July 8, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2409

Syria Welcomes Iranian Election Results

July 8, 2009
Iran, Syria | Special Dispatch No. 2409

The victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Iranian presidential elections was welcomed in Syria, both by President Bashar Al-Assad and by the government press, which praised Iran's "clean and democratic elections," and "the Iranian people's renewed vote of confidence in Ahmadinejad" and his policy.

Following are excerpts from some of the responses:

Assad Congratulates Ahmadinejad

Immediately upon the release of the official results, Assad sent a letter to Ahmadinejad congratulating him on his reelection. Assad expressed his assurance that the friendship between the two peoples would continue to grow, as would the cooperation between the two countries, "which are both pursuing a just and comprehensive peace in the region and in the world at large." [1]

Government Daily Teshreen: The Election Results Reflect the Will of the Voters

In the government daily Teshreen, columnist Dr. Ibrahim Za'ir wrote: "None of the politicians and experts anticipated that these recent presidential elections [in Iran] would be characterized by such a sweeping popular momentum, the like of which was not seen in previous presidential elections, [and which was manifested in] a voter turnout of 85%.

"This reflects the vitality and vigor of the Iranian people, and the [citizens'] confidence that their votes have real value in determining Iran's policy on the domestic, regional, and international levels. In fact, the Iranian citizen's faith in the ballot has reached such heights that he is confident that his vote will not be forged, falsified, or distorted, as happens in many elections in various countries around the world.

"[The Iranian citizen is also confident] that money [i.e. bribes] did not play a role in these elections, and that they were consequently clean and [conducted] according to democratic criteria.

"Another important aspect of the Iranian elections was that the voters judged the politicians according to their political positions and their ability to defend the nation by improving its defense, military and economic capabilities. [They judged them by] their ability to confront the attacks of those who plot against the liberty and independence of the Iranian homeland, [by their ability] to defend its natural right to attain nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes and use them to promote economic development, and [by their ability] to open up [other] new possibilities of development for Iran, so that it can take its rightful place in the regional and international arena...

"The Iranians know that during the four years of his presidency, [Ahmadinejad] succeeded in giving Iran power and status that made its enemies take into account this country and its allies, which are opposing the imperialist plans in the region and in the international arena...

"In the past four years, Iran has successfully weathered the storm of the global economic crisis. President Ahmadinejad made decisive economic moves, such as rationing gasoline and reducing unjustified expenditure, thus [saving] the [Iranian] treasury some US$6-9 billion annually. He [also] gave financial aid to the needy and unemployed... All this bought him respect, caused the people to rally around his [policy], and served the interests of the Iranian people...

"Ahmadinejad also staunchly defended the legitimate right of the Palestinian Arabs to establish an independent state on their stolen land. Iran has never hesitated to help the Palestinians in strengthening their courageous resistance, and in turning it into a more influential [factor] in the political arena and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict...

"Iran staunchly defended the legitimate right of the Lebanese [to carry out] its heroic resistance aimed at restoring its occupied territories in South Lebanon. It extended its hand in friendship to the Arab states, and was a loyal ally to them in their struggle to [maintain their] independence and keep their resources for themselves and [for] their own future.

"Contrary to [the claims of] the Zionists and imperialists, who strive to create a false impression that there is an Iranian plan which contravenes the Arab interests, Iran has never stopped supporting the Arabs against the greedy imperialists and Zionists. The real enemy of the Arabs are Israel, and all those who supply it with material, military and economic [aid]..." [2]

Government Daily Al-Ba'th: The Election Results Vindicate Ahmadinejad's Policy

Columnist Shawkat Abu Fakhr wrote in Al-Ba'th, the daily of the Syrian ruling party: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has successfully passed a very important and difficult democratic and national test... The final results [of the election] and the renewed vote of confidence in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be the best proof of the strength and firmness of the Islamic Republic regime and of the rightness of Ahmadinejad's course and policy.

"It is also a message to all interested parties that the Iranian people has reaffirmed its faith in its values and shown everybody the depth of its commitment to this regime and the choices it has made... The people's massive presence and participation in this election - especially the youth and women - surpassed all expectations. This was helped by the atmosphere of freedom and democracy [that prevailed in these elections]...

"This new Iranian success should be studied and learned from; it joins [the list of] Iranian achievements in the last 30 years - [achievements] that have made it a formidable and influential regional [force]...

"As Arabs and Muslims, we must congratulate the Iranian people on its choice, and work together to tighten [our mutual] relations in a way that will promote the interests, security, and peace of the region...

"If there are some Western countries and circles who do not like the election results, and who have long been counting on [forces] that do not really exist in the Iranian arena, [then] they should reassess their moves and their attitude, internalize this important Iranian lesson, and accept the [election] outcome in a positive way that will lead to tangible results." [3]


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