July 13, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3094

Syrian Academic Living in France: In the West, Animals and Homosexuals Have More Rights than Arabs

July 13, 2010
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 3094

In an opinion piece in the London daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi, 'Awd Suleiman, a Syrian communications lecturer residing in France, attacked the West's apathy towards the Gaza flotilla victims and its indifference vis-à-vis the Muslims' situation in general. He went on to call Western culture a "homosexual culture" that protects homosexuals and animals but disregards harm inflicted on the Arabs.

The following are excerpts from his article:[1]

"The West... Is Responsible for Starving All of Palestine"

"It is not surprising that the Western position on the attack against the freedom flotilla has been so soft and weak. In any case, we did not expect the [U.N.] Security Council, which is controlled by Zionism and the West, to openly and unequivocally condemn the Zionist entity's barbaric attack on a group of unarmed and defenseless civilians on the high seas.

"This is the West that is responsible for starving all of Palestine, not only for the freedom flotilla massacre. It cannot be expected to condemn the Zionists' aggression against those who stand in solidarity with Palestine – when it is the one who handed Palestine over to the Zionists and who for 70 years has labored to permanently establish those perverts' foothold on Arab-Islamic land.

"It was none but the British who gave Palestine to the Zionists, though it was not theirs [to give] and though [the Zionists] were undeserving. It was none but France that developed the Zionists' nuclear capabilities and equipped them with fighter planes so that they could attack the Arab peoples everywhere. Was it not Germany that milked its own people and gave that milk to the Zionists – contrary to the stories [about the Holocaust] whose sources we do not know? Not to mention America, which, through its terrorism, has thwarted dozens of resolutions against the criminal Zionist entity.

"We did not [even] expect the Arab states to condemn the Zionists' acts of piracy, nor [did we expect this from Arab League Secretary-General] 'Amr Moussa, let alone from the Western countries, and from the U.S. which protects terrorism and homosexuals throughout the world.

"The European countries, which pretend to be civilized and claim to protect animal rights in addition to human rights, were unmoved by the attack on the freedom flotilla, and uttered not one word – just as they did not condemn the Zionist-American attacks on Jenin, Gaza, Sabra and Shatila, and the Al-'Amariya shelter, and a long list [of other atrocities].

"If Europe and America are among the civilized countries that pretend to protect human rights, why do they not act determinedly, via the Security Council, to condemn the Zionists' deeds? Why did these same countries not recall their ambassadors from Tel Aviv? In contrast, if a homosexual in some Islamic country is mistreated, the entire world becomes agitated, and homosexual leaders throughout Europe speak out to defend an individual's innate inclination towards his own sex, towards children, or even towards beasts."

"Because The Zionist Entity is a World Center of Homosexuality, the Proponents of the Culture of Homosexuality [Feel] Obligated to Stand Alongside It"

"Because the Zionist entity is a world center of homosexuality, the proponents of the culture of homosexuality [feel] obligated to stand alongside it, and even to give it principled support for the taking of the lives of children that it carries out every day, for the past 70 years.

"Had some animal been killed in the [attack on the] freedom flotilla, Brigitte Bardot would have filed a complaint in the animal's defense with the [U.N.] Security Council, with the animal rights councils, and with homosexuals' councils worldwide. But those who died [were there] to identify with Gaza, or were themselves inhabitants of Gaza, so they have no rights. Proponents of homosexual culture consider them less than animals...

"[This was] a barbaric Zionist crime on the high seas and in international waters; its victims carried no weapons, but medicine for innocent children who have been under siege for years. Their reward was to be killed by the Zionist forces, for all the world to see.

"What was Britain's response? It called on the Zionist government and demanded to know the situation of the British citizens on board. The U.N. expressed astonishment, and Spain demanded clarifications regarding the attack. Sweden declared the attack absolutely unacceptable; the White House expressed its regret over the victims of the attack. [The Americans] supported the attack, but did not want victims; can it be that they had hoped [only for] wounded prisoners? France condemned the unreasonable use of force, but did not object to the attack itself...

"Compare this, if you will, to an attack by an Arab country on a British, French, or American [citizen]. Would the world not stand on its head? The Security Council would undoubtedly convene to unanimously condemn the incident, citing Clause Seven in order to wage wars and kill thousands. But if it is an Arab or Muslim who is being attacked, he can go to hell – Europe regards him as worthless [as] he is not a homosexual and is uncivilized.

"How strange are the ways of this culture – based as it is on enslaving their fellow man, plundering the resources of the poor, and humiliating peoples through military might.

"Europe went out of its way to defend that idiot Dane, Flemming Rose, [editor of Jyllands-Posten which published the Muhammad cartoons] and made his insulting cartoons a symbol of freedom in the land of homosexuals – just as all Europe rose to the defense of Salman Rushdie when he abased Islam, and as it defends any homosexual who maligns the Arab nation or language, or any hostile individual who wrongs Islam, the religion of Allah.

"The world never stands up for our rights – not in Palestine, not in Iraq, not anywhere on the planet. Also, many Arab leaders do nothing for the rights of the Arab peoples in regaining Palestine, the land of all Arabs. Many leaders of Islamic countries do not stand up for Muslims' right to attain Jerusalem.

"We have no hopes regarding [this] homosexual culture, no matter what they say about their defense of human rights. Our only hope is that the Arab and Muslim peoples will shake the thrones of the despots, and clarify to their friends before clarifying to their enemies, what it means to protect rights, and what it means to die to attain them. Only then will this ummah regain its honor – and I pray to Allah that this will happen soon. It is not impossible for Allah to bring it about."


[1] Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), June 22, 2010.

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