December 20, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9687

Speaking In Hitler's Name, Egyptian Researcher Justifies His Hatred For The Jews

December 20, 2021
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 9687

As part of his weekly column in the daily Al-Masri Al-Yawm, Egyptian urologist and Egyptologist Dr. Wassim Al-Sisi recently published an antisemitic article titled  "This Is I, Hitler, Addressing You," in which he spoke in Hitler's name and justified his hatred for the Jews. The article states that Hitler's book Mein Kampf reveals why he hated the Jews: because they are responsible for Germany's defeat in World War I and for the Bolshevik Revolution, and because they are consummate liars who distort the course of history, so it is necessary to beware them.

This is not the first time Al-Sisi has expressed such views. In previous interviews he said that Hitler hated the Jews because they caused Germany's collapse by denying it funds after World War I; that the Jews toppled Germany, the Ottoman caliphate and Czarist Russia at Britain's request in return for the Balfour Declaration;  that Global Zionism is the enemy of the entire world, and that the U.S. is putty in the hands of the Jews.[1]

Wassim Al-Sisi (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from Al-Sisi's column:[2]

"Curse me as much as you like, I caused the death of 50 million people around the world. I was born in 1890 and killed myself in 1945. My life was tragic… My father beat me brutally and I was not sorry when he died when I was 13 years old. My mother's death two years later did cause me sorrow, and a part of me died with her. I came to Vienna and studied construction engineering [sic]…  I moved to Munich. These were the most beautiful days of my life. I made a living making technical drawings. [In that period] the Zionist movement appeared and World War I broke out with the Jews controlling the German energy [sector]. They were behind Germany's defeat in the war, and behind the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's falling into the claws of Marxism. That is why I coined the term 'Communist Jew' in my book Mein Kampf

"[If] you do not yet understand the secret behind my hatred of the Jews, now you will! If you read my book, which was translated into Arabic by Hisham Hader[3]… you will understand it better. I was the one who warned about Marxism and about the Jews. I was also the first to say that, if the Jews had a state, they would refuse to delineate its borders because its borders would be where the last Israeli soldier was standing! As Sigmund Freud said about them in his book Moses and Monotheism, their eternal complex is the ancient Egyptian civilization. They are a people without a history. How can someone be prompted to love his country when he is ignorant of its history and culture? They are experts at rhetoric and paragons of lying. They are the ones who drafted the principles of Marxism… [You can] curse me again for the Jewish Holocaust. It was necessary to prosecute them, not to burn them. I hope God forgives me for this terrible crime against humanity. Austria was an integral part of the German empire, so when I came to power I reunited it with the motherland, for we are [all] part of the Arian race. The Jews derided our culture and disparaged it, [including] our great national philosopher Goethe, [the philosophers] Schopenhauer and Hegel,…  [the Prussian king] Fredrick the Great and the great [leader] Bismarck, [who united Germany]. They sought to sever [our] present from [our] past so that our country will not awaken (p. 138)…[4]  Jewish thinking developed by merging with other thought that benefited from noble cultures (p. 140). They do not know the true meaning of solidarity unless they have a shared enemy and victim (p. 141). Indeed, the chosen people are the greatest experts at the art of lying. 

"The author of this article remembers reading the book The Dawn of Conscience, by [Egyptologist and historian] James Henry Breasted, who noted that the Ten Commandments do not include a law against lying, and that moral laws that do not include such a directive are deficient. Also notable are the comments of Sigmund Freud, who said that the ancient god of the Jews is a bloodthirsty, racist and narrow-minded god who gave his people a sword to expel [other] nations from their homeland. Hegel said that civilizations are grounded in agriculture and industry, and that the Jews lacked such an infrastructure…

"The lessons to be learned are that [the Jews] are distorting your great history and claiming that it is they who built the pyramids. They also claim that Akhenaten is really the prophet Moses. Beware of them and defend your history and your civilization…" 


[2]  Al-Masri Al-Yawm (Egypt), November 13, 2021.

[3]  The reference is apparently to the translation by Hesham Al-Haydari, published by Al-Ahliya.

[4] Here the author inserts a footnote: "This is what [the Jews] are doing today to our great Egyptian culture."

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