November 14, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8366

Tehran Marks 40th Anniversary Of U.S. Embassy Takeover

November 14, 2019
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 8366

As it does every year, the Iranian regime marked the anniversary of the November 4, 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran with a march in Tehran and mass rallies across Iran, in which the regime and the participants demonstrated their hostility towards the U.S..

This report will present photos and two clips from Iranian TV of anti-U.S. events celebrating the 40th anniversary of the embassy takeover.

At Pre-Anniversary Event, IRGC Commander Salami Steps On U.S. Flag

Two days before the annual anniversary march, the regime held a preliminary event, with the participation of Gen. Hossein Salami, commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). During the event he was photographed stepping on the U.S. flag:

Gen. Salami steps on U.S. flag. (Source: ISNA, November 2, 2019)

Wall Of Former U.S. Embassy Decorated With Anti-U.S. Artwork

On November 2, the ISNA news agency published a series of photos of artwork on the wall of the former U.S. Embassy depicting the Iranian regime's hostility towards the U.S. and its symbols:

One photo showed a painting depicting the Great Seal of the United States executed in red and blue, with the eagle grasping bombs and hypodermic syringes and scattering weapons and drugs. Replacing the seal's 13 stars was a star of David symbolizing the Iranian regime's oft-repeated allegation that Jews control the U.S. 

Another photo showed a skull inserted into the building's brick wall:

Another photo is of a painting depicting a broken Statue of Liberty, her torch arm amputated, streaming with the blood of the peoples shed, according to the regime, by U.S. actions.[1]

On Eve Of Anniversary, Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda Explains Why Iran's "Death To America" Curse Has Not Yet Been Realized

Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, the regime-appointed Friday preacher for the city of Mashhad and a close associate of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, explained in his November 1 sermon why the regime's curse of "Death to America" has not yet been realized even though it has been repeated for the past 40 years. He said that the curse's intent is that America should be afflicted with a slow and painful death – and that this is indeed happening.

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Animated Children's Film: America, The Blood Of Our Youth Is Dripping From Your Claws; You Are Satan Incarnate

On November 4, Iran's Kerman TV aired an anti-U.S. cartoon depicting a greedy Uncle Sam drinking oil, waging war, and commanding and rewarding terrorists, who cowers at the sound of an Iranian crowd chanting "Death to America!" The cartoon concludes with him collapsing and being dragged away by the Grim Reaper. A well-known Iranian anti-U.S. song, sung in the background by children, states: "The blood of our youth is dripping from your claws... You [steal] from every harvest... You are a demon of oppression... You contain the venom of tragedy... You are the Devil incarnate... You are the enemy of humanity!"


To view this clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Iranian Girls In Anniversary Demonstration: It Feels Good To Punch America In The Mouth; Death To America! Death To Israel!

Also on November 4, Iran's Hamoon TV aired a report on Iranian schoolgirls demonstrating in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The girls told the reporter that they are celebrating the takeover of the "spies' nest," that it feels good to "punch America in the mouth," that Iranian students can help annihilate Israel, and that being a student is like being a fighter in the Iran-Iraq war. Holding up signs that read "Down with U.S.A.," the girls chanted: "Death to America! Death to Israel!"

To view this clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Iranian News Agencies Fars And Mehr Publish Photos Of November 4 Anniversary Marches

On November 5, the Iranian news agencies Fars and Mehr, both of which are close to the IRGC, published photos from the march in Tehran:[2]

Photos From Fars

Left: "Here is the garbage of history"; right: Bahrain King Hamad bin 'Issa Aal Khalifa, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al-Saud, and U.S. President Trump in "jail."

Photos From Mehr

Left: "America Is The Great Satan"; right: burning the U.S. flag. Note sign saying "FATF" – the international anti-money-laundering agency that demands high scrutiny of transactions with Iran and that in October set a February 2020 deadline for Iran to comply with international norms or face countermeasures (Reuters, October 18, 2019).


[1] ISNA (Iran), November 2, 2019. 

[2] Fars, Mehr (Iran), November 5, 2019.

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