November 28, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 303

Terror In America (28) Palestinian Islamist Journalist: 'Why I Hate America'

November 28, 2001
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 303

Palestinian Islamist journalist Khalid Amayreh published two articles in the November issue of the London basedmonthly Palestine Times, titled "Why I Hate America," and "Jewish Islamophobia - The Most Virulent of All," inwhich he articulated his attitude towards the U.S. and Jews. The following are excerpts from the articles:

"I would be dishonest if I said I didn't hate the American government. I do hate it, so really, so deeply and, yes, so rightly."

"America is the tormentor of my people. It is to me, as a Palestinian, what Nazi Germany was to the Jews. America is the all-powerful devil that spreads oppression and death in my neighborhood..."

"America is the author of 53 years of suffering, death, bereavement, occupation, oppression, homelessness and victimization… the usurper of my people's right to human rights, democracy, civil liberties, development and a dignified life…"

"America is the tyrant, a global dictatorship that robs hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims of their right to freely elect their governments and rulers because corporate America dreads the outcome of democracy in the Muslim world…"

"…America offers me one of two choices: Either I submissively accept perpetual enslavement and oppression… or become an Osama bin Laden… The distance between being tormented by America's oppressive hegemony and being converted or mesmerized into bin-Ladenism is shorter and smaller than many would think, including the so-called experts in Washington. In fact, I dare say that the first inevitably leads to the second in a straightforward cause-effect relationship. So, please America, don't make me an Osama bin Laden…"

"…It is virtually impossible for me, as indeed is the case for most Palestinians, Arabs, or Muslims, not to hate America so much… Only infra-humans [sic] and quasi-beasts wouldn't hate their evil tormentors and gravediggers. And America is the Palestinian people's ultimate tormentor and gravedigger, as well as the oppressor and killer of millions around the world."

"In fact, finding an Arab these days that doesn't hate America would be like searching for a Jew who is infatuated with Hitler's Germany... I know that a wealthy Saudi emir recently made some sycophantic remarks about being 'an ally of America.' However, it is extremely unlikely that he [meant] what he said…"

"I know that 'hate' is evil, at least a passive evil. And I, personally, really strive not to allow my deep hate for the American government and its murderous policies to be transformed from the static form to the dynamic form. However, others, who may even hate America more than I do, will not be able to exercise as much self-control, as much suppression of their grievances, and as much 'wisdom.'" "…I know hate can be blind and deadly. But, I also know that 'oppression,' as the Holy Koran clearly states, 'is worse than murder' ('wal-fitnatu Ashaddu minal-qatl')[1]… I try to control my hate… But I know too well that I can't be free from the effect until I am free from the cause, and the cause is America's greed, rapacity and hegemony… Please, America, don't make me an Osama bin Laden."[2]

In Amayreh's second article, "Jewish Islamophobia, The Most Virulent Of All," he discusses the purported Zionist and Jewish campaign against Muslims, and states with certainty that these actions will come back to haunt them. He writes, "Since the 11 September terror attacks in New York and Washington, Zionist circles have been almost uncontrollably emitting their profound hatred of Islam in ways unseen since Hitler's Nazi Germany."

"From Occupied Jerusalem, to London, to New York, to California, the Zionist, or the Zionist-controlled press has been propagating one and the same message: kill the Muslims, kill the Arabs, kill the terrorists! The equation of Muslims with terrorists was conspicuous throughout hundreds of editorials, commentaries, talk shows, interviews and even grossly opinionated hard news."

"So, all of a sudden, it seemed as if Zionist and pro-Israeli editors and anchormen, who have a long history of poisoning Western public opinion with concocted lies and myths about the Palestinian cause, finally seized their long-awaited opportunity to display their deep hatred for Islam and Muslims."

"As a result, hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, already shocked by the infernal terrorism in the U.S. and struggling to ward off fast-spreading Islamophobia that is often accompanied by violent racism, had also to reckon with extremely virulent and rabid Zionist efforts to besmirch, vilify, demonize and even de-legitimize Muslims altogether."

"The seemingly coordinated campaign has been unprecedented in its maliciousness, unmatched in its nefariousness. This vindictive campaign, spearheaded by the Zionist media, but by no means confined to it, carried tacit and often explicit messages so horrifying that they can only be construed to mean or to imply condoning genocide against Muslims…"

"The Jewish Deputy Secretary of Defense [Paul Wolfowitz] suggested that the United States would have to think of 'ending countries' and 'using nuclear weapons against terrorists and countries supporting them.'"

"Henry Kissinger, an evil American politician believed to be responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people from Vietnam to Chile, told CNN on 18 September that 'We must adopt unconventional methods to fight the terrorists,' suggesting that the U.S. should target 'the ideological infrastructure of terrorism.' He neither defined terrorism nor its ideological infrastructure, but everyone knew what he was alluding to: Islam and Muslims."

"Jewish Islamophobia, which occasionally takes the form of brash calls for the mass extermination of Muslims, is not new, of course. The Jews, as we all know, connived and colluded with the polytheists of Quraysh [in the early seventh century A.D.] for the purpose of murdering the Prophet of Islam and eradicating 'once and for all' the fledgling but growing religion. And, as history tells us, in reaction to their treachery, the Prophet ousted them once and for all from the Arabian Peninsula. The Jews never forgave Muslims for this…"

"In Turkey, the Zionists reportedly pressed the military-dominated government to outlaw the teaching of the Koran in private schools. (How about the Talmud, which states that non-Jews are animals in the form of human-beings?!) In Indonesia, the Zionists reportedly sent two of their American representatives to Jakarta to urge the government to exclude religious people from the democratic process…"

"For their part, Muslims should be more vigilant in the face of the rabid Jewish, or Jewish-led, blitz of hatred and vilification. Jews must be made to understand that their vilification of Muslims is more than a 'seized public relations opportunity.' It is a two-way street, as evil will eventually rebound on the evildoer… It is the Jews who initiated this malicious aggression of incitement against Muslims. They will have to bear full responsibility for their ugly folly."[3]


[1] Contrary to what the writer states, "fitna" is usually translated as "civil strife," not "oppression." Thus, the commonly accepted translation of this verse is "civil strife is worse than murder."

[2] Palestine Times (London), November 2001,

[3] Ibid.

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