March 16, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9235

Statements By Yahya Sinwar, Reelected As Head Of Hamas In Gaza, Demonstrate His Support For Armed Resistance Against Israel, Close Ties With Iran

March 16, 2021
Iran, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 9235

On March 10, 2021 Yahya Sinwar was re-elected as the head of Hamas’s political bureau in Gaza. Over the years MEMRI has published statements by him expressing support for armed resistance against Israel and threatening further deadly attacks on it, as well as statements describing Hamas's ties with and loyalty to Iran.

The following are links to these MEMRI TV clips of Sinwar:

Threats And Support For Armed Operations Against Israel

Clip No. 7913 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: If Gazans Start Dying from Coronavirus because We Run out of Ventilators, We Will Make Six Million Israeli Settlers Unable to Breathe; This Virus Is Divine Retribution for Trump’s Declaration that Jerusalem Is Capital of Israel – February 4, 2020


Clip No. 7585 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: We Have Hundreds of Kilometers of Underground Tunnels, Thousands of Traps, Thousands of Anti-Tank Missiles; We Will Crush Tel Aviv – November 4, 2019


Clip No. 7425 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: We Will Destroy Ashkelon, Other Israeli Cities, with Hundreds of Missiles in a Single Salvo – August 13, 2019


Clip No. 6851 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar Flaunts Gun Allegedly Taken from Israeli Soldiers, Saying: Gaza Will Only Give Israel Fire, Martyrdom, Death, And Killing – November 16, 2018


Clip No. 6576 - Hamas Leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar: Our People Took Off Their Military Uniforms and Joined the Marches; We Decided to Turn the Bodies of Our Women and Children into a Dam Blocking Arab Collapse – May 16, 2018


In Praise Of Hamas' Ties With Iran

Clip No. 7273 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: If Not for Iran's Support, We Would Not Have Our Missile Capabilities – May 30, 2019


Clip No. 6584 - Hamas Leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar: We Are Coordinating with Hizbullah, Iran on an Almost Daily Basis – May 21, 2018


Clip No. 6338 - Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: Qassem Soleimani Contacted Us, Pledged to Place IRGC Capabilities at Our Disposal – December 25, 2017

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