February 26, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8589

Telegram Channel Doxxes Researcher, Calls Supporters to 'Shoot Up' Jewish Organization And Airline Headquarters, Attack Jews And African Americans

February 26, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8589

Since February 2020, a Telegram channel been posting violent images advocating for political terrorism, including specific threats against a political analyst and various institutions. Furthermore, the channel calls to target Jews and synagogues, and advocates support for white supremacist terrorists. Based on the channel's posts, members of the group operating the channel are active in the U.S.

The following report will examine the threats and calls to action as posted on the Telegram channel.

The group's post describing its intent and ideology

Direct Threats

The group posted two images that explicitly threaten and doxx a named individual, showing the person's face with superimposed weapons, blood, and a target, with the text "you're next."

Direct threats to an individual on the channel

The group posted an image showing armed men firing rifles at the logo and employees of an organization.

The channel posted a call for attacks against the offices of an airline.


Claim Of Affiliation With Islam

The group claims that it originated in Bosnia and is affiliated with Islam.[1] On a posted image of the shuhada, the Islamic declaration of faith, it stated that it was "straight outta Bosnia."

Calls to Action

The group posted an image showing what appears to be synagogue exploding. The building is placed between two barbed-wire fences. The text in the image calls supporters to "commit acts of genocide" against Jews.


The channel posted an image of a handgun with bullets, with text stating that no black people would be allowed in the owner's home.


The channel posted in image that calls supporters to kill Jews and African Americans, adding that if they don't, no one will. The image shows a black man hanging from a tree, and a uniformed figure pressing a surgical gas mask on the face of a caricature of a Jew.

Lionizing Nazis And Neo-Nazi Terrorists

The group posted an image of Josef Mengele, the Nazi physician known for his deadly experiments on Jewish prisoners, praising him as a "hero."

Another graphic posted by the group showed an exploding synagogue with a call to carry out attack on "your local synagogue." The image featured a drawing of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. Another post exhorted readers to emulate Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, and another featured an image of the manifesto of New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant.


Recruitment and Activities

The group posted a graphic calling for new members to join. The image shows a handcuffed arm, text calling to bring down the "ZOG," or Zionist Occupied Government, and calling for "kike genocide." It also posted a recruitment poster calling for new members, depicting a foot stomping on Jews.


The group also posted images of its recruitment posters in public places in a U.S. city. One image shows a poster pasted over the sign of an allegedly Jewish-owned local bank.


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