August 20, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2473

Taliban Website: The U.S.'s Operation Sword Will Be 'The Mujahideen's Last Nail in the Coffin of Obama's Larger-Than-Life [Afghanistan] Strategy'

August 20, 2009
Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 2473

In a statement released by a Taliban website, the Taliban called Operation Sword, launched by the U.S. and British troops in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, a fiasco, and asked the U.S. to hammer out an exit strategy and quit Afghanistan.

Following are excerpts from the weekly statement published by the Taliban website [1]

"This So-Called Organized War... Is But a Sheer Fiasco"

"U.S., NATO and the stooge Kabul regime have launched a joint operation in Helmand province, with a force of 12,000 troops. This vast operation has been continuing for the past two weeks against the patriotic land of Helmand and its heroic and gallant people.

"They themselves have acknowledged that the operation is the most important for America after the Vietnam War and for Britain after the Falkland's War. It is an organized war in the true sense of the word.

"From another angle, it is significant as it is being conducted after the assumption of power by Obama in the White House and after the announcement of his new strategy. If we read the results and look at the achievements of the operation, we see this so-called organized war, after the Vietnam War and Falkland's War, is but a sheer fiasco. Operation Khanjar (Sword) failed in the vast deserts of Helmand; their military capability, arsenal, arrogance, magnanimity, black propaganda all failed to live up to the expectation.

"The streets of London and Washington are ringing with protests. They say that they want neither Afghanistan nor the geopolitical interests that go with it. They want their sons and their troops back home from Afghanistan.

"The residents of London and the U.S. are entitled to stage protests because tens of hundreds of U.S. and British soldiers are falling prey to the attacks of the Mujahid and brave Taliban in face-to-face combat, ambushes, roadside bombs, etc. Their helicopters are taking caskets of dead bodies of soldiers to their homelands. Their 1,000 soldiers who have always led a life in comfort and luxury just passed out because of the hot climate of the grueling sun in the vast deserts of Helmand, suffering from sunstroke.

"Obama, and before him the British defense minister, had acknowledged that the operation being conducted now does not go a long way as they had expected at the outset. This is because the Taliban have turned to new and effective tactics. They are no longer stationary in their hideouts, but are always on the move. They change their places several times in one night, regroup, and launch fresh attacks. He said that Britain and America will still not lose their patience."

Operation Sword Will "Be the Mujahideen's Last Nail in the Coffin of Obama's Larger-Than-Life Strategy"

"Observers believe that the dashing defeat of Britain and America in Helmand, their tremendous casualties, and the failure of the armed-to-teeth army prove that Afghans never submit to the might, arrogance and domineering [of the U.S.].But still, the sole superpower of the time resorts to old tactics of shock and awe, and bestiality, hoping that this will break the Afghans. They should understand that all Afghans are not like the powers-that-be in Kabul, who are devoid of conscience and compunction. There are still some patriotic and gallant Afghans who can sacrifice all their families but are not ready to trade their Islam, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), and the noble Afghan traditions. Nor they are ready to live a life of debasement and humiliation.

"Obama and the organizers, planners and executers of his strategy, should read the extent of the bravery and heroism of the Afghans in Helmand and how a few defenseless Afghans pushed the Americans and 46 other countries of the world to the wall. Talib, Mujahid, farmers, old men, women, children and the climate have fused into one, dealing a dashing blow at the enemy, giving them an exemplary lesson.

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reminds them of the statement by Amir-ul-Momineen [Mullah Omar] some eight years ago, when he addressed them on the voice of Shariat Radio, saying: 'Your cutting-edge weapons have the power to kill, but have no power to protect you from death. Do not be overconfident about your weapons.'

"We would like to declare our stance once again that your advanced and sophisticated weapons will not protect you from death. You will achieve nothing by increasing your forces. They will not make you safe from the wrath of the Mujahideen. Do not stick to stubbornness. Still there is time to hammer out a logical exit strategy.

"Listen! The Helmand operation will prove to be the Mujahideen's last nail in the coffin of Obama's larger-than-life strategy."


[1] (Afghanistan) July 15, 2009

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