June 7, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5330

Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash Threatens Jordan And Israel, Adds: Syrian Army May Regain Andalusia

June 7, 2013
Syria, Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 5330

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian MP Ahmad Shlash, which aired on Mayadeen TV on May 28, 2013.

Click here to view this clip on MEMRI TV.

Ahmad Shlash: "You call this an "[Arab] Spring"? It's not even an autumn. This is the Grim Reaper coming to Syria to harvest souls."

Interviewer: "This is because President Assad is clinging to his seat."

Ahmad Shlash: "It is we who are clinging to him, not him to his seat. We will not allow him to leave this seat. Our slogan has only three words: Allah, Syria, and Bashar – and that's it. Whoever doesn't get it can go bank his head against a wall."

Interviewer: "It is conceivable that a more qualified person cannot be found throughout Syria?"

Ahmad Shlash: "Let me tell you, throughout the Middle East and in the whole world, there are no men like President Bashar Al-Assad or Hassan Nasrallah. They are two of a kind. The rest can go and bury themselves in the ground – whether they come from Arab or non-Arab countries."


Interviewer: "It seems that Qatar and Saudi Arabia will take part in this international conference."

Ahmad Shlash: "I hope that they will."

Interviewer: "Why?"

Ahmad Shlash: "So our boys can shove one shoe into Qatar's mouth and the other into Saudi Arabia's. We want to meet them face to face."

Interviewer: "I ask you to watch your language."

Ahmad Shlash: "Fine, we'll keep it off air. No problem."

Interviewer: "You are responsible for what you say."

Ahmad Shlash: "Absolutely. One million percent."

Interviewer: "Mayadeen TV is not responsible for this."

Ahmad Shlash: "Absolutely. It's not your fault."

Interviewer: "We will return after a short break."


Ahmad Shlash: "We have only one president – Bashar – and Allah willing, Hafez will succeed him."

Interviewer: "What Hafez? President Bashar's son?"

Ahmad Shlash: "Of course. I'm free to say what I want."

Interviewer: "Again, you are responsible for what you say…"

Ahmad Shlash: "Absolutely. Very much. Let me tell you something. Someone said to the Syrian opposition: "My brothers in the opposition, if you are unhappy with the rule of President Bashar Al-Assad, maybe you will be more content with the rule of his son Hafez." Let us be patient."


Interviewer: "Is the Syrian army capable of opening another front, against Israel, today, when it is up to its neck in all that is happening?"

Ahmad Shlash: "Just wait and see. Missiles require nothing but the push of a button. It's not that hard. Of course, the Jews are afraid that the honorable Lebanese resistance – the men of Allah [Hizbullah] – will open a front from here [in Lebanon], and the men of Al-Assad will open another front from Syria. Thousands, or tens of thousands, of missiles will rain upon Israel, and possibly, because of Syria, Israel will be completely annihilated.

"Let them try us. Let them hold military maneuvers. Jordan is also conducting maneuvers with 18 countries, including Arab ones. Against whom is Jordan conducting these maneuvers? It has peace with Israel. What about the maneuvers of Al-Assad? The lion is always prepared. But they have mice, not lions.

"Let me ask you a question, Salma. A country like Jordan, with an old peace treaty with Israel – from even before the [official] peace accords – against whom is it conducting military maneuvers? I understand a country that conducts maneuvers because it has an enemy, but who is your enemy, Jordan? Is it Syria? By Allah, you are playing with fire.


"We have warned Jordan. I am sure our people in Iran have also warned Jordan not to play with fire. But they are free. If they want to continue playing with fire, let's see what happens when they go to sleep in their bedroom.


"If they want an all-out war – so be it. The Syrian Arab army… Let me tell you something, Salma. As long as we are led by President Bashar, we will go to the end of the world. I do not exclude the possibility that with the men of Allah, we will regain Andalusia one of these days." […]

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