November 1, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 600

Syrian Government Daily: American Democracy and Freedom Means Terrorism

November 1, 2003
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 600

In an article published in the Syrian daily Teshreen on October 28, 2003, writer R. Zain accuses the U.S. of distorting the term "terrorism" to meet its goal of world domination. The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

The Lives of People Worldwide Are Endangered if They Don't Listen to the U.S.

"According to the awkward lexicon of the U.S., which is alleged to be the master of democracy, justice and freedom and the defender of human rights world-wide, terrorism has become a puzzle - if not a nightmare. It is at the same time converted into an ironical subject matter and a source of absurdity and surrealism in politics, culture, arts and life in general. ‏

"Every day, the whole world is willingly or unwillingly instructed by Washington to do what it should, according to the U.S. diktat, [do] as regards combating terrorism. The administration of President George W. Bush …, unfortunately and regardless of all world nations, sees itself as the only party which knows [mankind's] needs and what peoples must do to guarantee their safety and security and to safeguard their democracy, freedom and prosperity.

"Hence, the Bush Administration does not allow any world party whatsoever to violate Washington instructions lest the life of peoples should be endangered. The U.S. Administration wants Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Democratic Korea, France, China, Russia, Germany or any other friendly or unfriendly, neutral or antagonist states to abide by [Washington's] instructions. The list of the coercive instructions changes according to the vision and strategy of the White House and Pentagon rulers. In line with the hegemonistic [sic.] vision, no one whether a state leader, a governor, a ruler, a thinker, a reporter, an analyst or any other ordinary man has, consciously or unconsciously, the right to flee or violate those instructions. Otherwise, U.S. missiles are immediately launched against 'targets of disobedience' so that such 'breach of instructions' should not be the source of terrorism and its power.‏.."

American Values Under Bush are Anti-Human

"After all, Washington wants all nations of the world to love America and its 'values and culture' that have proven, under Bush rule, to be flagrant, tyrant and anti-human. Washington wants these moribund values to be revitalized and to be imposed on many nations. The answer to the question why peoples hate the U.S. needs no interpretation and is self-explanatory.

"How can the U.S. claim itself to be the defender of justice, democracy and freedom and the staunch protector of human rights when it continues to mastermind hegemony, to perpetuate the law of the jungle, to back the forces of terrorism, occupation and aggressors and to validate Sharon's genocide against the Palestinians. Under current tragic and fatal circumstances as well as the flagrant and racist lexicon of Washington, no sane person is able to describe America's new democracy as human, passionate, good and progressive. ‏

"Launching wars, validating occupation and aggression, violating human rights, dealing strong blows to peoples' national interests and trespassing their dignity and pride are never justice, democracy, freedom and progress. They are altogether the elements of insecurity and instability all over the world and are the true causes of terrorism and violence that have claimed the [lives] of thousands of innocent people. What is going on in occupied Palestine and Iraq is a vivid example of what America's democracy and freedom actually mean. It is a terrorist and killing democracy that should be terminated for the vital interests of all Americans and nations world-wide." ‏

[1] Teshreen (Syria), October 28, 2003. This article appeared in English.

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