November 18, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 610

Syrian Produced Hizbullah TV Ramadan Series - Video Clip of Ritual Murder

November 18, 2003
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 610

During the month of Ramadan, Hizbullah's satellite television channel Al-Manar, which is viewed worldwide, is broadcasting a 30-part antisemitic Syrian-produced series titled Al-Shatat ("Diaspora"). According to a November 11, 2003 report by the Syrian daily Syria Times, it is "a Syrian TV series recording the criminal history of Zionism." [1] The series purports to tell the story of Zionism from 1812 to the establishment of the state of Israel and depicts a "global Jewish government" similar to that described in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The following is a transcript of excerpts from episodes six and four, which depict Jews carrying out acts of torture and plotting to secretly dispose of the body of a community member. When the series has aired in its entirety, MEMRI will release a Special Report and video including additional excerpts and analysis.

To view this three minute clip, visit (Note: Real Player is needed to view the clip)

Scene 1 Episode 6 - Summary:

In this scene, a group of rabbis and other Jews in a Romanian ghetto gather to torture and kill the father of Theodor Herzl's mistress, the owner of a brothel. The man was found guilty of marrying a non-Jewish woman.

(Al-Manar TV, Lebanon, November 1, 2003)

Man: "Water, water."

Head Rabbi: "You hold his nose shut. You, open his mouth with tongs. You, pour lead into his mouth. You, cut off his ears. You, stab his body with a knife before the lead kills him. This is a sacred Talmudic court; if any of you fails in his mission I will try you just like this criminal."

(The men proceed to carry out their duties, pouring lead down the man's throat, cutting off his ears, and stabbing him.)

Man: "Water, water."

Scene 2 Episode 4 - Summary:

A group of Jews in a Romanian ghetto discover that one of them who died was not circumcised. Considering him an "infidel," they discuss what should be done with his body.

(Al-Manar TV, Lebanon, October 30, 2003)

Jewish Man: "In my opinion, we should take the body of this infidel, Sidona, and bury it outside the ghetto."

Jewish Man 2: "No, no, no. That is dangerous. If the Romanians see us, it will be a disaster."

Jewish Man: "So what is your solution?"

Elderly Jewish Man: "My solution is that we wrap his body with seven cloths and burn it until it turns into ashes. Then, we will dig a very big ditch in the ground and bury the ashes."

Jewish Man: "But, this will defile the entire ghetto."

Elderly Jewish Man: "No. After we put the ashes in the ditch, we will cover it with seven layers of stone and then send seven righteous men to urinate on it seven times a day for seven days."

Jewish Man 2: "God bless you. This is the right solution."

Jewish Man: "Agreed. Take away this infidel before our earlier prayers reach the heavens and he is blessed."

[1] Syria Times (Damascus), November 11, 2003.

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