January 25, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2124

Syrian Economist Muhammad Sharif Mazloum: JFK "Decided to Establish Governmental Banks to Protect the Dollar... [For This,] He Was Killed by the Zionist Lobby"

January 25, 2009
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 2124

Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian economist Muhammad Sharif Mazloum, on an October 10, 2008 Al-Kawthar TV program about the economic crisis.

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"The Dollar Was Severed From Gold, And Became Subject To The Whims And Schemes Of The Zionist Lobby - Whose Goal Was, And Still Is, To Take Control Of The World's Gold... [and] To Enslave the Peoples"

Muhammad Sharif Mazloum: "The economic crisis began on August 15, 1971, when President Nixon canceled the Bretton Woods agreement that linked the old gold dollar to the Jewish gold.

"Thus, the dollar was severed from gold, and became subject to the whims and schemes of the Zionist lobby, whose goal was, and still is, to take control of the world's gold, which is deposited in Swiss banks or in the central banks of countries as gold reserves for their banknotes, as well as to enslave the peoples and then to impoverish them.

"With American political and economic pressure on governments around the world to sever their currencies from the gold standard, the crisis - or the Zionist economic war against the peoples of the world - began.

"It was then that the purchasing power of the banknotes collapsed vis-à-vis gold, and with it collapsed the purchasing power of the salaries and earning of all classes, including the unemployed in America, as well as the salaries of the workers and the profits of the industrialists and farmers."

"The Collapse Reached Its Lowest Point In 1986... If Only the Governments of The World At That Time Had Awakened, And Had Saved Their Peoples From The Rule Of The Dollar - And From The Consequences of the Zionist Economic War "

"The collapse reached its lowest point in 1986, when the dollar lost 90% of the gold value it had had prior to 1971, before the gold dollar was severed from the Jewish gold.

"In 1971, the gold value of $1,000,000 was 1,000 kg - i.e. one ton of gold. In 1986, the gold value of $1,000,000 was reduced to only 100 kg. In other words, 900 kg were lost from every 1,000 kg of gold.

"This may be called the period of the first death of the dollar. The world governments and their economic advisors at the time should have stopped using the American dollar, which lost, as I said, 90% of its gold value.

"If only the governments of the world at that time had awakened, and had saved their peoples from the rule of the dollar, and from the consequences of the Zionist economic war, which ripped apart the peoples of the world, and continues to do so."

JFK "Decided to Establish Governmental Banks to Protect the Dollar... [For This] He Was Killed by the Zionist Lobby"

"The economic research that we conducted in 1989 revealed the economic war planned by the Zionists even before 1944, when they promised the U.S. government that they would back the U.S. dollar with their gold. Since the American government does not have its own federal banks, it agreed to sign the Bretton Woods agreement, which gave an ounce of gold for every $35 that reached the Federal Reserve Bank, and its branches throughout America, which are owned by the Ashkenazi Jews.


"In the 1960s, President John Kennedy decided to establish governmental banks to protect the dollar, in which the gold that was pouring into America would be deposited. What became of Kennedy? He was killed by the Zionist lobby. This is a fact that nobody is aware of - but a fact it is. That was the reason Kennedy was killed.


"Global Jewry is trying to prepare the ground for a strong currency. What would that strong currency be? People have no confidence in the euro, and they don't keep gold. This strong currency is what [Israel] is preparing now, and even issued in Gaza - the gold Jewish shekel."

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