Suleimn: The Holocaust Is The Greatest Lie In History

Speaking on the Egyptian Alhadath Alyoum TV channel on January 27, 2018, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, TV host Ahmad Suleimn called the Holocaust "the greatest lie in history" and "that nonsense story invented by the Jews" for extortion purposes. He further said that Britain and the U.S. spread rumors about the extent of the Nazi massacres and about the annihilation of East European Jewry to serve their own economic and political interests. He said: "Today is the international day commemorating the greatest lie in history: the Holocaust – that nonsense story invented by Jews, who have been using it for years to extort the world. It reached the point that the United Nations decided in 2015 to consider January 27 as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Holocaust is a Latin term that means 'to kill by burning.' The Jews of the world have disseminated this lie, using their influence and their arsenal of media outlets. They label anyone denying that story an antisemite and fight him. Their story is that during World War II, upon a decision by Hitler, over six million East European Jews were burned in ovens, designed especially for that purpose. The Jews use the story about the Holocaust as a means of political and material extortion, and in order to gain the sympathy of the whole world. This is, of course, completely groundless. They pretend to be the victims, while they are, in fact, the number one perpetrators of massacres, robbing and plundering the rights of others."[11]

To view the clip of Ahmad Suleiman on MEMRI TV, click here

Jordanian Columnist Jamal Al-Shawaheen: The Jews Founded [Their] Usurping State Thanks To... The Lie Of The Holocaust"

In an article published on December 10, 2016, Jamal Al-Shawaheen, a columnist for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood newspaper Al-Sabil, wrote: "The Jews founded [their] usurping state thanks to the sympathy Britain and other countries felt for them, [sympathy aroused] by the lie of the Holocaust. [The Jews] continue to take this criminal usurpation as far as possible, yet [their state] enjoys the support of several countries, chief of them the U.S. This great Jewish crime continues... Now that this crime has persisted, and even intensified, for such a long time, is it possible to see those who abet it as criminals too, given that 'one who abets terrorism is a terrorist himself'? If the Holocaust, assuming it even happened, exterminated dozens of German Jews, then the only way to describe the elimination of tens of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs is as a grinder of human flesh that initially used British tools and later many American ones, as well as funds exuding the smell of gas."[12]

French ISIS Operative Rachid Kassim In Anti-Semitic Rant: The Holocaust Is A Lie; Hitler Was More Honorable Than Any Jew

On September 15, 2016, French ISIS operative Rachid Kassim published a 10-minute audio message on his Telegram account in which he expressed virulently antisemitic and conspiratorial views about Jews, saying that the Holocaust is a lie designed to make money for Jews, and that all the atrocities allegedly committed by the Nazis against Jews are actually committed by Israel against the Palestinians.[13]

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Jordanian TV Host Ayed Alqam: The Holocaust Is the Greatest Lie in History

On January 31, 2016, Jordanian film director Ayed Alqam, General Director of Prime TV and Dyar Media, described the Holocaust as "the greatest lie in history" and claimed that Hitler was a Jew. Speaking in a show aired on the Jordanian Prime TV, he said: "Therefore, my viewers, the Jewish Holocaust is the lie of our day and age. This is the greatest lie in history. The greatest lie! This is the greatest distortion in the history of Mankind. It is the most loathsome act of plunder of the Palestinian land. The real Holocaust is that of the Palestinian people. [...] They say that six million Jews were burned. What gas chambers were there in Germany capable of containing such a large number of Jews?! As we said at the beginning, six million Jews were [supposedly] burned in gas chambers. We all know, those who are politically savvy know, that Germany was suffering from an energy and fuel crisis back then. Germany was suffering from an energy crisis so how were these chambers operated?! There was no energy, no fuel. There was some fuel, but it was used to meet the people's needs, and not for burning [Jews]. [...] Who was Hitler? What was his real name? Hitler's name was Jacob Adolf Hitler. You can see his ID card on the screen. Here, we highlight the name Jacob on the ID card. Jacob-Adolf-Hitler. So, he was a Jew."[14]

Jordanian Cleric Abu Qatada Al-Filistini: The Burning Of Jews Did Not Happen

On January 8, 2016, Salafi Jordanian cleric Omar Mahmoud Othman, commonly known as Abu Qatada Al-Filastini, released a video on his YouTube channel in which he denied the Holocaust and described it as "a worthless lie." In the video, he said: "The Holocaust is their claim that Hitler killed six million in the gas chambers. This is a worthless lie, of course. Even the burning of Jews did not happen. They would burn the dead. When someone in the Jewish camps died, where could they bury him? They would throw him into the oven. That's all there was to it. They claimed that six million Jews were killed in the fighting. The number of Jews in Europe before the war was six million. It is a lie, which they blew out of proportion in order to benefit from it."[15]

Hamas Cleric and TV Host Iyad Abu Funun: There Was Not A Single Shred Of Evidence Proving That The Holocaust Really Took Place

In an October 29, 2015, address on the Hamas-owned Al-Aqsa TV channel, cleric and TV host Sheikh Iyad Abu Funun said that "Hitler did not do anything" and that there was not "a single shred of evidence proving that the Holocaust really took place." He further said: "[The Zionists] are the Nazis! By Allah, they are more Nazi than Hitler." Denying the Holocaust, he said: "They [the Jews] were lying about the Holocaust all along. In Arabic, 'Holocaust' means: 'offering sacrifices to the gods by burning.' They think that we don't read history and don't know the details. I challenge any Zionist to provide even a single shred of evidence proving that the Holocaust really took place. The figures that they talk about... Let's take, for example, [the claim] that Hitler burned six million Jews. Woe betide anyone who dares to doubt this figure – not even doubting the Holocaust itself, but just the figure, saying: "It was five million, not six million." Such a person is labeled a criminal, a terrorist. He must be liquidated and hanged from the gallows for making light of the Holocaust and doubting the figures. The Europeans themselves say that the number of Jews in Europe – not just in Germany, under Hitler's rule... The number of Jews in Europe in its entirety was six million. So how could Hitler possibly have killed six million? He would have annihilated them, leaving none alive."[16]

Syrian Professor Abd Al-Salam Rajeh: The Holocaust Is an "Imaginary Issue"

In a May 18, 2015, interview on the Lebanese Mayadeen TV channel, Syrian Professor Abd Al-Salam Rajeh said: "With regard to the Holocaust, to this day, the Zionist gangs and the Zionist entity drain [Germany] and insist on apologies and sympathy from the whole world, based on an imaginary issue, as has been proven by research. One of the people who wrote about this is Roger Garaudy, who wrote The Founding Myths of the Zionist Establishment [sic], indicating that the Holocaust was a lie. Just one small example: [The Jews] say that millions were burned in the Holocaust during the days of Hitler. Based on statistics, Garaudy said in his book that the total number of Jews in Europe at that time did not exceed 450,000. So where did that figure come from – all the millions who were burned, according to the Holocaust narrative?"[17]

Garaudy's book has also been cited by Egyptian TV Host Gaber Al-Karmoty in a show aired on January 15, 2015, in which he accused the Jews of using the Holocaust to "suck the blood of the Germans." In the show, he said: "Garaudy published the book The Founding Myths of Modern Israel. Consequently, he was tried in France for doubting the Holocaust of the Jews. God Almighty! There is no god but Allah! Doesn't this fall under freedom of thought? He believed that the Jewish Holocaust was nothing but a show. A film."[18]

Questioning The Holocaust And Accusing The Jews Of Benefiting Financially From It

While some outright deny the Holocaust, others question its details and accuse the Jews of exaggerating the numbers of victims and of using it to benefit financially from it and serving the interests of Israel. The following are MEMRI's reports highlighting the arguments of those who question the Holocaust and accuse the Jews of exploiting it.

Jordanian Writer Muhammad Kharroub: Israel Trades In The Holocaust To Extort Money From The World

Columnist Muhammad Kharroub in the leading Jordanian daily Al-Rai wrote on May 8, 2022, that Israel trades in the Holocaust to extort money from the world, and that Jewish and Zionist leaders made deals with the Nazi regime.[19] Another Al-Rai columnist, Raja Talab, claimed in a column published on April 18, 2022, that Israel exaggerates the scope of the Holocaust and distorts the facts about it, and questioned the claim that six million Jews were murdered. He wrote: "Even before it was founded as an organization by Herzl in 1897, Global Zionism had succeeded, with the support of Evangelical Christians in Britain and the U.S., in turning the biggest lie in human history into a concrete project [named] Israel... In 1917 Balfour promised Rothschild that Britain would stand with the Zionist movement in its quest for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. That promise was considered the birth certificate of the lie that is called Israel, which became a reality in 1948."[20]

Jordanian Writer Raja Talab: The Zionists Used The Holocaust To Accelerate Global Recognition Of Israel

In an April 17, 2022, op-ed in the government-owned Jordanian daily Al-Rai, titled "Zionism, Nazism and the Hidden Truth," Jordanian writer Raja Talab expressed doubt that six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and stated that the Zionist movement has used the Holocaust to accelerate global recognition of Israel. He wrote: "In the same context, this lie was followed by another one, amplifying the Jewish Holocaust and falsifying a lot of information about, it as Zionist propaganda maintained that the Nazis killed almost six million Jews during World War II, out of the eleven million Jews worldwide at that time. This figure is hard to believe. The truth of the matter is that the Nazi murders and torture during the war included most Slavic peoples, among them Jews of Slavic origin – in addition to the gypsy people of Romania, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and the mentally and physically disabled. The killing operations were carried out under the purely racist pretext that these races and peoples are inferior and despised."[21]

Holocaust Denial In Qatari Press

Qatari-funded media has also published articles which question the historicity of the Holocaust. For instance, on December 10, 2020, in his column in the London-based Qatari-subsidized Al-Quds Al-Arabi daily, former Bahraini Minister of Education Ali Muhammad Fakhro criticized the Trump administration's support for Israel and the comparison drawn by senior U.S. officials between anti-Zionism and antisemitism: "If someone utters a single word about some of the exaggerations about the Holocaust, as many Western intellectuals and writers do – Jews and non-Jews – then he is an anti-Semite, because the narrative of the Holocaust is not a historical event... but has become a sacred story that cannot be discussed or impinged upon with a single word. It must remain a distinct and exceptional story that doesn't resemble any other story, and which [will] weigh on the conscience of humanity until the resurrection of the dead. Therefore, the extortion and the milking of the West, particularly of Germany, will continue, generation after generation for eternity..."[22]

Former Jordanian MP Toujan Al-Faisal also cast doubt on the historicity of the Holocaust and described it as part of the Zionist narrative in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In an October 12, 2021 article in the Qatari daily Al-Raya, she wrote: "Two weeks ago a report was published, which claimed that an unforgivable racist crime had been committed! The news was that anti-Zionist graffiti in English and in German recently appeared on the walls at the Auschwitz camp in Germany [sic, Auschwitz is in Poland], which comprises a row of shacks. The Zionist narrative claims that these were rooms where Jews were executed and burned. This is the first time graffiti has appeared at this site [i.e., at Auschwitz], which they want to use to establish the Zionist narrative about what happened during the Second World War..."[23]

In another article by Al-Faisal on May 26, 2020, she also cast doubt on the authenticity of the Jewish Holocaust while claiming that Israel is perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinians. She wrote: "Since its founding Israel has lived on the reparations [it receives], which is in fact 'protection money' but is called compensation for 'the Holocaust.' Even casting doubt about the number of [Holocaust] victims is defined as a criminal act, let alone [questioning] the validity of its circumstances. [The fact is that] the Nazi detention camps were established in response to the Zionists' mobilization against Hitler's Germany in the Second World War by providing a guarantee to Britain and later to France that the U.S. would join the war if Hitler's Germany appeared to be winning..." In the same article Al-Faisal also claimed that Anne Frank's diary is a forgery: "One the modern inventions in the name of the Holocaust is a diary, which is claimed to be old and to belong to a Jewish girl who suffered in the Holocaust. It was published as a book and made into a film. [But] it can be proved that the diary is fake, since the ballpoint pen with which it was [purportedly] written was not in use and had not been invented at the time. This is just one small example of the distortion of history [by the Jews] which has been undertaken for different reasons, perhaps [including their desire] to escape the hostility that haunted them, not necessarily because of their religion but due to their professional skill at lending money at excessive interest rates and because of their collective behavior in as part of the ghetto mentality – which weakened their [sense of] citizenship to the extent that they opposed the interests of their homeland in critical circumstances such as a war..." Al-Faisal concludes her article by asking: "Does it make sense that those who were truly victims [of the Holocaust]... behave in a similar manner toward innocent people [i.e., the Palestinians] who granted them refuge when they fled to their [country]...?!"[24]

Syrian Israeli Affairs Expert Muhammad Nasour: The Number Of Jewish Deaths In The "So-Called" Holocaust Is Grossly Inflated

On August 4, 2022, Syrian Israeli affairs expert Muhammad Nasour claimed in a show on the Arabic-language Al-Alam Syria TV (Iran) that the rabbis of Hamburg, Germany had had an "agreement" with senior Nazi official Adolf Eichmann regarding the "so-called" Holocaust and the Nazi concentration camps. He also claimed that only sick and disabled people died in the "so-called" camps, that the number of deaths had been "inflated" to millions, and that the furnaces used to burn the Jews "could not possibly be used" for burning people.[25]

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Fatah Representative In Poland: Israel Inflates The Number of Holocaust Victims To Justify Its Crimes

Ahead of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, marked on January 27, 2020, Dr. Khalil Nazzal, the late secretary of Fatah's branch in Poland, published an article on this topic in the Palestinian Authority (PA) daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida in which he stated that "opinions differ regarding the number of Jewish victims" of the Holocaust." He also advised those who question the six-million figure to do so carefully, while basing their claims on "objective studies," and added that the Zionist entity inflates the number of victims in order to blackmail the world and force it to accept its policies.[26]

Palestinian Law Professor And Fatah Official Jihad Al-Harazin: Why Does The World Cry For The 'So-Called' Holocaust And Not For The Real Holocaust Of Palestinians?

In an interview on Palestine TV on December 8, 2021, Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin, a Fatah official who is also a professor of law and political science at Al-Quds University asked why the world cries for the "so-called" Nazi holocaust of the Jews, but not for Palestinian children who were killed in a "real" holocaust that is being carried out by Israel. The interviewer also said that Israel receives aid from Germany based on "lies, theft, and deception by Israel."[27]

Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: The Holocaust Lasted Six Months To Two Years, But The Palestinians Have Been Suffering A Daily Holocaust For 70 Years

A similar position was expressed by Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal in an interview that aired on Yarmouk TV (Jordanian) on June 25, 2021, in which he commented on U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visiting the Berlin Holocaust memorial. He said: "Why do the victims of the Holocaust want to repeat this tragedy with the Palestinians? If indeed they had suffered, they would not have replicated this tragedy with the Palestinians. If the Holocaust lasted a year or two – some say it was six months – then our people have been going through a daily holocaust for 70 years. For 75 years, we have been going through a daily holocaust. What is the point in commemorating the Holocaust, if not to learn its lesson in order to prevent it from happening to other people? Mr. Blinken visited the Holocaust Memorial [in Berlin]. He is free to do so, but look at the Palestinians who suffer a daily holocaust. The world remembers only the holocaust of one particular nation.[28]

This was not Nofal's first comment questioning the Holocaust. In a March 22, 2019 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan), Nofal said that the figure of six million Jews killed is "a lie as big as the universe" and that they added a zero to the figure of 600,000 who were actually killed.[29]

Friday Sermon By Australian Islamic Scholar Ismail Al-Wahwah: The Jews Exaggerate The Holocaust For Dirty Political Exploitation

The argument that the Jews have used the Holocaust to financially "milk" Germany and the West has been repeatedly iterated. In a Friday sermon delivered on January 24, 2020, Ismail Al-Wahwah from the Australian chapter of Hizb ut-Tahrir said: "Islam and the Islamic nation are undergoing a holocaust at the hands of the same criminals, but you are not allowed to talk about the holocaust against Muslims. The only holocaust is the one that [the Jews] claim, exaggerate, blow out of proportion, lie about, and milk [the West] over in order to accomplish their goals. Otherwise, you will be accused of being antisemitic."[30]

Jordanian TV Host Omar Ayasra: The Holocaust Is A Story Used By Israel To Extort The West

A similar statement was delivered by Jordanian TV host Omar Ayasra who said in a January 27, 2020 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that "the Holocaust is not a story about a massacre, about [crimes against] humanity, or about everything that is being propagated. [It is not about] antisemitism. It is one of the investments used by this plundering entity in order to promote itself, turn itself into the victim, earn the sympathy and support of the West, extort the West, remind the Westerners of their history... They use [the Holocaust] politically. When the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, who represents me and the entire Muslim world, goes and prays [in Auschwitz], it is as if you add your name to the list of Zionist desires regarding the story of the establishment of [Israel]."[31]

Egyptian Writer Osama Al-Alfi: The Holocaust Was A Deception Used By The Zionists To Take Over Palestine

Calling the Holocaust, a "deception," Osama Al-Alfi, a former deputy editor of the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram and now a columnist for that same daily argued in a column titled "The Truth about the Holocaust" which was published on February 1, 2019, several days after International Holocaust Remembrance Day, that the Zionist movement used the Holocaust to take over Palestine as the starting point of its plan to take over the world's resources and politics. He wrote: "On January 27 the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of the so-called Holocaust victims. The global Zionist movement has cunningly exploited the Holocaust to realize its goals and plans, intended to transform Judaism from a monotheistic religion into a racist ideology – [an ideology] that uses Palestine as the starting point for a plan to take over the world's resources and global politics. This deception was explained by French philosopher and thinker Roger Garaudy in his most famous book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics. Garaudy bases his exposé of this lie on his experience as a resistance fighter against the Nazi occupation of his country during the war [World War II], and accuses the governments of the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine of exploiting the so-called Holocaust and inflating it in order to justify its barbaric crimes against the Palestinians. He emphasizes that there are scientific and historical facts that prove that the figure of six million [Holocaust victims] is highly exaggerated..." [32]

Egyptian Writer Wasim 'Afifi: The Media Inflated The Dimensions Of The Holocaust

A similar argument was presented by Wasim 'Afifi, a columnist on the Egyptian news portal who published an article on January 27, 2019, in which he stated that the media inflated the dimensions of the Holocaust as part of a conspiracy by Russia, which wanted to blacken Germany's image, and the West, which wanted to establish a state for the Jews in Palestine. In the article, he claimed that "there are five main reasons why the Arab world is waving the banner of refusal to accept the Holocaust as an historic fact. The most obvious of these is the claim that six million Jews were exterminated. This number is greatly exaggerated; according to European statistics, before World War II the total number of Jews in Europe was 6.5 million. This means that in the Holocaust, nearly all Europe's Jews were killed. This contradicts other numbers from immigration departments in Europe, according to which between 1933 and 1945, 1.5 million Jews emigrated to Britain, Sweden, Spain, Australia, China, India, Palestine, and the U.S. According to German government statistics, by 1939, 400,000 of Germany's 600,000 Jews had emigrated. Likewise, 480,000 Jews emigrated from Austria and Czechoslovakia, as part of the plan to settle Jews in Madagascar, but they ended up in other countries. Their property was not confiscated – otherwise, the Jews would not today have the greatest wealth in the world. Other numbers show that over two million Jews immigrated to the USSR."[33]

Egyptian Journalist Al-Azab Al-Tayyeb: The Number Of The Jews Killed In The Holocaust Was Heavily Exaggerated

Describing the number of the Jews killed in the Holocaust as "heavily exaggerated," Al-Azab Al-Tayyeb, an Egyptian journalist working for Al-Ahram daily, claimed in a March 7, 2019, episode of Blue Line that aired on Channel 2 (Egypt), that "the number of Jews in Europe at the time did not exceed 6.5 million, according to the numbers I found."[34] In the show, he said that no more than a few hundred thousand Jews had been killed. He also said that the gas chambers that the Nazis allegedly used were too small to burn millions of Jews; rather, he claimed that they had been used to cremate the bodies of prisoners who died of typhoid fever due to lack of medical services during the war. Al-Tayyeb then said that what the Zionists do to the Palestinians should be described in the same way that the Zionists describe the Holocaust because it is much worse.

To view the clip of Al-Azab Al-Tayyeb on MEMRI TV, click here

Egyptian Hebrew Professor Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah: Gas Chambers Could Not Have Killed Millions

Dr. Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah, a Hebrew professor at the Egyptian Helwan University, said in an April 4, 2019 episode of the antisemitic show, "Blue Line," on Channel 2 TV (Egypt) that Jews have historically had a psychological complex he referred to as the "persecution complex." He said that the Jews were never really persecuted and that they have historically lived in isolation by choice and refused to assimilate. He also said that the persecution of Jews that took place during WWII was organized and perpetrated by the Zionist movement, which he claimed collaborated with German leaders in carrying out violence against Jews in order to force immigration to Palestine. He explained that the Holocaust did not happen the way people think it did since it targeted non-Jews, as well, and that the gas chambers the Nazis used could not have been used for the execution of millions of people.[35]

To view the clip of Dr. Abou Al-Azayem Farjallah on MEMRI TV, click here

Jordanian Writer Tahsin Al-Tal: The Holocaust Involved The Death Of No More Than Several Thousand Jews

In an article titled "The Inquisition or the Holocaust," which was published on April 28, 2018, Jordanian journalist Tahsin Al-Tal, who writes for the Jerash city news site, compared the supposed torture of Muslims at the hands of the 15th-century Spanish Inquisition to the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. He wrote that there is no tangible evidence that the Jewish Holocaust actually happened, except for a few photos circulated by Jews, and that, even if it did happen, the number of Jewish victims probably did not exceed several thousand. The Jews, he added, harness the Holocaust for the sake of their homeland, and use the phenomenon of antisemitism to justify their cruelty against the Palestinians and against Muslims and Christians in general. He also claimed that Jews perpetrated atrocities in the countries where they lived: "killed children and monks and sucked their blood like bats."[36]

Kuwaiti Cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh: The Figure Of Six Million Is A Historical Lie

In a video posted in YouTube on May 26, 2018, Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh argued that the figure of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust was a "historical lie." Questioning that number, he said: "Did the Nazi annihilation – the Holocaust – target only the Jews? Anybody? The Jews claim that it happened to them alone and that the number of Jews who died in that Holocaust was six million. What we have here are historical errors. First of all, the figure of six million is a historical lie. In addition, claiming that it happened to the Jews alone excludes the non-Jews who were tortured by Hitler. So, was it annihilation? Yes, it was. Who did Hitler annihilate? He annihilated a group of races and people, some of whom were even German. Hitler annihilated 400,000 Germans who were handicapped or suffered from chronic diseases. Hitler did not annihilate the Jews only."[37]

Palestinian Writer 'Isam Shawar: The Holocaust In The Dimensions That The Jews Claim Did Not Take Place

In a column published in the Hamas newspaper Filastin on January 28, 2018, Palestinian writer 'Isam Shawar, argued that the Holocaust had not happed as the Jews claim saying: "All the scientific university studies have proven resolutely that the Holocaust in the dimensions that the Jews claim did not take place, and could not have taken place. That is, it cannot be accepted as the truth. Even if tens of thousands of Jews were murdered or burned, it is nothing out of the ordinary, in an era during which tens of millions of people, most of them Muslims, have died as a result of wars, disease, famine, and other causes."[38]

MEMRI's Exposing Al-Jazeera's Promotion Of Antisemitism And Holocaust Denial Content

On May 18, 2019, AJ+ Arabic, an online media platform run by the Qatari Al-Jazeera Network posted a video about "the story of the Holocaust" on Twitter and Facebook. The video was titled: "The Gas Chambers Killed Millions of Jews – That's How the Story Goes. What Is the Truth behind the Holocaust and How Did the Zionist Movement Benefit from It?" The video is narrated by Muna Hawwa, a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian who lives in Qatar and works as a producer for the Al-Jazeera Network. In the video, Hawwa claimed that the number of Jewish Holocaust victims remains "one of the most prominent historical debates to this day," and she said that some people believe that Hitler supported Zionist ideology. She claimed that the "much-regurgitated narrative of the Holocaust sorrows" paved the way for Jewish immigration to Palestine, and although she stressed that "denouncing the Holocaust is a moral obligation," Hawwa added that Israel is the biggest "winner" from the Holocaust and that it uses the "same justification" as a "launching pad for the racial cleansing and annihilation of the Palestinians." Hawwa said that the ideology behind the State of Israel "suckled from the Nazi spirit," and concluded: "So how can a Palestinian denounce a crime that has become the flip side of his own tragedy?"[39] Following MEMRI's translation and release of the video, Al-Jazeera apologized, removed the video from the AJ+ social media accounts, suspended two journalists involved in its production, and stated that that the video "contravened its editorial standards."[40]

However, MEMRI's ongoing monitoring of the Qatari media, and particularly of the Al-Jazeera network, reveals that the release of the antisemitic video by AJ+ is no exception. For years, Qatar's media have served as a platform for the dissemination of antisemitic and Holocaust denial content. Particularly noticeable are extreme antisemitic statements uttered over the years by Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi, the late founder and former head of the Qatar-backed International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS). Al-Qaradawi, who was considered a spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was known for praising jihad and martyrdom operations, as well as for antisemitic statements. In a January 2009 speech, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV, Al-Qaradawi called for a second Holocaust, saying, "Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers" – i.e., the Muslims.[41]

Dr. Ahmed Al-Raissouni was another former head of the Qatar-backed International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) to question the Holocaust. On May 22, 2019, Al-Raissouni, posted an article titled "Why It Is Necessary to Question the Holocaust" on the IUMS website and on his personal website and Facebook page. In the article he claimed that the Holocaust has acquired an "exaggerated halo" and that questioning its veracity and scope is not only a right but an obligation. Listing ten reasons to justify this view, he stated, inter alia, that the Holocaust narrative, fabricated by the Zionist movement, has been sanctified and imposed on the world, to the extent that there are "campaigns that slander, intimidate, exclude and besiege anyone who dares to think independently about it or about any of its fake details or statistics." Moreover, the Holocaust narrative consists of claims that are "politically slanted and questionable" and many of which cannot be verified, he said. He called to subject the issue of the Holocaust to scientific scrutiny, free of all exploitation, threats and intimidation.[42]

Holocaust Denier Jacob Cohen: The Holocaust Has Become A ‘New Religion'

Moroccan-born French-Jewish Holocaust denier Jacob Cohen delivered a talk titled "The Holocaust and the Zionist Agenda" at the Lawyer's Club in Rabat, Morocco, at an event commemorating the 10th anniversary of what the organizers termed "the 2008 Gaza Holocaust." In the video which was uploaded to the Internet by Al3omk Online TV (Morocco) on January 5, 2019, Cohen said that the Nuremberg Tribunal had been a "victor's court" that had arbitrarily decided that six million Jews had been killed in the Holocaust, and that there had been no mention of the Holocaust until the 1970s, which was a convenient time for the affair to surface because "it fit well with the history of the Middle East [and Israel]." He added that the Holocaust has become a "new religion" complete with its own dogmas, rituals, martyrs, saints, courts, anti-blasphemy rules, and disbelievers – the Holocaust deniers. Cohen also stated that the Zionists are always a step ahead and looking for something for their propaganda, and that MEMRI "supposedly translates statements by Iranian officials" in an effort to make Westerners "think that Iran wants to commit a second Holocaust." He said that people who do not dispute anything they hear about the Holocaust will unconsciously accept it, and he concluded: "This is why it is absolutely necessary... [to] protest and to not let them have their way." The event was held by the "National Work Group for Palestine" against the backdrop of King Muhammad VI's recent decision to integrate the study of the Holocaust into Morocco's educational curriculum.[43]

Egyptian Journalist Salah Montasser Questions The Numbers Of Victims Of The Holocaust, Justifies Hitler's Actions Against The Jews

In an article in the Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Yawm titled "The Question that Everyone Ignores: Why Did Hitler Murder the Jews?" which was published on June 6, 2016, Salah Montasser, an Egyptian author and journalist argued that Jewish propaganda has managed to convince the world that Hitler murdered six million Jews, although this number seems "implausible," especially since Germany's Jewish population before the war was less than a quarter of that number. Citing arguments made by "a knowledgeable German friend" of his, he wrote that the Nazis actually killed only between 100,000 and 600,000 Jews, much less than the number of Algerians killed in this country's war of independence against the French and the number of Palestinians that the Jews themselves killed in the conflict between the two peoples. He added, still citing the German friend, that Hitler had reasons for hating the Jews: although they constituted only two percent of the German population, they took over the media, the judicial system, the press, and the film industry, as well as theater and literature; spread moral degeneration, homosexuality and pornography, and were responsible for the collapse of the banks at the close of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.[44]

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader In Lebanon Mahfouz Munawwar: Holocaust Blown Out Of Proportion; Its Goal Was To Spur Jews To Leave For Palestine

On May 22, 2016, Al-Nabaa TV, a Saudi opposition channel broadcasting from Lebanon aired an interview with Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader in Lebanon Mahfouz Munawwar in which he said that "the massacres carried out against some of the Jews in Poland were not massacres for the sake of massacre" and that they had been "blown out of proportion." They were part of a greater plan – "the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, at the expense of the Palestinian people," he claimed. He further said that members of the Zionist lobby "would cause trouble, burn down homes, steal, and kill," in Jewish neighborhoods in Arab countries, in order to encourage the Jews to leave.[45]

Egyptian TV Host Hazem Abu Al-Saoud: How Is It possible That Six Out Of 6.5 million were subject to the Holocaust?

In a show aired on the Egyptian Channel 2 on March 4, 2016, Egyptian TV host Hazem Abu Al-Saoud questioned the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust and accused the Jews of exploiting the Holocaust. He said: "The Jews say that six million Jews were subject to the Nazi Holocaust, at the hand of Adolf Hitler, but according to the historical figures, there was a total of 6.5 million Jews in Europe at the time. As we know, the entire population of Jews living in Israel today numbers six million. Logically speaking, how is it possible that six million Jews, out of the 6.5 million Jews living in Europe at the time, were subject to the Holocaust, while millions of Jews left Europe, fleeing the Nazis?"[46]

Blaming The Jews And Justifying The Holocaust

The denial of the Holocaust has often been associated with accusations to the Jews of betrayals and treasons. The Following are MEMRI reports highlighting arguments of those who justify the Holocaust.

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras: Hitler May Have Hated Them, But It Was Because Of Their Deeds And Crimes

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras said in a June 23, 2019, show on Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas-Gaza) "If we look back at history, we see that [the Jews] were abhorred in the time of Nebuchadnezzar. This is also true of the times of the Assyrians, the Romans, and the Prophet Muhammad. They betrayed him. They were treacherous against him, and he expelled them from the Arabian Peninsula. Even Hitler hated them, loathed them, and got rid of them. However, everything people say about massacres and Holocaust – these are all lies. Hitler may have hated them, but it was because of their deeds and crimes. Hitler was no less of a criminal than them."[47]

Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal: The Holocaust Happened Because Of The Treachery Of The Jews

On May 19, 2016, Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal said in his weekly lesson, which is broadcast on the Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel, that the Holocaust happened because of the "treachery" of the Jews and that "most of Hitler's ministers who perpetrated the Holocaust were Jews."[48]

Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras: The Jews' Conspiracies And Treachery Led To The Holocaust

In a speech aired on Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV on January 23, 2015, Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras justified the Holocaust and blamed the Jews saying: "Their conspiracies and treachery are what led to their being burned. They conspired against all people – even against those who were benevolent toward them. They stabbed in the back even those who were good to them. They command no good and forbid no evil. Germany knows this full well. It is, therefore, the West that supplies this illegitimate, foundling, so-called "state" with weapons of destruction."[49]

Holocaust Denial On Social Media Platforms

Arabic Holocaust denial content can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok where users express their denial, questioning and even justification of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Denial On Facebook

Palestinian author and researcher, Saeed Jamil Tamraz published a post titled "Commemorating the Anniversary of the Lie of the Holocaust" which he posted on his page on April 28, 2022, arguing that the death of six Million Jews in the Holocaust is a "claim that is not backed by any real evidence." According to Tamraz, the Holocaust is a "mere Zionist plot whose aim was to displace the Jews and establishing a state for them in the land of Palestine after World War II." In the same post, Tamraz went on to describe the Holocaust as a "myth" on which "the Israeli and the Zionist policy was based." He wrote: "The Zionist movement and Israel have continued to invest in the Holocaust and benefiting from it. After the war ended, the Zionist movement asked for a refuge for the displaced Jews because of the war. This is how Israel receive financial and political support from European governments under the known pretense that the compensation is for the suffering that the Jews had experienced."[50]

Egyptian Facebook user Ahmed Nabil also published a post on May 18, 2020, titled "The Holocaust Lie" in which he wrote: "My friend, let me explain to you a small part about this lie. Before World War II, the Jews claimed that they had been tortured and torched in Europe and they should have a country where they saved from displacement around the world. You may also know the Balfour Declaration which promised to build a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. The migration movement to Palestine had begun but the numbers were small so the Jews claimed the so-called Holocaust and some of them stated the Hitler killed 12 million Jews when in fact the total number of Jews in Europe at that time was eight million."[51]

Another Facebook post denying the holocaust was published by a user named Author on November 2, 2018 titled "What is the Jewish Holocaust and Why Was Hitler Racist?" In the post, the user described the Holocaust as "an event claimed by a number of politicians, thinkers, Jewish religious figures that the Jews experienced a genocide at the Nazi camps during World War II where six million Jews were executed by the Germans in the detention camps using a substance named Zyklon." The author then justified Hitler's hatred towards Jews by saying: "Personally, I do not disagree with Hitler in any action or idea he had against the Jews and despite him being racist and an extremist not only against Jews but others and despite the Holocaust being a fabrication and a lie but even if it were real, I would not blame him on his hatred of the Jews as it would not  be surprising even for those who are very close the Jews for people to hate Jews."[52]

On January 21, 2020, Facebook user Ayoub Bin Mansour published a post titled "The Lie Of the Jews' Holocaust" in which he said that French Holocaust denier Paul wrote that "There is no definitive proof of the use of gas chambers to kill Jews of non-Jews and his view was that perhaps there were gas chambers but they were used to sanitize soldiers' weapons and tools." Bin Mansour also quoted one of Rassinier's students as saying: "It would have required two full hours to burn one body, therefore, how much time would it take to carry out the operation of killing millions in the gas chambers and then burn their bodies? It would have been more than the entire time of World War II."[53]

Holocaust Denial On Twitter

Similarly, Arabic-language Holocaust denial content can easily be found on Twitter. For example, Twitter user @rr1rrd which has over 30,000  followers published a tweet on September 2, 2022, under the English hashtag #Holocaust stating: "The Holocaust is a lie and a myth that did not take place at all and the objective of which is to hide the Jews' crimes in Palestine and other places."[54]

Another Twitter user, Ninja, who identifies himself as "Republican" and supporter of Palestinian rights, published a tweet on April 7, 2021, saying "by reading German history and the history of World War II, [I found that] the Holocaust is the biggest lie in modern history and there is no evidence [proving it] in reality at all."[55]

On December 19, 2020, Saudi Twitter user Abdallah Al-Balawi posted a tweet in which he wrote: "The Holocaust is the biggest lie. Rationally and logically, if the Holocaust was real, it would not have needed all this promotion as a daily commercial. The proof is: There is no any rational discussion to historical facts. Those who deny or cast doubt about the Holocaust would be convicted, imprisoned and burned. What kind of humanity are you talking about? The crimes of the Nazi Israel in Palestine are documented and it is not a Holocaust novel."[56]

On July 24, 2019, Twitter user @Malashtar313 who has almost 6,000  followers, published a tweet claiming to show an identity card for "Jacob Adolf Hitler" when "he worked as a journalist in France" – Adolf Hitler never worked as a journalist in France. He then commented: "The bottom line is: Adolf Hitler was originally a Jew and from the Rothschild family and the real objective behind the lie of the Jewish Holocaust was to gain international sympathy towards Jews."[57]

On February 9, 2019, Egyptian Twitter user @medoesmaeil, who has over 64,000 followers, tweeted: "There was no Holocaust.. six million Jews were not burned. Hitler did not burn the Jews but he was with them. He wanted to resettle them in Madagascar, but the Jews invented the lie of the Holocaust to justify their killings and the occupation of Palestine. This tweet will displease many people and it will not appease those who defend Semitism."[58]

Holocaust Denial On YouTube

On May 22, 2021, the YouTube channel of Egyptian "expert on Zionism" Dr. Gamal Hemdan Al-Sohagy published a video of an interview on Alexandria TV channel in which Al-Sohagy claimed that "many thinkers have casted doubts on the numbers of victims claimed by the Jews. Statistically, it would be impossible that six million were killed and scientifically, it would be impossible that executions were carried out in the gas chambers." He further added that "the number of Jews in Europe before World War II was 5.2 million, 3.5 million escaped to Russia, Palestine and other places. How come six million were killed?"[59]

On February 15, 2020, Saudi YouTuber Amjad published a video on his YouTube channel reviewing "The Holocaust Industry" by Norman Finkelstein. In his review, he accused Jews of playing the victim card and stated that "the Holocaust industry includes falsification and altering of books and studies that focused on [the Holocaust] as well as the movies, plays leading to the fraudulence in the literature that was written about the Holocaust. The stereotyped over glorification into making the Holocaust a lasting event and an injustice for which the Jews paid the price may generate anything but sympathy because sympathy and empathy do not mean turning a blind eye toward the violence, killing and treachery of the Jews. What is unquestionable is that what had happened to the Jews happened to others too such as the Gypsies and the those with disabilities, so why limit the genocide to the Jews only as if Hitler had targeted the Jews only... it was not only the Jews who were the victims of Hitler's brutality."[60]

On September 21, 2016, YouTube user Amr Gamal, published a video titled "From the Memory of the History, the Lie of the Jewish Holocaust" featuring Egyptian cleric Saeed Bin Muhammad Bin Abd Al-Mohsin. Denying the Holocaust, Abd Al-Mohsin, who was reading from a book, said: "This lie represents an example of the activities of international Zionism using various means to achieve its goals even if by using lies and fabrication. The execution of six million, which the Zionists claim took place inside gas chambers and Nazi crematories, is a mere lie that was propagated in order to allow the Jews to take over Palestine." Addressing his audience, Abd Al-Mohsin stressed the objective of the Holocaust was to "create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine and... to receive millions and billions in compensation."[61]

Holocaust Denial On TikTok

On January 8, 2023, Lebanon-based Palestinian activist and researcher in the Palestinian issue Wafaa Bahani posted a video on her TikTok channel in which she condemned the United Arab Emirates for announcing that it would teach the Holocaust in schools. After defining the Holocaust as "a genocide committed against the Jews that took place in World War II by the Nazis which was [led by] Hitler," Bahani said: "I wish he had killed them all." She then doubted that the Emiratis would also teach the "Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinian people. If they do, it would be great and they will be part of the Arabs, but if they don't, they will simply become Hebrews."[62]

On October 30, 2022, Egyptian content creator Tahany Ali published a video titled "Did Hitler kill six million Jews?" in which she argued that the Holocaust was not the only genocide committed in human history and "millions of people were killed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur on bases of ethnicities." According to Ali, the Holocaust achieved more fame than other genocides because "of the numbers that were published which amounted to the killing and burning of six million Jews but the Germans say that the number did not exceed 600,000 and that the Jewish propaganda that they were famous for have succeeded in making people believe [that six million were killed in the Holocaust]."[63]

On September 19, 2022, TikTok user Osama Yahya Abu Madi published a video titled "The Palestinian Holocaust," featuring a man accusing Israel of committing a Holocaust against the Palestinian people. The speaker then claimed that Chaim Weizmann, the first president of Israel, acknowledged that he had refused to pay ransom to free 30,000  Jews held at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1943 because "they were children, old and sick people and my country is founded based on men and blood, therefore, I did not need them. This incident alone, you can certainly find that the Holocaust was happening with the knowledge of the Jews themselves who were at that time collecting the most powerful weapons in the world to commit massacres in the land of Palestine."[64]


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