August 25, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6141

Sudanese Journalist In Blog On Liberal Website Elaph: Macaques Are The Offspring Of The Jews

August 25, 2015
Sudan | Special Dispatch No. 6141

In a blog post in the blog section of the well-known and popular liberal Arabic website Elaph, Sudanese journalist Mus'ab Al-Mosharraf wrote that macaque monkeys are descended from the Jews. In it, Al-Mosharraf, whose personal blog posts, also on the Elaph website,[1] often have antisemitic motifs, argues that some monkeys are clearly descended from the Jews whom Allah punished by transforming them into monkeys for desecrating the Sabbath, as is told in the Koran. He included numerous photos of macaques in his post, and pointed out the similarities between their behavior and Jewish behavior.

The publication of such a blog post is unprecedented on the liberal Elaph, which has never published any content of this kind - on the contrary, it has published articles condemning the custom of calling Jews "the offspring of apes and pigs."[2]

While Elaph stresses on its blog section that it is not responsible for any content therein, it also notes that bloggers must abide by its Terms of Service, which include "not harming the monotheistic religions or schools of religious thought" and which specify that Elaph is entitled to delete any blog that fails to do so.[3]

The term "offspring of apes and pigs" originates in the Koran: in Verse 65 of Surat Al-Baqara, in Verse 60 of Surat Al-Maida, and in Verses 163-169 of Surat Al-A'raf, that tells the story of the "Sabbath people's" - i.e. the Jews' - violation of Allah's instructions and Allah's punishment of them by turning them into apes and pigs (for more on this subject, see MEMRI Special Report No. 11, Based on Koranic Verses, Interpretations, and Traditions, Muslim Clerics State: The Jews Are the Descendants of Apes, Pigs, And Other Animals, November 1, 2002).

The following is the translation and some images from Al-Mosharraf's blog post, along with the translation of another antisemitic post from his blog:[4]

Image source:, August 25, 2015

"It Is Indisputable That There Are Monkeys Of Jewish Origin"

"The black macaque is in danger of extinction due to hunting and due to loss of its natural habitat. These monkeys are found in the islands of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia and Indonesia; silver macaques live in the Far East, including in China and Japan. Macaques are friendly and pleasant, and are very similar to humans. Some believe that they are the offspring of their Jewish forefathers whom Allah transformed into monkeys. 

"It is indisputable that there are monkeys of Jewish origin; none deny this but those who do not believe in the Koran that Allah brought down to Muhammad. Allah said of these monkeys of Jewish descent: "And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the Sabbath, and we said to them 'be apes, despised.' And we made it a deterrent punishment for those who were present and those who succeeded [them] and a lesson for those who fear Allah' (Koran 2: 65-66).

"[According] to the [Koranic] story, Allah forbade the Jews to work on the Sabbath. [It tells of] one village of Jews where they fished for a living. The fish would appear in multitudes on the Sabbath, and vanish on Sunday. These Jews felt sorrow and anger, and, against Allah's commandment, devised a scheme whereby they would imprison the fish in netting on the Sabbath without drawing them out of the water, and at dawn on Sunday they would pull them out. Several of their prophets prohibited them from doing this, but they were undeterred, as was their custom. [For this reason,] Allah punished them and transformed them into monkeys.

"The rest of the Jews [who did not violate Allah's directive and were not transformed into monkeys] did not want to live near [the Jews who had been transformed into monkeys] and banished them to the mountains. The [Jews who had become monkeys] continued to multiply, and were finally forced to disperse throughout the world. It seems that they chose to settle in the countries of Southeast Asia and the Far East, as can be seen today.

"What is interesting is that there are two species of macaque - black and silver. This corresponds to the two types of Jews, of two [skin] colors: the Ashkenazis, of European origin, and the Sephardis, of Asian origin. 

"It is noteworthy that [Charles] Darwin ([who was] of Jewish descent) kept the world preoccupied for a long time with his theory that man is descended from apes. Apparently, he arrived at this assumption from his study [of] the history of some of his forefathers amongst the Jewish monkeys.

"The problem of the macaque is that the Hindus and Buddhists of Southeast Asia and the Far East hunt them for food, and make folk medicines from them. What is astonishing and amazing is that most of the countries where there are increasing numbers of macaques are Islamic countries...

"It is known that Jews always feel comfortable with and prefer to live, reside, and settle amongst the Islamic peoples, because they feel secure among them... The proliferation of the Jews in Spain, and later in the kingdom of Morocco, and currently in Palestine provides good proof of this factual observation.

"It should be noted that that the Jews were subjected to isolation and degradation throughout all of Europe, and particularly by the Nazis in Germany under Adolf Hitler's leadership. Today, macaques have received some attention and interest, because people fear that they could become extinct.

"On Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, a photographer took several photos of them, and was surprised to learn that these monkeys have a happy family life, just like humans. He was also surprised to see that they behave like humans when asked to stand or sit so that they can be photographed. These monkeys are astoundingly adept at posing for the camera.

"It may be superfluous to say that the film industry, and the talent of posing for the camera, are the preserve of the Jews. Most of the groundbreaking film actors and actresses, in [both] Hollywood and Paris, were and still are of Jewish origin." 

Another Blog Post By Al-Mosharraf: The Jews Are The Root Of All Evil

On August 3, 2015, following the murder of a teenage girl by an extremist Orthodox Jew at Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade, Al-Musharraf wrote:[5] "In fact, the Jews are the root of everything evil, despicable, and deviating from tradition that people do in the world. They were the first to invent prostitution and lesbianism, gambling, [charging] interest, and the wine industry, and they had the 'privilege' of bringing back homosexuality and its proliferation among people, after its disappearance [from the world] when Allah opened up the earth to swallow the people of Lot."[6]

"Sexual deviation and same-sex marriage are prevalent among Jewish youth and university students. [Below is a photo of] a ceremony of a marital agreement between them, under the sponsorship of Satan, whom they invite to witness the writing of this charm of fire [as in the photo below]."

Photo of young people lighting candles to commemorate the teenage girl who was murdered at the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, taken from the August 5, 2015 edition of the Israeli daily Maariv.




[1] Ironically, the domains for Al-Mosharraf's two blogs,  and, both have Israeli suffixes.

[2] See for example MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 5914, Kurdish Iraqi Writer: Stop Calling The Jews 'The Descendants Of Apes And Pigs', December 24, 2014.

[4], July 28, 2015.

[5], August 3, 2015.

[6] The story of the destruction of Lot and his people can be found for example in Verse 15, Surah Al-Hijr.

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