May 24, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4750

Tawfiq Okasha, Owner Of Faraeen TV: The Jews Are Using The Same Policy Used By Hitler, But In A Way That Does Not Involve Bloodshed

May 24, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4750

Following are excerpts from an interview with Al-Fareen TV owner Tawfiq Okasha, which aired on Al-Faraeen TV February 28, 2012:

Tawfiq Okasha: "I implore the viewers: Don't call the phone numbers that appear on your TV screens, guys! They say to you: A call costs only 19 or 54. This is all a Jewish economic policy. I say this loud and clear: Jewish!

"The goal is to steal the money of the poor in particular. How come? Well, let's take a look at who calls these numbers. Let's assume that they say: 'Prize money of 5,000 Egyptian pounds.' Someone well-off will say: 'Forget it, it's only 5,000 pounds.' But some poor guy with no money can only dream of 5,000 pounds. So he calls, and he finds himself spending 200 or 300 pounds. He gets no 5,000 pounds. All he gets is 5,000 slaps on the back of his neck. This is the industry of toying with the dreams of the poor.

"This economic policy is aimed at destroying the poor and their aspirations, and inflicting mental maladies upon them. This is because there are many of these poor, but the Jews are few in number. There are only 17 or 18 million [Jews] in the world, and therefore, they cannot rule – because there are billions of people in the world. [So they say]: 'First, we need to divide these billions up into groups. Then, we must turn whoever we can into an expendable person, so that we will be able to better control him.'

"You remember Hitler, who gathered all the people he viewed as expendable, along with the Jews, and sent them to the crematoria. He took the Jews, the people with special needs, and the elderly, he gathered them all and sent them to the crematoria. He said: Let's [kill] them all so that the world will be a cleaner place. He was a stupid man.

"The [Jews] are using the same policy used by Hitler, but in a different way – a way that does not involve bloodshed. However, their methods do involve bloodshed elsewhere, such as in Palestine, in Iraq, in Libya, in Yemen, and in Syria. There they implement their bloody policies. […]

"At this moment, Al-Faraeen TV is being viewed on 42,321,000 TV sets. That's the number of TV sets, not viewers – there is a difference. If we assume that on average, two people are watching each TV set, we get the figure of 86,642,000 viewers, in the area covered by the Nilesat [satellite].

"Bear in mind that this is the number of TV sets tuned to Al-Faraeen TV. There may be one, two, five, or ten people sitting in front of that TV set. If we include the cafés, the clubs, and other places where people gather, we could reach an average of four people [in front of every TV set]. If we multiply 42 [million] by 4, we get 176 million viewers. More or less.

"Let's look at the figure of the largest Arab TV channel. At least they claim to be the largest Arab TV channel… At this moment in time, the total number of TV sets tuned in to all its channels is 7,727,000. If we multiply this by four, as we said, we reach a figure of 28 million – let's give them another million. 29 million. If we work out the difference between the number of people watching Al-Faraeen TV right now and the number of people watching all the other Arab channels, without exception, it comes to 120 million viewers, on average, throughout the Arab nation.

"Allah be praised, the Arabs have begun to discern truth from deception – which TV channels collaborate with the U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence, and which TV channels are patriotic, and love the soil of their homeland and of the Arab nation. Allah be praised.

"Actually, I would like to take you… Of course, there is no comparison. Allah be praised, Allah be praised, Allah be praised, we should pray to Allah and thank Him that the difference in the number of viewers between the largest Arab TV channel and Al-Faraeen TV is in favor of Al-Faraeen, which has 120 million viewers more. And we don't have ads! You need to think about this, and you will realize the conspiracy." [...]

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